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Get More links Pointing to Your Site

For any website to be a success online its going to need traffic and nothing helps a site more than having loads and loads of backlinks!
So what are Backlinks, you ask ?

Well to put it simply backlinks is simply the term that has been coined refering to any link on another site that point back to your site.

Basically the more links to your site the more traffic your site will get, not only from people clicking on those links but also from search engines that get directed to your site via those links. As search engine spiders crawl the internet and discover those links pointing to your site they take note of them, follow them and count them up. In the eyes of any search engine the more links to your site the more important it becomes and so the higher it will be listed in their rankings.

What you want are good quality backlinks from keyword related pages linking to pages of your site with similar topics, the more relevent the links are the better especially when it comes to Google Page Rank (PR) which also brings me to the point that the higher the page rank of the sites linking to you the better too since those sites with high google page rank have already established themselves as authoritive sites and so when they link to you they are for all intents and purpose recommending you. So if you want to lift your own pagerank then seek sites with high PR to get backlinks from.
On this page I want to help you achieve the goal of building quality backlinks to improve both your PR and your search engine rankings and to get people visiting your website or blog by building quality backlinks.

Before we go any further Lets See What Backlinks You Currently Have:
Get this info by visiting your own site using the FREE FIREFOX BROWSER with the SEO PLUGINS INSTALLED (provided in the linked page) this gives some great info on the backlinks to your site including the pr,alexa rank and SEO score of the links. Yahoo site explorer allows you to see how many inbound links your site and yourcompetitors have so you know what your up against to knock them off their top listings.


Link Building Is Essential to High Search Engine Rankings

Make no mistake about it: if you want to speed your new site into the search engines or push an existing site to the top of the search engine listings, you're going to need inbound links. In fact, Google, king of the major search engines, states unequivocally that "the quantity, quality and relevance of links count towards your rating."

Ideally you do not want to rely completely on search engine traffic because your ultimate goal should be to grow your site stats with real visitors and nothing beats word of mouth so for the purpose of this exercise forget about the search engine benefits for now and concentrate on getting your site linked to from the most relevent websites out there so the site visitors you get are happy when they arrive. The more links you have out there in the world the more word of mouth will work for you, it can become viral as more related webmaters start coming across those links and also adding them to their own sites and linking to you.

Getting started: To get things moving along quickly we are going to use a few free backlink sites. Now the quality here is often not that great and you dont have any control over exactly who is linking to you since most of these services make use of social networking sites but we just need to kick things off so the first thing to do is start getting general backlinks as quickly as we can and then to begin focusing on getting more quality backlinks once you have the ball rolling. Here are a few locations where you can generate some free backlinks.

So visit each of these services and set each one up correctlly and you will get thousands of backlinks to your site, these are all free services:

first off we have

Definately make use of this free service! Quick easy setup and forget and did I mention its FREE
Add up to 10 links for free and let IMAutomator drip feed your sites out to social networks and bookmarking sites for you over a period of time.
A nice way to organically build a whole bunch of backlinks to of the links you submitted. IM Automator is your first free Instant Link Building Solution.
In IMAutomator, each of our URL will be bookmarked to 15 social bookmark account belonging to IMAutomator. There is a drip system here, which we can decide how long our URL will be bookmarked, all link in one day, 15 days (one link per day) and 45 days (one link every few days).

#2. SocialAdr
SocialAdr is one of the best bookmarking services available on the market. It has a simple system that every member has to bookmark other member's URL in his or her social account to get credit. Each credit means that there will be one of his or her URL that is bookmarked by other member. The system using the power of several major social bookmark site like Delicious and Jumptags for example.

Here, every URL will be automatically submitted to 100 social bookmark account. Similar to IMAutomator, you can choose to drip the submit process.
Use the social monkey firefox plugin to help you build backlinks, get 25 backlinks gauranteed each and every day that you click the monkey from within firefox or upgrade to a paid account and Get a TONNE more. Social Money is a really cool way to work on link building that gets results.

#4. IMT-Website-Submitter this is a cool free online tool that will submit your site to 2500+ websites which are mainly "who is", "about us", "website statistic", etc. type of services. These are great for helping to get a new site established. It is very good to "force" search engine to index a brand new website.

#5. IMT RSS Submitter
This tool will submit your RSS Feed to a private network of RSS Directories/Aggregators, then it will ping each created page to 33
ping services*, which will result in many backlinks towards your URLs (web pages, blog posts, backlinks, etc.).

#6. IMT Directory Submitter

This tool will help you submit your Website to 1647 directories fast and easy, thats another 1647 backlinks!

#7. RSS Submit

This Free tool is for automatically submitting RSS feeds, it is the quickest and most reliable way to submit to the around 25 RSS search engines they work with.

