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Setting up a hosted Wordpress blog

There are many blogs and blogging tools available online but the first thing anybody new to making money online should do is "get a blog going!
You should be trying to create one that will start generating you an income as quickly as possible If your really serious about it then you should also have your blog hosted with own Domain Name So if you want to follow this path then read this blogging guide and learn how to get a powerful Money Making Blog up and running today! Today I am going to talk about a hosted blog and not a free blog such as or, those are good places but your own hosted blog is much more flexible and you can do so much more with it including have it automatically send your posts out to all of your free blogs and social networking sites for automatic duplication. Dont worry its easy to get your own domain name and set up a Hosting account that includes Fantastico Deluxe so you can then install your own blog in a matter of minutes.
The hosting service that I recommend is Hostgator


Use coupon code: demonstoned
To get $$9.94 of any package
Grab the monthly "Baby" for $9.95 and get your first month for Just 1c!

Once you have a hosting account with fantastico installed you will be able to install the wordpress blogging platform and get your new blog up and running in mere minutes.
You can also download wordpress and install it manually if you already have a hosting account which you want to use and that account does not have fantastico deluxe installed. (read our hosting guide for more information on hosting accounts, cpanel and fantastico)

fantastico auto installerNow, assuming that you have your hosting account and do have fantastico. You will need to login to your Cpanel and scroll down to the Software/Services section and click on "Fantastico De Luxe".
This is an installer that will do all the hard work for you.
choose the Wordpress option from the left menu bar:
Select "New Install" and remember to take note of your username and password - you really should be using roboform to store all your information for you.

Unless you have a good reason not to just leave the install directory blank, this will install the blog in your main directory so that it loads in your browser when you type in your domain name rather than in a sub folder.

Create an admin name and password and you can also enter some other basic information about your blog. The last section can be changed at any time.

Click "Install Wordpress" and a second screen appears, click Finish Installation and your site is ready.
If you now go to your domain (without the /cpanel on the end), you will see that you have a basic wordpress site installed and ready to customise.

That's all there is too it, Your now a Blog Owner!

There are a few things you should do before you do anything else. First explore the admin area and get familiar with it. Don't change anything yet - just explore each section from the menu on the left. Once you have explored this you should do each of the following steps.
1) change your theme.
2) install some plugins
3) arrange your widgets
5) change the links
6) setup Tags
7)Edit the first Post, and remove the comment - Backdate the post around 6-12 months...

Once You have done that, your blog truly is ready to use..
Its time to spread some seeds that your blog exists so go and search Google for blogs related to your main "keywords" or "Tags" and post useful relevent comments to them, dont spam just comment on them and leave a link in your comment to your blog where apropriate.

Thats it for today, I will update this page with more information on those steps and get into the nitty gritty of how to use your blog to make money soon...

More On Blogging

215: Simplify Your Business and Make More Money Blogging
Ways You Can Simplify Your Business and Increase Your Blogging Profitability Today, I want to share two big lessons I learned this year at our Australian ProBlogger events. They were lessons I think apply to many aspects of blogging and online business. It?s all about simplifying what you do while ...more The post 215: Simplify Your Business and Make More Money Blogging appeared first on ProBlo...

Check out our own Money Making Blog at

I Just got myself a New Free Instant Blog Here
You can get one too with a gauranteed 200 subscribers for FREE!



One of my own recent "discoveries" is Hub Pages.

Hub Pages is another web 2.0 site perfect for creating articles with a link back to your site. Create new "Hubs" by Writing at least one article per week. Make sure your articles are not duplicated content and not self promotional or pure affiliate promotions because they will just get shut down, you dont need to anyway since your articles can make you money which I will explain in a moment. Just keep them simple and informative and you will build a following and and get clicks on your links! Remember to link your profile and hub pages back to your blog but go easy on the links since you dont want your articles shut down for being over promotional when they get moderated (which does happen) or your account closed for repeated violations of the terms.
So Hub pages is a great place to get extra traffic and promote your blog and a google friendly site which means your articles can get listed in search engines which can help push up the PR of your site. But wait, it gets better than that.

Earning Money
HubPages allows you to enter your IDs for google adsense the ebay partner program, amazon and kontera
You can then get paid for clicks on the ads that show up on your hubs, it is a revenue sharing model so your ids show up a percentage of the time which is how Hub Pages also makes their money. Its a win win situation.

Hub pages also has a fantastic referral program in place which allows you to generate ongoing revenue when you refer new writers to HubPages. By referring new users, you will be invested in their long-term success and can even promote your referrals to help kick them off and get them more traffic while getting paid for your efforts .
You will earn 10% of the ad impressions of the Hubs published by people you refer to HubPages using your unique referral tracker, (this comes out of HubPages earnings NOT the members).

The more, high-quality writers you refer in, the greater your earning potential. It's a revenue stream that can keep on growing. And here's how to make it start.

