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How To Make Money Writing Articles

Spin Articles Free
Business Articles

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There are a number of ways that articles can be used to generate traffic and earn money on the internet. For instance you could write articles and earn money directly from sites that purchase articles, a google search will turn them up. You can write articles and post them to high traffic sites that are user monitized such as hubpages and Squidoo where what you do is enter your google adsense code and other affiliate ids and you then get paid for clicks on the ads shown with your article.Or register with an outsourcing site such as odesk and earn money from freelance writing and get paid for publishing articles or writing essays, poems or stories for people requesting them. You can even write entire ebooks and publish and sell them as digital products on places like Clickbank, or ebay.

The main purpose of this page however is to introduce you to ways of getting traffic and backlinks to your site or blog by writing articles around your keywords and publishing those articles in ezines and online article sites. The basic idea is that as search engines spider and find those articles they will visit your site via the backlinks you place in the articles body or in the footer that has your name and details in it so you get better search engine rankings by having more articles out there in the world wide web, of course the other benefit is the readers at those sites finding your articles and directly coming to your site via the links. All of this not only helps spread your name and get traffic back to your site but it also raises your credibility so long as your articles are of a good standard.

When posting articles out to sites like ezinearticles you want to ensure they actually help you and dont hurt your image, its fine to have lots of articles around the web but if they are misleading or poor quality its not going to have the desired effect so is many ways less is more. You should be writing small feeder articles specifically for and about the topics that you have on your website while making them of good quality you dont want to out shine the content of your actual site so try to ensure that what is on your site is somewhat better and more detailed than any of the articles you post to ezines and article sites while still maintaining the quality of those feeder articles so that they do the job of captureing the interest of people that find them and give them a reason to cine abd visit your site for even more detailed higher quality information.

So there are 3 valid reasons for writing articles around your keywords and website or blog topics. Below is a step by step breakdown of how to first come up with your ideas, get some material to research and expand on your ideas and then create your articles. Finnaly links to locations where you can publish your articles and some tools that will help speed up and automate the process or at least make it much faster and easier.

I will also tell you how to get your hands on free articles that you can freely reprint and what you should do before using any of them on your site or in your Article Marketing Campaigns.


Researching Articles

Before Writing an Article or publishing one online we must do a bit of research.
Write down the following on a notepad next to your computer while you investigate further or use this page and enter them in the spaces below temporarily so you can keep referring back while you build your own notes and your first article:
(don't close it or the info you enter will be removed)

Your Niche Topic: Max 30 Characters
Your Main Keyword:
(max 30 Characters)
Short Description of your Articles subject matter: (Max 60 Characters)
A Search term that somebody who wants to find your article might use: (Max 60 Characters)

Now that you have your subject matter and basic details in mind.

The first place to check for articles is the site that you are promoting if it is an affiliate site,
Check and see if they provide any articles, email templates etc for you to use as a starting point.
If so download them or copy them and save them onto your computer for further study and analysis.
NEVER use them exactly as is, that will NOT help you at all, you MUST TOTALLY REWRITE them.
Article writing is NOT ADVERTISING and Most affiliate info is marketing hype and may be exagerated and borderline bollocks. Also when writing about somebody elses product or service in an article format you dont want to appear to be involved directly with the product so you must avoid all hype and any direct claims or promises.


Gather some Intel
Google in your firefox browser with the research plugins installed as explained in our keyword tools section
Enter your keyword into Google
Look at the first page of results ignoring all "Sponsored Links" and starting at the top of the organic results.
Look at the exact Keyword usage within the results titles and descriptions.
Which ones are effective?
Jot down some ideas

Now using the links that appear from the firefox keyword tools go over them and get some keyword ideas, copy down what you find,

Next visit the top few sites and physically examine the page, playing particular attention to any headings and titles, bolded words, outbound links and of course keyword usage.