#8. - For self hosted Wordpress Blogs this is a fast, free and effective backlinks builder for your target niches.
IT is an Article submission service to private blog network like UAW/MAN/SEO Linkvine, etc. The difference is that they also provide free service. For free version, each article submitted will be sent to 30 blogs in their blog network.

#9. 247Backlinks
Just signup and you'll get 1000 backlinks absolutely free. There are two types of backlinks provided, forum backlink and blog comment backlink.

#10. Only Wire
One Button. Publish Everywhere. Send your message to the web's top social networks with the click of a button.

#11. is a simple and free service that makes updating your social networks easy. There are approximately 45 social network that are available to update all in the same time using Other benefit, there are many WordPress plugin able to automatically submit articles that are just published to, therefore, the 45 other social network at the same time.

#12 Get 25 Free Backlinks from
best prices on one way text links -

#13 Get free oneway backlinks and reviews of your site with Mister Linker

W3Tools provide a free backlink generator that will give you 20 Backlinks for free in minutes. Just enter your URL and submit.
After you submit your URL, you need to click on each Go link next to the list of sites. Then dedicated pages will be created from those specific sites for your URL.Generated pages are permanent and major search engines index those pages. By generating pages, you can gain permanent one way backlinks.

#15 gives you a bunch of cool webmaster and link related tools for getting back links.

Now this next one is really cool
#16 - but first you will want a list of ranking sites to check (click link to get them)
once you have your list of ranking sites click on the Backlinks Checker and paste your list of URLS and then enter the domain you want to check in the second field. The tool will check all the sites in your list to see if there is a backlink or not and give you some extra info.



Targeted Backlinks

Once you have some general backlinks happening start getting more targeted links to your site by seeking out sites that have topics closely related you to your pages and posting your link to them, making comments on their pages and including your link included and even asking them to link to your site, this tactic works great for blogs and forums. This takes a bit more time and effort than other methods but is ultimately far more beneficial. If you spend 10-15 minutes a day concentrating on this getting 10 new links to your site per day then over the course of a year you would build 3650 links to your site, so go for quality highly relevent sites with good PR and your efforts will give your site an extremely high profile with search engines that you wo'nt be able tp kill off even if you try.

The basic way of doing this is to use search engines to search for your keywords and then checking out the pages at the top of the results to see if they have a list of related sites or a reciprocol links page that you can submit your site link to or in the case of blogs a suitable post that you can make a comment about and leave your link. Some sites will let you put a link on them but they will want you to link back to them in return, that's fine but when reciprocol linking like this just do it from your own dedicated links page and dont link back from your main home page. If you find pages that would be ideal but cannot find a way to post a link to them then don't be afraid to send them an email and ask if they would like to exchange links, many sites will do this without any worries and the worst they can do is ignore you or say no.
When you find links pages on sites be sure to use Firefox with the Backlinks Plugin installed on it and look at the potential links page to see if the backlinks are NOFOLLOW or DOFOLLOW backlinks, If they are nofollow then you can skip them to save yourself some time because search engines wont follow those links anyway, but thats not to say that you wont get some benefit because real people might click on those links and there are many smaller search engines that totally ignore the NOFOLLOW rule anyway. It all depends on how much time you want to devote to this and whether you think a link on the particular site would help you or not so its up to you to decide whether its worth the effort or not.

Here is a great online tool that will help speed this process up, is a free service where you enter a keyword and select the type of site you would like a link from. It then shows you the google results displaying only sites where you CAN leave a link.

Looking for Blogs that allow comments and will let you have a link in them is probably the easiest way to go but they are not always the best or only way to go.


The Top 10 Backlink Sources Online & How to Use Them To Dominate Google, Yahoo & Bing The EASY WAY!

This is a very powerful web 2.0 site, because it was built by a marketer for marketers. They know that most people these days are putting up websites to make money, not just to impress their friends or out of the goodness of their hearts!
They allow you to link out as many times as you want as long as you provide excellent , quality content. Their links aren’t tagged with “ nofollow,” either, which means you can get plenty of PR link juice from them!

This is another very powerful web 2.0 site. It’s similar to Squidoo, but there are a few major differences. For one thing, they only allow you to link out to the same site a maximum of two times on a single hub.
That’s not quite such a huge deal if you’re just looking for a backlink, but it’s a pain if you’re trying to seriously promote something. Also, if your Hub score isn’t above a certain threshold, your links are all
tagged with “nofollow.” This means you must provide quality content on HubPages or your links won’t pass you any PR at all.

Ezine Articles
This site has a lot of authority with Google. Pages on Ezine articles very often land in the top 10 on Google. Plus, they also let you have a link to your own sites in your bio box at the end of your articles. There was some talk for awhile that they might add a “nofollow” tag, but so far they’ve chose not to do it because of the outcry from their authors.