HubPages uses "Referral Trackers" to generate impressions and monitor referrals.
HubPages is all about interacting with the Internet community, and there's no better way to spread the HubLove than by linking to HubPages with your referral trackers. Every time you place a link to a hub either your own or someone elses in an email, forum post, blog or a website, you'll receive a share of the impressions the Hub generates.
Basically you can link to any site on the entire hub pages network and get rewarded for signups and a share of revenue from ad clicks.

To keep tabs on these referrals, you'll need to attach a Referral Tracker to your links. The default Referral Tracker is all that's required, but it makes a rather ugly link being made up of letters and number so your better off creating your own. You can create up to twenty independent Referral Trackers with unique names and descriptions so you know exactly which links are working and where your referrals are coming from.

Theres Two step easy way to link to HubPages using a Referral Tracker:
1) When on any particular HubPage that you would like to link too simply click the Share button found at the bottom of any Hub and get the URL of the hub

2) Insert an underscore and the Referral Tracker id into any HubPage URL after the
For example
let's say one of your Referral Trackers is "gnetbiz" and you want to create a link to my authors profile with the URL http//
You would first insert an underscore ( _ ) after http//
giving you this http//
followed by your unique tracker id: "gnetbiz"
giving you this http//
followed by a slash ( / ) then the last part of the original URL
So your new referral link would then read

For more about blogs and blogging visit my Blog
Playing The Internet Money Game
where you will get the latest up to date news and information on making money online. or if you dont want to run your own website or set up blogs but still want to write blog posts and get paid for them why not partner up with me and become a Gameznet Author


Cool Posts about Blogs appearing on Hub Pages



Make Money With Your Blog

OK, I know why your really here!

You want to know How TO Make MONEY With Your OWN Blog Now!

Scroll down for some really cool information on monitising your blogs!


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List of Paid Blogging Websites


One of the easiest ways to make money online is to set up a blog around a specific topic of interest or Niche and generate online income from the display of advertising and affiliate programs. You can make product pages for items from amazon and other affiliate sites like commission junction or clickbank and write reviews about them or use contextual ads such as google adsense to monitise any topic you blog about.





Another formidable way of making money from blogs consists of effectively using paid blogging networks.

From an advertiserís standpoint, blogs are simply publishing platforms which produce content that is viewable by both search engines and potential customers.

Advertisers want more exposure for their businesses and will often purchase sponsored links or written content in a bid to generate public buzz and increase their search engine visibility.

Here is where you come in. As a member of paid blogging websites, you will get paid to blog about the advertiserís products, website or service. These advertisers will pay the blog networks directly and youíll receive a stipulated fee when you agree to take on each specific assignment.

How do I Make Money with Sponsored Blogging websites?

The process is actually fairly simple. Start by signing up with these sponsored blogging networks and giving them the web address for your blog. Some of these networks stipulate that your blog must have of a certain age (3 months old etc.) so take note of that before applying.

Take a look at their Terms of Service and wait for your blog to be approved by the administration. This usually takes a few days. After your blog is approved, go through their marketplace (if they have one) or just wait for blogging offers to arrive at your email inbox or site dashboard.

When you decide to take up a specific offer, write a blog post according to the instructions given. Publish the post and inform the blog network of the page URL. This is usually done through a user interface after youíve logged into the network.

After your post is approved, youíll receive payment according to the stipulated time frame. You can earn around $5 to $500+ for one single blog post, depending on the popularity, size and niche of your blog.

Gameznet's List of Sponsored Blogging Networks

Some of these networks should be well known to everyone but I wanted to be as thorough as possible when developing this extensive list of paid blogging websites.

This list will be updated regularly and more paid blogging websites will be added in the future. Hopefully this will help all of you to make more money from your blogs.



RedGage will pay you for more than just blogs, they pay for views you get of the content you upload or add to your redgage account. This can be blogs,videos,images etc
You can import all your content from your social sites such as facebookm, youtube and blogger.
Check it out, I only just started checking it out but it does look like a cool way to make some extra coin from stuff your already doing!. If you join please place me as your referrer username: gameznet



Pay Per Post –
The original paid opportunities site offers tons of opportunities for you to take on a daily basis.
The largest sponsored blogging network, Payperpost offers the greatest amount of offers and has a vibrant community of bloggers who support each other through a forum. If you only want to sign up for one paid blogging network, I would highly recommend using PayPerPost above all the others.

The addition of PayperPost Direct and existing affiliate programs will extend your income potential outside of the basic marketplace structure utilized by most other networks.

Social Spark –

From the makers of Pay Per Post comes this mix of opportunities and social networking site, a great place to hang out and both now offer the opportunities to just place links on your sites for cash.



Review me offers a higher pay out per opportunity but is also picky on approving blogs, make sure your blog has relevant links and back links, or you create some before you try registering here.

ReviewMe is basically some sort of a blog marketplace where advertisers can visit to order reviews from blogs. Some of the more Ďhigh-endí or popular blogs are registered with ReviewMe and the earnings are substantially higher if your blog is well established and has a large audience. This is measured by your feed subscription base as well as the Technorati and Alexa Rank.

