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Banner Exchange Information

Banner Exchanges are a really cool way to get your banners and links shown on thousands of networks around the world. The more you join the more sites will be displaying your banners. Most of them allow you to enter in multiple banners so you can add all your sites and even affiliate programs Many Traffic Exchanges and Safelists available have their own built in banner exchanges so they can not only help you build direct traffic to any page but also give you credits for displaying their banners. Correctly set up banner exchanges can mean a tonne of traffic and Im going to let you in on a few techniques that will ensure your banners get perpetually more immpressions.

The first thing you will want to do is gather up your own banners of various sizes and any banners that you will also want to have displaying You can have banners custom made for you or use some of the resources below to make them yourself. Once you have your banners ready and a list of the URLS that go with them get ready to sit down for a couple of hours and build your banner marketing system. As we progress we will also come across text link exchanges so while making your list of banner links up write a quick "text link" title and description for each one so you are ready for entering both banners and text links.

So now that you have your images, links and text titles and descriptions ready the next step is to Join some Traffic Exchanges and enter your banners into each one as you go, be sure and get the Banner Code which we are going to place onto a single page , If you have a wordpress blog you can setup a new page called Banner Exchanges and just put each code one after the other into the page. This will ensure that you can quickly grab the codes when needed by going to the edit page in the future and it saves you having to mess about with remembersing where you put the banner codes in multiple text files on your hard drive. If you are like me and like to do things in html the old school way you can do the same thing, create a page and place each of the banner codes into it as you join the following sites. After viewing the banners being shown below I will explain in detail how and where to use those banner codes to get millions of free impressions for your own banner and text links from all over the web. It takes a bit of time and effort to set this up but once you have it done your going to reap the rewards for a long time and the rewards and traffic just keep growing exponentially on total autopilot.

Make your own banners with this great FREE Instant Banner Maker.
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So here is what the banner codes are going to look like on your site or pages where you place them,
under each one is the join link or image, just click and join each one of them, then log in and get your exchange code which they will provide, don't enter in your own banner details just yet. We will get to that bit soon.

World Profit Banner Exchange - you need 468x60 banners for this exchange


1800 Banners - you need 468x60 banners for this exchange


Free Banners Network - you need 468x60 banners for this exchange

Business Affiliate Programs Coupons Personals Advertising Shopping

Banners Go MLM - you need half size banners for this exchange 250x72

LINK opp Text Exchange

Join Link Opp


So now its time to set up the places where you are going to place these codes,
If you did as I said in the begining you already have a page with them all listed.
You can grab the codes and place them on any sites you want them to show on.
You can add them to your footer and add them to free blogs but what is going to make this all worth it is the
method that I am going to explain next time I return to update this page so for now you will have to bookmark it and check back later ... :( sorry got some other more important stuff I have to do right now...


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