Blogger is a free blogging platform with a lot of excellent karma in Google because it’s owned by Google.

Although it’s generally better to host WordPress blogs on your own domain because WordPress doesn’t allow affiliate links on their hosted blogs, it’s perfectly fine to use them to get backlinks to your sites.

This is a classified ads site that gets a lot of like from Google, and the ads posted there often make it onto the first page of Google’s search results.

This is a type of social bookmarking site that’s run by Netscape. Google absolutely likes this site, and the articles posted there often make it onto the first page of Google within hours.

This is a major social bookmarking site. Users can submit articles on web pages that they like and other users can vote on whether a particular site or tale is excellent or not.

This is another very well loved social bookmarking site. People claim it sends the most traffic of any of the social bookmarking sites.

This is a microblogging platform. It’s like a blog, but you’re limited to a relatively small number of characters in each post. It’s fantastic for getting backlinks, because you can add a link to your site in your
profile. Plus, every Tweet (every post) gets indexed as its own page in Google so tweet often!.

There are also plenty of other fantastic sites you can use to pass authority link juice to your sites. Zimbio, Wikispaces, Wetpaint, Go Articles, and Tumblr are all fantastic for getting quality backlinks.


Using Forums to gain more Backlinks

Visiting forums related to your site is actually a really great way to get backlinks as well as establishing yourself and your Brand to the forum users.
This will help you get some great quality links so just like above you start by searching google (and other search engines) for your keyword terms and seeing if the pages returned at the top of the lists have a forum which allows signatures.

To hunt down "keyword forums" again go back to google from within Firefox and do a search for your "keyword+forum" eg if our keyword was "backlinks" we would enter "backlinks forum"

Now just like you did with the sites above you will want to browse each result using firefox to weed out the "nofollow" forums so that you can skip any forums that are not going to drive a bit of search engine traffic your way and jump right over them to sites which will.
When you do find a forum that is suited towards your niche keywords you should set up an account and create your profile signature to promote your site or blog. Always make sure your keyword is included within your signature amd make it catchy, use an image if your alowed too as well as text, don't make your signature too long or spammy.

At first just login to the forum and find an area to post an introduction or just say somthing like "Hi I'm new here and looking forward to being a valued member" - make sure you have some signatures ready to go before your start setting up forum accounts .

So open your favorite search engine and browse around to locate forum posts that you can participate in, Your posts dont need to be long and you should take every oportunity to keep them highly related to both the "forum Topic and wherever possible in some way to your sites topics or keywords". Dont worry too much if your conversations and posts are not exactly perfectly keyword optimised for your site because your email signature always appears and will take care of that for you. Look also for long threads that have a lot of activity and try and be helpful in your posts and reply's. If you sound like you have an air of authority regarding your subject people will check out your signature links.

Please don't spam forums with links and spammy posts as it will just get your posts removed and your account banned .

Once you have exhausted finding quality keyword related sites to exchange links with and forums to post in we can move on to using paid link services if your budget allows it.

Download BacklinkSpeed - Submit your URLs to over 3,150+ backlink sites with one click!

PAID Backlinks

You can cut some corners on building quality backlinks by buying them direct.
Buying links is of course restricted by budget and if you get too many too fast Google and other search engines will know that you have purchased them so dont get tempted to buy hundreds of links in one go, especially if your domain is new. Easy as she goes a few a day or even a few every week at first while you concentrate more on organic link building is the way to go then once your domain is aged and your site is listed you can build faster by buying more backlinks.

The following locations offer great deals on backlinks. Just make sure you only pay for quality backlinks in high PR sites that closeley match your keywords. The aim is to get good quality here not volume. How It Works
The system uses a method of linking known as 3-way linking. Unlike the traditional one-way link, where only one site benefits, or reciprocal links where 2 sites link to each other with a 3-way link all 3 sites get what Google sees as a one-way link to each of the sites. In the old reciprocal link method, site A linked to site B and site B linked back to site A. Google does not value that kind of link very much at all anymore. Google wants to see one-way links coming into your site (or at least what it believes are one-way links). In a 3-way link setup, site A links to site B, site B links to site C, and site C links to site A . This is where the power of this system lies. get started for only $7 for the first month!

make money with your web site
- this is quite simple, at whylinks you can buy and sell textlinks. - textlinks is also for buying and selling links and includes article links This is a contextual link building service
Bookmark demon will help you get good high quality backlinks from blogs to your site:

Backlink Speed is a cool service that can get you thousands of backlinks

Download BacklinkSpeed - Submit your URLs to over 3,150+ backlink sites with one click!

Want to get the Edge? is a service where your links are manually submitted to social bookmarking sites,article and directory services for a small fee.

