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Get Paid To Write at Gameznet!

Have you ever considered getting paid to write?
Do you enjoy blogging?
Are you earning enough money from it?
Do you find yourself posting and sharing your knowledge for free and never getting paid?

Have you tried and given up on the idea of making money online or maybe you just write for the love of it and haven't really thought about the fact that you could be getting paid for sharing your knowledge.

Would you like to make some money from your blogging but don't really know where to start?
Do you like writing articles about the topics your interested in but not so interested in managing the backend of your own website or blogs?
Do you find SEO, link building, Traffic Generation and all that other stuff tedious, boring or overwhelming ?
Would you prefer not to register domain names, get hosting, install software and all that other technical stuff..
Do you find even free sites such as blogger and all the other free social sites available take up too much time and energy to manage or promote and get traffic. Or do you do those things and find that your actual article writing suffers for it since you just don't find the time to put 100% focus on the writing?

Do you find it hard to get traffic and build links to your own site or blog website ?

Maybe you are a great writer with a lot to say about your favorite topics and you run a blog or website already but are just too busy with the actual content to concentrate on learning how to build and promote it, get links back to it and bring in the traffic.
You just don't have the time or inclination to be submitting your site to directories, visiting and posting in related forums, leaving comments on other blogs, joining social bookmarking and web 2.0 sites and networking them with your blog or finding places to post links too so you can get some traffic back to your articles.

There are plenty of free places to blog online and you can build links posting stuff all over the place hoping to make some money from it one day but the reality is that it all steals away the time that you really want to use crafting your best quality blog content.

And then there is the costs of registering and hosting domains, paying for SEO, buying submission tools, integrating the right ads that will earn money and pay you, buying and reading books and online courses or getting caught up in all the backend stuff that needs doing to really run a successful blog which can potentially make you money.

Look if you can't be bothered doing all that stuff and so your own blog or site is suffering then why not forget about it all and just concentrate on writing your content and leave the rest up to someone else.

Hi My name is Andrew McMullen and this page is an Open Invitation to writers and the blogging community to partner up with me and start earning some money doing what you love by writing about it without the hassles and headaches of getting traffic and running the backend. You don't have to be a professional writer but you do need to be able to write and share quality content and have a keen interest in the topics you will write about.

For the past several years I have worked with computers and the internet having started out on my own and then working in a few of Australia's TOP ISP's. During that time I have developed several websites for myself and for others. In the old days everything I did was with a mix of html and php. Some of the sites I have run have been quite successful. Although I do enjoy writing about various topics what I REALY like doing the most is the research and development, experimenting with different technologies, setting up a site ready for content and learning about SEO, driving traffic and, Link building and integrating money making systems which ultimately doesn't leave me a lot of time for actually writing the articles and posts I need for the core content of the sites I like to set up. you can read more about who I am and my story here

You see I have several websites in development using the wordpress platform and I am the opposite of the above blogger profile where you may want to write but not do all the other stuff, I actually do love doing the research, finding the tools, integrating the systems and setting up the sites. So much so that I often build sites and then move onto the next project without adding much content since I can never find the time to actually write the articles and blog posts or enter the content, make videos or upload pictures to the sites and blogs that I am developing.

So basically I pay for the domains and hosting, install the required software, set up the sites, integrate and manage plugins and updates as they come out, optimse them, research keywords, meta tags and general SEO, submit the sites to search engines, directories and monitor statistics,fix errors and generally work tirelessly on just getting and keeping them up and running.

This of course does not help me to make any money since the sites do need content and I am left with no time for it so I have over 30 sites in various states of content readiness, some have articles some don't but I can see that there is no way I can ever get them all full of quality content on my own without resorting to automatic systems which basically take content from other sites and post them on mine, I dont like doing that as nothing beats original content. I could and have at times resorted to using automated methods of posting content from article directories and the like but its just not what I want. I want my sites to be unique, useful and clean with no risk of copywrite issues or duplicte content that appear in hundreds of locations across the internet. I want my sites packed with high quality content but just can't do it all myself.

The only way to get my sites where I want them to be is to get some help so I have decided to stick with what I like doing and get them set up and integrated with several revenue sharing features and invite interested bloggers who love to write about the niche topics I have created and partner with those authors so they can focus on the writing and not have to worry about all the other stuff that I am only too happy to be doing.