Use the Find tool in your browser to look for and locate your keyword that you searched for in Google.

in iE:
Edit- "Find on this page"

So is it here? how often? if so keep looking for the next appearance and note how many times your keyword appears on the page, notice how its used . - whatever the number of times your keyword appears in these top ranking search results your article must have the keyword appear in its text at least a few, lets say 2 to 3 ectra times without getting spammy. if you want to have a hope of beating that page in the organic listings "based on keyword quality" if course there are other factors such as off page SEO that affect ranking positions.
If your keyword is NOT FOUND on the page its likely your using a Keyword Phrase- narrow it down to a single or double keyword.

Keep going through the top search engine results looking for articles and blog entries that have your keywords and getting more ideas while taking notes.

Look for blogs and articles which are not only " keyword compatible" but that also clearly within your exact niche topic matter and see which blogs and articles people are visiting and commenting on more than others.
Lots of comments means they are onto a winner so check out the articles and read some of the comments for even more ideas. Also take note of their pagerank and alexa rank. If your using the firefox plugins I mentioned the ranks will be displayed in your browser while your on the page.
Copy down their keywords and read through the articles to see if you can better it, expand on areas where they are lacking or more details and additional resources and references.

Heres one more need little trick that will help you discover which articles are getting the most traffic at
open Google in your browser and type in your keyword or phrase.
After the keyword type this: "This article has been viewed 2000..199999" "Article Submitted On: * *,2011"

so if your keyword is make money then type it exactly as this:

make money "This article has been viewed 2000..199999" "Article Submitted On: * *,2011"

then Click Search
What you will see are all the posts that are getting the most traffic!
This method is really powerful because you can see which topics are the getting the highest traffic and you can basically copy their secrets..;)
(Hint: The" Title and Description are the most important components of these articles as far as why they are getting ranked well and clicked on in the Google results! )

Google Trick 2
Here is the little Google Hack I found. Very nice and it should be easy to do.
First, grab the "greasemonky addon for firefox", when you use this addon you get a new search option button to retrieve only urls from the results of your search.
Now, do a search with this hack allinurl:submit "article".
Once the search is complete we get a ton of results to post articles.
These are hot because Google sees them as the top returns.

and even if you have permission think about WHERE you reprint it, keep your main site free of all duplicate content and post anything that has even the remote possibilty of already existing elsewhere on free article sites or blogs then link them back to your main site.

Time To Write Some Articles

Now its time to write some of your own unique articles

Take lots of notes, write them next to you on paper and copy and paste key bits of information as you come across it into a text file. Grab paragraphs, sentences and even whole articles and examine them, rearange them but keep in mind that its for your research purposes only. Mash together and organise what you have found to make it flow, in essense rewriting the articles you found as you go. The more you play around with it the better what you have in front of you will get. So now that you have done some research and have some keyword ideas and a copied buy rehashed article or two to help you get started its time to get to work on writing it up in your own words to ensure that you have absolutley no doubt about it being genuinely unique content.

Don't stress about it being perfect, the important thing is to have a go and get it posted. You need to have your own content but you can if you take care intersperse it with other public domain and plr articles for which you have obtained rights too or legally copied by following the below guidelines.

re-write freely obtained articles

Many Affiliate programs will give you Articles to submit and most people will start copying the same thing and submitting the same exact articles to the same article directories. When this occurs it is possible that the article sites will reject your submissions and even ban the author or sites that are submitting them. Therefore, it is best for you to write your own unique article copy whenever possible or at the very least do a re-write of any legally obtained articles you want to submit whether supplied by sites and affiliate programs, purchased or downloaded from some plr site.



Analyze Your Article

After writing or obtaining your articles you can analyze them for keyword density here:

Spinning articles is fine, what this does is basically swap words and many of the powerful spinning tools I have listed below will help you radically change an article you have so you can be certain to not have duplicate content but when spinning any article be careful to maintain readability. You don't want to produce something with bad grammer or that just does not make sense so always read and reread your articles before submitting them anywhere.

