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An Introduction to Affiliate Programs

Sometimes referred to as refferal programs, associate programs, reseller programs, partner or JV programs.

Also View the Top Affiliate Networks

I have scoured the internet for over 12 years to build a useful resource covering only proven and reliable affiliate programs that have stood the test of time.
The results of my efforts are coming together here.

Reviews of Affiliate and associate programs which you can join for free and use to make money from your own website to build multiple residual income streams.

I investigate, use and list only the best hand picked affiliate programs, well actually I investigate use and discard a lot of crappy affiliate programs but on this page I will only list the ones that I have faith in and recommend.
Use this as a guide to help choose which affiliate programs you want to check out for yourself and then find the right content to enhance your site and make some money from your traffic or for those affiliate programs that are tiered (meaning you get a percentage of money earnt by affiliates you referr) get paid commisions for referring new partners and associates to the top affiliate programs available online.

Affiliate marketing
is arguably one of the best ways to earn residual income from the internet. In a way it is similar to Multi Level Marketing as it does work on a refferal basis but you dont have to drag your friends and family in or show the plan!. Just send visitors to their website and your job is done., Its up to them to close the sale and manage the customers, orders and fulfilment.

There are many very good affiliate opportunities available online ,discounting a few frauds and fads that have came and gone ( they never last long if they are not genuine, word of mouth spreads very fast online) Many affiliate programs which are run by Affiliate Networks involve big name companies you would already be acquainted with in the real world. Almost every big brand has some sort of affiliate program you can join and most of the top retails do in fact have an association with one or more of the main affiliate networks.

If your site has a significant traffic flow then you can learn the art of product placement and build a site that profits by placing the right content in the right place to tempt visitors at the right time, It is much better to loose a site visitor to an affiliate link than to a browser close button or google so dont be afraid to place advertising on your site but DO try and keep it as closely associtated to your site as possible.

On this page I list affiliate programs that are self managed meaning they do not use a third party to manage affiliates preferring to run it themselves. Check out some of the opportunities listed for some good niche affiliate programs and get ideas about some of the diverse products and services available to you and then take a look at the cream of the Affiliate Networks crop. Which will open up the entire world of thousands upon thousands of affiliate programs available to choose from.


I have personally received payments from each and every affiliate program and network listed on these pages and know them all to be good payers with excellent tracking and reporting, Some of the listed Affiliate programs pay you for every click you send to them while others pay commissions based on sales or leads generated by your efforts to send customers their way. Several of them also pay you on multiple tierd levels if you referr new affilates to their affiliate programs so you get a percentage of your reffered members profits. Many of the affliate programs will want to use an online payment processor such as PayPal to make any commission payments to you and others will send you a check. Some will pay you via e-gold while others may send payments via alertpay or direct to your bank. there are several other payment processors used for affiliate payments but those are some of the most common ones. If your thinking about getting into affiliate marketing then you will want to be prepared in advance and I sugest before you start signing up you make sure you have accounts set up and verified in advance for receiving payments with each of the payment processors listed on the following page: payment processors

To make the most out of affiliate and partner programs online all you need to do is join a few that have products or services which are some how related to the theme of your website or your "niche" and then place banners and links on your site to those affiliate products and information related to and about them. Writing your own reviews and making review videos which you post to video sharing sites is a really hot way of promoting affiliate products and services. You can also run email campaigns, use safelist marketing, throw free traffic at them , create social networking pages, free blogs, classified ads , press releases and generaly promote your affiliate links anywhere and any way you can including of course your social networks which is an extremely effective medium to work with.

When your staying simple and promoting affiliate programs on your own website or blog the trick is to select affiliate content that fits very nicely within your sites own content and even compliments your website so that nothing looks out of place to visitors, everything on the page is relative and related to your site. If your writing reviews or just generaly discussing products then the less you make it look like advertising the better. However you may wish to create an online catalog of items from around the world and most of the affiliate programs will provide you tools and information to assist you to promote them such as images like banners and boxes email text, adsense ads, keywords, data spreadsheets. csv, database files, xml and rss feeds, widgets,and other dynamic content to help keep your site full of great looking highly related products that will help you generate traffic to your affiliate links and make you money.

You can write reviews of products and services on your own website or blog about them adding new affiliate links and reviews to your site each week. You can also add affiliate links into your own URL rotators and as I said before you can use email marketing to send out information about your affiliate programs and products as well as your website in general to thousands of people. The trick their is to build a list of email subscribers.