So my invitation to you is to partner up with me by checking out the topics on offer and finding the ones that you are passionate about, just do what you love and the money will follow, write from your heart, be honest and while I am true to myself we can both benefit.

If you already have your own blog or site you can leverage the sites I have in place to help build your traffic and promote your personal sites as long as they are related to the topic, you can leverage the power of the blogs I have created to build more links back to your site both from my site and all of the social networking sites, web 2.0 sites and rss ping sites that my blogs are integrated with and automatically push every post out too.

Each of the sites I have available are set up to send the posts out all over the internet to sites such as digg, facebook, twitter, stumbleupon and many MANY more. In fact at the moment they are integrated with almost 200 social and web 2.0 sites and services as well as hundreds of ping and rss services so your quality posts will definitely get quality traffic back to OUR blogs and any of the links in your profile and posts.

The revenue sharing features are set up so that as an author you will get 50% of the Adsense revenue generated by each of your posts as well as shares of Amazon, ebay, clickbank, commission junction, link share and more. You just need to have accounts in those programs and a PayPal account so site visitors who love your stuff can make a "donation" direct to you and I can send you any bonus earnings if we generate sales of other affiliate programs integrated for which you don't have accounts. I am always developing and have plans to put many more features and options in place for further revenue oportunities to make sure my authors get paid! Invitations are not exclusive so there may be multiple authors for any one blog but if your posts are doing really well then I will also add in further oportunites for you to earn more from site wide advertising oportunities.

So to start building your gameznet presence and making some money just find a topic that you are passionate about from the sites listed below and join one or more of them, post your thoughts in the comments of any existing articles and visit the "Author Page" where you can post a comment describing what you will bring to the site, your experience or passion for the topic and any links to blogs or articles you have already done on it. Once accepted you can fill in the Authors profile with your ID's for amazon and google adsense to begin revenue sharing as soon as you start posting. After that just concentrate on posting your quality content. I'll even give you access to a software tool that will allow you to create your posts on your desktop and submit them without even having to login to the sites online authoring section. Its also a great way of prewriting articles and then sending them to be posted on future dates, yes we even have scheduled posting so you can load up as many of your articles as you like in advance. (much easier way to work with that's not interrupted by your web connection or server loads etc).

I want to make it as easy as possible for my authors to concentrate on just their writing without having to worry about anything else. You see the key to making money from blogging is having a website that is set up with great SEO and backend promotion which we do have, even though the sites have little content they are regularly spidered by search engines. But its a 2 part problem since the other key is to have great quality content which I don't currently have and that's why I need YOU!

The list of the Topics below are sites that make up the Gameznet Network and are waiting for authors to help me get them up and running.

So if I've got you interested in joining me and you see a topic that you are interested in regularly writing for below get cracking and visit those that appeal to you most and then tell me a bit about yourself as a writer of that topic.

My Job is to run the sites, promote them, build the traffic and do all the admin work while your job will be to concentrate on writing quality posts and replying to comments left on them.

Interested Authors Visit these sites to Apply

To become an Author and get paid to post just visit the sites your interested in and join them as a member, you can even join using your facebook or other social network accounts, locate the "Author" page and leave a comment explaining what you will bring to the site and request to be an author. please don't email, emails wont be responded to, you must leave a comment as your application or send a mesage to me via facebook.

The sites below are all from Gamezet's Special Interest Portal's

Authorised Authors are responsible for writing their own unique and quality posts and replying to comments left on their posts.
( strictly no copied articles allowed )