Before you submit any article to any site first upload a "master or expanded version" with anchor text links, pictures, bolded headings using H1,H2,H3 Tags to your main website and then get it to show up in search engines using the backlink methods here - link your keyword related articles to each other and have an index of articles linked to from your homepage. If your using a blog such as wordpress just post them as normal.

Check that your content is not picked up as copied ( plagiarized ) here:
For your own unique articles you can "Defend your site with a free plagiarism warning banner!

Now what you want to do once you have your main article up on your site and ready is to create several smaller versions, these are your teasers and feeder articles that you post out to the article directories to bring people back to your main article. This is where you can make use of article spinning to change the words used. After spinning break it up, seperate your paragraphs and make several small articles. Keep no more than one link from a keyword in each version that points back to your main article. proof read each one and make sure that it makes sense and entices the reader to come and get more information. prepare and apropriate byline or signature that you will have printed below your article on the sites and ezines. If you really want to amp things up do a search for some offline related magazines that may accept your article and send them in.

Submit your Articles

Here is a list of sites where you can submit your articles to: offers a great service of both writing articles for you and also delivering them at very affordable prices.
Below are some more resources that I personally use. All of them have been tested by either myself or people I know and they are proven to get results . Whatever you do don't post the same version of any article to more than one site, thats bad, you want to make sure you use the same "keywords" buy use a slightly different version for each and every site.
Xtreme Marketing Tips

Cash From Home

The Guru Marketer
Super Promo
Pro Biz Tips
Unimax Power Pak
Nova News
Admistress Advertising
(Highly Recommended)
Net Income Site
Rim Digest
Avenues 2 Success
If interested, send an email to
The Vital Marketing Tools Ezine
BizSiteBiz Ezine
A+E Publishing
The Millennia Web Magazine
Online Exchange is a service that provides free article submissions.
You can create an account for free and then publish your articles.


Print Magazines are a great way to get your articles published and give them legs, its also somthing that many online marketers dont do and yet any offline marketer or old school direct mailer will tell you there an exceptionally low cost way of generating tonnes of orders. If a print magazine publishes your article and also keeps an online archive these single submissions can be very lucrative. they have a more long term effect than many online article sites and because they are generally more selective your articles wont be lost in the clutter. As well as writing and submitting quality articles to Print magazines they can also be a great place to advertise your offers either in either the classified sections or by traditionaly purchasing advertising spots. If your in the Home Business or Money Making niche then do a search on Google for "Money Magazines", Work at Home Magazines" or "Business Magazines" or "Home Opportunity Magazines" and you will find plenty. Also browse your local news agency or magazine racks at any location that sells them and buy a few of the rack. look threw them and get some ideas of what kind of material they seem to like and get to work. Of course if your writing for a different niche just substitute your keywords as in "Your-Niche Magazines"

UK Making Money Magazine

Small Business Oportunities
(Australian magazine)

Home Business Magazine

Money Magazine


Spread Your Writing Wings

You can also find all kinds if niche article directories by searching in google or other search engines - just do a search on "article directories" or "submit articles" and hunt them down. Post your articles on your own free blogs and if you havent got any yet then go and create one or two. There are so many of them available, start with the two biggest ones which would be and - these will help you build and distribute your links and grow your network while getting your brand out there (as a writer thats whatever your pen name is) you can build a lot of free traffic by building additional blogs and backlinking them to your site and or your affiliate links!
Articles have long term benefits so the sooner you start using them the better..


Spinning Tools


Spinning OR Rewriting articles, often referred to as article spinning is were an application or online tool takes an article and rewrites it on the fly, basically they replace certain words with other words that mean the same thing, reorder and reformat the text.

It's easy to find articles to re-write by searching article sites and blog sites using your keywords to get ideas.
But again I must stress: Do not steal content this way, it will not help you!, in fact it will do the exact opposite and it demonstrates a lack of real knowledge and very low integrity!
You must rewrite any articles you download, buy or "borrow", and check for duplicate content when analyzing an article prior to posting them as your own!
There is a difference between compiling research material for your articles and blatent plagerism so be very careful not to fall into the trap of cut and paste article submissions!