Another clever way of generating sales is by creating simple webpage advertisments devoted to certain products or websites you are affiliated with and then send some of the traffic you get from traffic exchanges to social sites directly to those pages or promote them with paid advertising for faster results PPC (PayPer Click) campaigns such as Google adwords and facebook ads are the most popular. You can promote products by writing reviews and articles and publishing those articles to e-zines, article sites and blog networks and upload banners for products you are promoting to a wide range of banner exchanges .

For an idea of just some of things that affiliates might give you take a look at the complete affiliate shopping Mall packed with products and services as we are using in the gameznet Shopping Mall. This will give you an idea of some cool stuff you can market towards Australian residents.

So now you know what affiliate programs are, what they can do for you and how many different ways you can promote them scroll down to view some of the individual affiliate programs that I have joined and promoted myself and then also check out this article on Affiliate Networks with a list of the greate affiliate programs you can join right now.

Plan and Organise Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

One of the hardest things and the think that lets most would be affiliate marketers down is not having a plan or being organised. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich plan despite what many people flogging affiliate programs online might have you think but If you create and stick to a solid daily plan and work it like a business or play it like you would if you were playing an intensly involved strategy or mmolg such as world of warcraft then you can do extremely well, but you really should be organised. So here is a cool video I found on youtube to give you an idea of how to stay organised.

More Affiliate Related Videos

Also check out some tips on Video Marketing!

What Others are saying about Affiliate Programs
Clickbank Products
profitgramProfitsgram - New Improved Funnel With Monster Epc + $1550 Contest
One And Only System That Teaches Instagram Avarage Users How To Use Their Instagram App To Make Money! Mind Blowing Conversions Up ...

smartsbNew Home Solar Enegy System! Off The Chart Conversion Rates!
Full PDF And Video Guide On Building A Compact Solar Panel System With A Survival Angled Vsl. Conversion Rates Between 5% And 15%. Works ...

wpthemesBest Selling Wordpress Theme, Socrates
Fast And Responsive Wordpress Theme Used On Over 200,000 Sites. Over 200 Niche Header Graphics, In Post Ads, Funnel Templates. Easy Setup And Great Support. So...

rtrgainerRapid Trend Gainer - New Hot Forex Product!
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waterlib2New Powerful Laundry Magnets | $2 Epc And Superbly Conversion Rate!
Earn 45% Commission Throughout The Whole Sales Funnel With This Powerful Patented Technology. Converts Great With Warm Or Cold Tra...

Having lots of stuff to promote is one thing but how can you manage all of this efficiently
The answer is quite simple really Use Automation!

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Affiliate Wordpress Plugins Affiliate Related WordPress Plugins





MoreNiche provide a range of health and fitness related products and provide some great information to help in choosing a campaign to work with. Not only do they give you full stats on products but also provide a hosting account if needed and website or wordpress templates to so theres no excuse not to make money. Just plug in turn on and start sending traffic.
All Posters


Promote posters, tshirts, stickers and more on your site. Allposters is one of the most professional Affiliate programs there is. They go above and beyond the call when it comes to providing great dynamic content. Create your own poster store in mere seconds. Excellent commissions and great support, plus you can have posters and reports all displayed in your own currency!
You will earn up to 30% commission on all sales generated by your referrals. 10 day cookie.
For each Website you recruited, you will earn:
1. $2.00 when they establish a valid link.
2. $3.00 when they make their 1st sale.
3. $5.00 when they make their 2nd sale.
4. Plus 5% of every sale they make for life.

download allposters wordpress plugins Allposters WordPress Plugins

  regnow offer a range of software products and provide some great coupons to help you attract more customers. The range is quite vast and covers many niches with things such as screensavers, games and more as well as a whole range of applications for various computer and business related tasks. Regnow allows you to customsise the buying experience for your users right down to the ordering page and email receipts and even provide a site builder.
Expedia Travel Now IAN Network Affiliate Program
IAN network
The Expedia Travel Now or IAN network affiliate program allows you to run your own online travel agency. Easy to join and you get a dedicated travel portal to promote where your visitors can book flights, hotel rooms, hire cars and all sorts of worldwide travel packages.
Wit the ArcadeCash affiliate program you can earn money promoting a range of fun and exciting games on your website or blog. You can even add some free games for visitors to play to your sites which you can then earn money from while also retaining your visitors on your site. These games are great for providing stickiness to a site and monitising it.