1 Alien Encounters exploring the Alien and ufo phenomena. Do aliens exist? have you seen an alien or marveled over crop circles, The latest reports and theories. Are we are being visited by beings from other planets and dimensions.
2 Australian For Australian news and adventures and all Aussie content. Latest Australian news, weather and the best beaches, resorts, travel, tourists and tourism. This is Australia.
3 Big boys Toys we love our toys! whether its riding dirt bikes or playing with power tools. Fishing with your mates or checking out the latest gadgets, from babes to technology, this is the site for all the GUY stuff
4 Business news and resources related to business and finance. From small startups to financial planning and investing.
5 Celebrations ideas and resources for making the most out of celebrating lifes little and large milestones whether its Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, St Patrick's day, valentines day, mothers day, fathers day. Sharing ideas for gifts and parties.
6 Comics and Cartoons Whether your a massive comic fan, collector or just like to occasionally read comics and watch cartoons this site is for you. Also focused on the creative side for artists and would be animators.
7 Computers & Internet focused on the fast paced world of computers and the internet exploring the latest technologies and providing helpful tech news and support resources.
8 Dragons and Dinosaurs Whether your into dragons or dinosaurs of fact or fiction this site is dedicated to exploring the myths, the facts and the legends of giant reptiles.
9 Dolphins and Whales dedicated to dolphins and whales with information, gorgeous pictures and videos and cool dolphin and whale merchandise you buy.
10 Education Zone resources to learn by, whether its simple courses or complete home schooling. Resources for both teachers and students.
11 Free Stuff there's loads of free stuff available when you know where to look. this portal is all about finding great freebies and coupons.
12 Games computer, console and handheld games.
13 Healthy Living Its all about living the good life, staying healthy with good food and healthy lifestyle choices for a long healthy and happy life.
14 Homepage of Horror scary stuff for halloween. horror movies, comics, stories, and tales from the crypt.
15 Job Search for find jobs and career paths, locating assistance, writing resumes and looking for work. find and advertise jobs
16 Jokes and Funnies just for laughs with jokes and funny videos, animation's, funny pictures, pranks, comedy, riddles and funny games.
17 kids stuff for kids, information for parents and cool stuff for the little ones,all g rated for children with fun and education that parents and kids can trust and enjoy together.
18 Media Madness for computers phones and other gadgets. covering such things as screensavers,themes, audio sound bites, fonts, desktop toys, pc media, icons, animated gifs, streaming video and cool apps.
19 Music Central Its all about the music man! music industry news for music lovers and musicians, guitar, guitarists, drums, keyboards, vocals, dj's, performers, instruments, how to play, record, manage, buy, merchandise, bands, superstars, fan sites
20 New Age Nexus Covering spirituality, free energy, human growth and awareness.
21 News General world news and weather updates, top stories and news and current affairs discussions and resources.
22 Games free online games, browser games, shockwave games, java games, download games
23 Pets and Animals from domestic pets to farm and wild animals. Animal welfare, conservation, protection whether in captivity or the wild.
24 Search submission promotion optimisation, google, yahoo, msn, top sites,ffa links. latest news, how to use them, how to get listed.
25 Sharks focused on these hunters of the deep, great whites, shark fishing, sharks conservation, galleries and videos.
26 Space and the universe, latest discoveries, nasa pictures, hubble space telescope, meteors, shuttle launches and space travel.
27 Sports and Fitness, sports news, activities, enhancements, exercise, ball sports, endurance sports, muscle sports, fitness and fun, get fit and live longer,
28 TV and Movies movie and television news and reviews. And on the creative side movie making, video editing, online videos. Tips and tricks.
29 Useful Stuff for the home, handy tips, survival, converters, calculators, tools, ingenious devices and useful stuff that makes life a bit easier.
30 Web 4 Women Women's interests and articles for the girls, topics such as fashion, makeup, shopping, accessories, magazines and relationships.

More Sites - with their own Domain Names:
Interested Authors Visit Sites to Apply

Gameznet's Internet Money Game
This site is all about making money online, If your interested in blogging about making money then visit the site and join and leave a comment or 2 on existing posts then visit the about page telling me what you will bring to the site as author.

Gameznet: Game News and Reviews
Earn money blogging about video games! To be considered just visit this site, Join and leave a few comments on existing game previews. After commenting go to the "about" page and leave a comment with some info about what you will bring to the site.

Friendly Birds - For Companion Bird Owners
If your interested in making money blogging about companion birds then visit this site, join and leave some comments telling me about your birds then visit the about page and leave a comment explaining what you will bring to the site as an author.

Kiss My Aus - Dedicated to the hottest band in the World
This ones for Kiss Fans. If your a fan of Kiss and would like to earn some money sharing content and blogging about the hottest band in the world then visit this site, leave a comment telling me what you will bring to the site as an author.

Go find a site or topic, leave a comment or contact me via facebook :)

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Andrew McMullen
Also Join Me here

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