Why would you settle for private label rights (PLR) articles which are being used by hundreds or possibly thousands of others when you can quite easily create your own totally unique and better articles? If you are having trouble creating unique high-quality content for your web sites and need more content but are tired of spending hours and hours researching each article that you write then you can STOP, be sure you do it for at least a few so you know the process, know what is good and what is bad but once your able to do it you can actually stop doing the manual article research, because you can actually create high quality articles on virtually any subject in just minutes with the right tools. Even if you know nothing about the subject matter at all when you get started. Just be careful not to get caught up in hype and remember unique content ALWAYS trumps duplicate when it comes to search engines and in fact the readers your writing for.

The first program I will introduce you to is instant article wizard pro:

The Following service uses REAL HUMANS to Rewrite your articles! Send them PLR articles you want rewritten and they will do it for you.


hotarticlespy Get tonnes of useful information on existing articles online and spin some yourself with this powerful tool.

Mass Automated Article Submitters

Now when it comes to posting your articles to article sites it can be a time intensive process for which you could outsource the job or you can use mass submission tools such as some of these next software tools but I have to stress these can make you sloppy and are easilly abused even without realising it and you could end up doing your reputation more harm than good if your not careful with them. They are very powerful when used correctly and can most definatelyt help you to no end but please use them wisely and be careful with them.
- This is an incredible all in one tool for generating and submitting hundreds of articles and building thousands of backlinks to your site with ease, senuke will automagically signs you up to all of the top social networks, social bookmarks, article sites and video sharing sites. It comes with a built in article spinner, backlink generator and submitter all in one. You can creates many unique articles and send them to over 200 social networking and article sites - Powerful Stuff!! Especially if used with Ultra Spinnable Articles below... - Check out the video and then just do what he does, dont get over excited though none of this is new and as I keep saying if you abuse it you will do yourself and your target site more harm than good. You dont want to become a spammer so remember Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. Quality Trumps Quantity! having said that LOTS of Quality Can Make You Rich!

1. TheContentAuthority - use this for good quality and speedy article creation

2. TheBestSpinner - to execute paragraph and sentence level spinning this actually is "the best spinner"

3. SERPassist - a must-have tool for all SEO players ( Is it better than SeNuke? ) - this free to join site allows you to do some really cool stuff like automatically Generate Articles . Give their new article spinner a try and see how it can turn "one article into many articles in just a couple of clicks"! To use it just enter your article into 'Original Contents' and click the 'Spinner' button you will get a brand new article instantly. Of course you will need to proof read what it generates and no doubt fix up some grammer. It is an advanced member function but if your are a free member you can upgrade to an advanced member and try out the extra article rewriting tools. give it a go - a simple but quick and free article spinner.

MORE POWERFUL ARTICLE RESOURCES Provides ultra spinnable articles which are actually written to be spun.

Linkdozer - Powerful link building - Use this with ultra spinnable articles.

SEO Link Vine - This is a great place to post articles and get back links, get articles from members for your site and all in all it is a Powerful Link Building Program!

Rank Builder - Still more powerful Link Building! - Use with Ultra Spinnable Articles...

And heres a few more services that you can use to get real writers to create articles on any topic that you can think of . these guys are ninjas at writing articles with great SEO - great prices - some super high quality article writers, these guys rock but they are not cheap.

During your research for things to write about be sure and check
This site shows you what is currently popular across the internet at many major sites and is great for getting ideas, especially for headlines and descriptions or excerpts to use with your articles.


Extra Free Article Tools


  • Always post your main seed Articles to your Own Blogs -and Ping Them Out to attract more search engine traffic before you post to article directories.
  • Always include only one anchortext keyword link within your feeder articles main body, more will get rejected from many of the article sites, less and you won't have any anchortext which is not good.
  • Always link to your main top level domain in your byline eg not directly to your article, eg
  • Have your main article prominently showing on your homepage, you want any visitors coming from your feeder articles to find it when they get to your site!
  • Announce every one of your new articles in your Social Media Sites
  • IF you use wordpress for your website then there are free wordpress plugins to help automate a lot of this stuff! -For your own hosted wordpress Based Blogs
Submit articles here and gain back links to your blogs. - powerful viral way of getting niche articles out there on related blogs and backlinks to yours!