This service will do your backlink building for you

Are you promoting your site ethically?
Links Manager
is a great services to help you run your own reciprocol link exchange, it's easy to use and setup and just by using it you will gain hundreds of link partners.

Here are some links to backlink related articles and resources I have found useful to build knowledge about getting more backlinks

free-backlink-generator This is a thread from the warrior forums discussing free backlink services focusing on automated backinks.
autobacklinks#module87559131 This is a great squidoo lens with lots of information on building backlinks including techniques designed to get as many links pointing to your site as possible.
Social Monkey

Social Monkey - the Backlink making Firefox Plugin

Building backlinks to your blog and website pages is an essential part of SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) for two reasons. The first reason is that it helps your pages get indexed faster, which is very important because you want the search engines to find them as soon as possible and crawl them regularly.

With the Social Monkey You can Submit your content Every Day to
25 social bookmarking sites, all on unique C class IPs... FREE.

The second reason is that it helps your pages get higher search engine rankings for the keywords of your choice. The more backlinks you have, the better. Period.

Submit your 
content Every Day to 25 social 
bookmarking sites, all on unique 
C class IPs... FREE.

However, building backlinks can be a time-consuming, boring process. You can outsource the process to an agency and pay a lot of money... Or you can do it yourself with SocialMonkee! SocialMonkee is an instant backlink builder allowing you to build 25 unique backlinks, every day, FREE! All links are on unique C-Class IP addresses and domains. Imagine being able to create 25 unique backlinks every day, with the click of a button, FREE! Well, you can stop imagining...

So, 25 unique backlinks every day... That's a total of 175 backlinks every week, 750 every month. If you upgrade, you will be able to build 100 uniques backlinks, 3 times a day! That's a total of 2,100 backlinks every week, 9,000 every month! The good news is... you can get a Premium Account, FREE! All you need to do is to refer 12 members, and your account will automatically be upgraded. If you're not really into referral marketing, you may upgrade right now for a low one-time fee.

Submitting a page to SocialMonkee via the members area takes under two minutes, but there's an even faster way! They created a Firefox plugin that allows you to submit your page to up to 100 sites in just a few clicks, using nothing else than Firefox! If you have a Premium Account you will also get access to link reports and RSS feeds, which are great to keep track of your backlinks and get them indexed fast. Submitting your RSS feeds to RSS submitters is actually a very important step in link building.

So what are you waiting for? Join SocialMonkee now while it's still free!

Backlink Videos From Youtube

What Others are Saying about Backlinks
10 SEO Tips for Backlinks
Increase your website traffic by following these off-page search engine optimization - seo tips for backlinks.

The Truth About Backlinks Guide
Backlinks have long been an important tool in any Search Engine Optimization toolkit. They help increase your visibility on the Internet, they increase the value of your webpage, and they increase your SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Positions). ...

61 Places to Get High Quality Backlinks
These are the best places to get quality backlinks. Learn about the different types of backlinks, how they help, and where to get them!

Does Redgage Really Increase Traffic and Build Backlinks?
In this article, we will focus more on evaluating the effectiveness of Redgage as a tool to increase traffic and build backlinks. Questions such as "Will Redgage significantly increase my blog traffic?" and "Does Redgage provide a good backlink for your blog or website?" Learn about the answers by browsing through this article!

How To Use RedGage To Get Free PR4 Backlinks and Earn Money Online
One of the keys at the heart of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backlink. I'll be focusing on one particular website that I have been using the past few months to get free PR4 backlinks. This site also has a revenue sharing program that pays users based on unique page views so you can make money online.

How to Improve Traffic to Your Online Content by Developing your Backlinking ...
If you post the wrong kind of links, in the wrong locations, or at the wrong time, you could just be wasting your time. This is why everyone needs to get organized and develop a backlinking strategy that will ensure their success!

Google Is Coming For Your Backlinks (AKA Attack of the Penguin)
A whirlwind introduction to backlink building, discussing how Google has bulldozed several popular forms of this seo (search engine optimization) practice. What now?

How to get decent backlinks
Backlinks are an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Getting backlinks can be difficult, but there are some quick ways to get backlinks without having to do mmuch work.

Instant Backlink Help: 5 Tips To Help Make Your Website Or Hubpages Backlink ...
Having trouble getting people to find your website? Learn some simple tips to help you make your backlinking strategy work. These tips will help you change your strategy from a darts game to a simple formula for traffic.

How To Get Free-High Quality Backlinks
Are you planning on buying backlinks or hiring someone to build them for you? Well stop what you're doing right now! You might be making a horrible mistake. If you want free, high quality backlinks for your website and the page rank that comes with it, read this hub instead. Learn how to build your own high quality and relevant backlinks, don't fall for scammers!

Clickbank Products related to Backlinks
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backlinks Wordpress Plugins Backlink WordPress Plugins

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