CafePress is more than an affiliate program. With individuals and companies can sell a wide variety of products online with zero upfront costs. They provide all the necessary tools and services for you to design your own products and online shop without investing in any inventory or software! You get to create your own merchandise by uploading images and media (or sending a disk in the case of music and data cds). You can then create and sell your own tshirts, apparel, posters, coffee mugs, toys etc
WOW your friends and family with your own creations.
Turn your passions into profits and open your own FREE shop.
Create unique gifts for christmas, birthdays and weddings.
Create and Sell Your Own professional:
T-shirts, Jerseys, Hoodies
Ceramic and Stainless Steel Mugs
Posters and Framed Prints
Caps and Visors
Baby and Kids products
Books, Music CD's and Software
New seasonal items added ongoing!

Visit CafePress and create your own Shop.


The Sedo Affiliate program enables you to sell existing domains or get paid for pointing people to domains for sale and other domain related services.
WithSedo you can Promote existing and unwanted domain names for sale. Earn money for your unused domains by parking them at sedo. Generate interest in your otherwise useless domain names or temporarily park domains so they can earn money until you are ready to use them. Join the sedo partner program and earn commissions for referrals.

Dotcom builder is a supurb program that gives you access to over 300 turnkey website templates.
With the DotComBuilder affiliate program you are able to promote a range of ready to go websites and website templates. As a member of DotComBuilder you can use the templates to create your own additional income generating websites or set them up with a domain and sell them for large sums of cash! You must supply these sites hosted and with a domain name to sell them yourself or you can use the website template affiliate program to sell memberships to Dotcom builder. This is a great program for Cash Generator Members as you can use their templates to expand your network!
We have created a template customising tool designed to cut your workload in customising the dotcom builder templates down to mere minutes. Start your own NETWORK OF TURNKEY BUSINESS SITES HERE
Template Monster
Template Monster Affiliate program

turnkey websites and website templates
Template Monster really is the MONSTER of website template affiliate programs. With the Template Monster affiliate program you can sell high quality website templates and earn very generous commissions. The tools supplied are absolutely incredible. You can manipulate the display of templates in an incredible number of ways or just download a complete template shop. As well as templates you can promote custom design work and Site Tuning. This is a fabulous Affiliate program that should be in every serious internet marketers arsenal.

One Poster Affiliate Program

The UK's Best online Poster Store OnePoster offers a poster affiliate program open to international affiliates. Choose from 1000s of posters and prints at Oneposter. Join the OnePoster affiliate program and make money promoting all sorts of posters and prints, stickers,artwork and more!
Rockabilia Affiliate Program
The Rockabilia affiliate program provides affiliates with a large asortment of music and movie related memorabilia to promote. Your sure to find a great deal of stuff here that will compliment almost any website. If you cover any topics related to music join this affiliate program!
RuffNeckTone Affiliate Program
The RuffNeckTone affiliate program enables you to promote ringtones for mobile phones as well as all other mobile phone media including java games, games, apps, videos, music, graphics and backgrounds, voicemail messages and more for cell phones. With their affiliate program you can give away free mobile phone content as well as earn money directly promoting their range of ringtones and other mobile content.
Rebrand Software
With the Rebrand Software affiliate program you can promote the website itself to earn commissions from sales generated or promote a range of brandable software products. You can also purchase your own branded software here which you are then free to sell as your own software.
(sell it on clickbank,ebay etc)
World Super Host provides great domain name related services, I use World Super Host for all of my domain names and with the domain name related affiliate program you can earn some extra cash telling your friends and contacts about it. It is well worth using them for handling all of your domain management and them promoting their domain services to earn some extra Cash.
Cyber-robotics produce the Zeus Internet Robot and offer a great affiliate program for this awsomely powerful internet marketing tool. Zeus has been around since the early days of the internet and grown to become one of the hottest must have tools for internet marketers.
Join the 40% PLUS 10% affiliate program at Cyber-Robotics!

The Affiliate Programs listed above are dedicated individual affiliate programs, ie - they are run and managed by themselves. The other way to find thousands of affiliate programs and manage them collectivly is to Join Affiliate Networks. On the following page you can get access to the hottest Affiliate Networks to give you access to thousands of products and services from the World Market.
Click Here For Affiliate Networks

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