Here is a cool no brainer location to post some of your articles and get a few backlinks:

Wikipedia have some cool resources and information about article marketing

While we are in a writing mood its worth also submitting your articles out to safelists, take a look at the information I have put together about safelist marketing

A- Z, Free PLR Articles

The following list of articles are all quite old PLR articles that can be found all over the place, I shouldn't really have them on my site here if I take my own advice but this site is for research and reference so I am not that concerned if google doesnt like them being here. You are welcome to copy any of them as they are free public domain articles but please be aware they really are everywhere online already so I highly recommend that you use the tools and techniques Ive been sharing with you to change them around, rewrite them, make them better or just read over them as a framework to get your creative juices flowing,

Business Articles    
Advertising innovation  
affiliate revenue inspirational  
auctions insurance R
audio streaming internet marketing real-estate
blogging - rss J S
Book Marketing   sales
Book Reviews   sales-management
Branding   sales-teleselling
Broadband - Internet   sales-training
  K seo-search engine optimisation
C   site-promotion
Coaching   small-business
College - University L stocks-mutual-funds
Copywriting leadership strategic-planning
Credit leases - leasing stress-management
Curreny Trading loans success
Debt - Consolodation management team-building
Debt - Relief marketing time-management
Domain Names mortgage - refinance top7-or-10-tips
  motivation traffic-building
e-books N U
ecommerce negotiation  
email marketing networking  
entrepreneurialism network-marketing  
ethics   V
ezine marketing   video-streaming
F organizing W
G P web-design
goal setting personal-finance web-development
  positive-attitude writing
H ppc-advertising writing-articles
  pr X
  public-speaking Y

I got these articles maybe 5 or more years ago, possibly even 10 and they are all on business and money making related topics. I do have hundreds more, probably thousands and will be adding some to this list eventually or maybe swapping these ones out, or rewriting them to make them my own unique higher value articles which I can use when I eventually get around to it, I suggest that if your going to use any of them yourself that you do a total rewrite, spin them, then rewrite them again.


Related Videos
Advertising related Hubs
Clickbank Products
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Clickbank Products
Theres a new wave of automated software hitting the net at the moment, In fact clickbank is swamped with them, As I write this (march 2011) the top 20 items available on clickbank are all backlink generating mass posting software applications which really says something about where things are heading. I think there is like 2 out of the higest gravity products that are not automation software.

Do they work, you bet your ass they do but with so many being flogged at the moment it will be interesting to see how the article sites handle it, I can see a lot of cra quality stuff getting pumped out there as a result and google and article sites, forums etc adjusting to combat it all so if your considering using any of them I would get in quick before they get shut down. I bet they are working on it right now as you read this.

I have purchased a few of them and I will be running them through some trials
and posting my findings in my blog

Below are the current Top 10 Clickbank Items

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If you want to try any Id probably sugest article marketing robot and profit monarch first.
Why? because article marketing robot you can trial for free for 5 days and
you can get profit monarch for just $1 "if you act quickly" lol check my site here for my test details
Beware of the upsells people.... try the software first..


Here is some Information related to all this which comes from an RSS feed by The Author of Article Marketing Robots - you can get a free trial of it here...


Download article wordpress plugins Article WordPress Plugins | Download spinner wordpress plugins Spinner WordPress Plugins

How to Write and Submit Articles for backlinks and Profit,
Article Traffic and Promotion Tips and Tools plus am A-Z of PLR articles which you can use for free.
A mother load of article directories, automated submission tools and article spinners plus everything you could ever need to produce and promote articles all in the one place - What More Could You Ever Want!

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