Bigger blogs tend to earn upwards of $100 to 700+ for each single blog post and there are a lot less restrictions and rules than Payperpost. The downside for ReviewMe is that they take a hefty 50% commission for their services, which in my opinion is too large.



A favorite of many, sponsored reviews offers a higher rate of pay out than pay per post or social spark but unlike review me you will get your blog approved with no problems.

SponsoredReview is a blog network that is somewhat similar to ReviewMe but they offer a little more functionality by allowing you to negotiate fees with the advertiser and bid for an advertiserís offers.

SponsoredReview takes 35% commission for their services and youíll earn anything from $10 to 500+ for each review. Their user interface is one of the better ones out there and the only drawback to their service is the lack of advertisers.

Sponsored Posts is a way for advertisers to generate buzz on the internet and a way for bloggers to get paid for taking the time to provide their opinion.



Blogsvertise doesnít have a marketplace so you canít browse advertiser offers to select what you would like to write about. The site admins will match advertiser offers to your blog profile and you can choose to accept or reject the offers you see. Generally, the assignments are sporadic and youíll receive one or two of them every week if youíre lucky. They do however pay on time so thatís one of the benefits of working with Blogsvertise.



Blogitive will pay all bloggers a flat rate of US $5 per advertiser offer, regardless of the size or popularity of the blog. One of the earliest blog networks on the scene, Blogitive seems to be gotten into a slump a few months after their launch.

Theyíve recently revamped their user interface and one of the much touted Blogitive advantages is that they pay weekly via Paypal. Blogitive has a very poor collection of advertisers and thatís something that they definitely need to improve.



LoudLaunch is a medium sized paid blogging network which features a moderate amount of advertiser offers. Your blogs need to be more than 2 months old and payment is only made via Paypal. Like Payperpost, the blogger usually needs to append a disclosure badge, tracker tag or logo or the bottom of posts.

The user interface doesnít appeal to me and like other networks like Blogsvertise, the range of advertisers seem to be rather limited.



Based on Norway, BloggerWaveís rates for paid posts are generally around $10 for a single post. There doesnít seem to be many restrictions and youíll get paid via Paypal. BloggerWave has been late on payment for many bloggers and some bloggers have gone so far to suggest that they are a scam.

Apparently, they seem to have made good on their payments recently and hopefully things should go smoothly from now on for bloggers using BloggerWave.



Smorty rates for sponsored blog posts is $6 per post although this might increase if you have a high traffic or popular blog. Post approvals are generally made within a week and payment is made on a weekly basis through Paypal. There isnít a lot of advertisers using Smorty at the moment though that might change in the future.



PayU2Blog started a few months ago and do seem to be a work in progress. There is no actual marketplace which allows you to browse for advertiser offers and they do seem to function very much like Blogsvertise in that thatíll determine the type of assignments you will receive. Payment is made every two weeks via Paypal.

Blogging Ads


Blogging Ads started early and recently relaunched with a new look. Itís nothing too different from Blogitive, however do note that you can only put up 10 posts per month on all your blogs and the rate for each post is usually $5. Payment is made weekly via Paypal. Blogging Ads doesnít have a lot of advertiser offers as well.



CreamAid is a get paid to blog program with a twist. All bloggers of an option of displaying a widget which allows them to earn referral commission whenever another blogger picks up an offer from it.

CreamAid is more fun than the other get paid to blog websites although I think their monetary potential is weakest. Donít expect to earn more than $5 for most offers you come across.

V7N Contextual


V7N Contextual is not technically a get paid to blog network because most of the time you wonít have to write a blog post. All youíll have to do is to transform any specific keyword (eg. golf clubs) in your blog posts into a link to the advertiserís website. All bloggers will earn $10 per link, regardless of their blog size and reach.

An important point to note is that youíll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which means that you canít disclose that it was a sponsored link. I have blogs in the V7N program and have not received many offers before. Donít count on getting too many assignments.



LinkWorth is a search engine marketing company that offers a variety of monetization options for bloggers. For instance, bloggers can sell contextual links within posts or write sponsored posts on specific topics.

Other interesting methods include rotating ads, in content ppc advertising as well as packaged link ads. LinkWorth gives up to 70% of the revenue for its ads and payments are made monthly through Paypal, check, direct deposit or Wire.

Wordpress Users - Using the Linkworth Plugin is the way to go!


BlogtoProfit allows you to get paid to write blog posts about each sponsorís products/websites. This company doesnít have a user interface or dashboard and there is no marketplace which allows you to pick or choose the offers you want. Iíve tried submitting some blogs to them before but have never gotten response from them at all. It is possible that they are not active anymore.


InBlogAds is a hybrid network that allows you to sell text links as well as blog posts. InBlogAds started quite a while back but seems to have died. Iíve not seen any new offers available and I think they are definitely outclassed by all the other get paid to blog networks.

Although they were one of the first to integrate an advertiser and publisher account within the same dashboard, theyíve definitely fallen behind and dropped out of the race for bloggers and advertisers.

Izea - sponsord posts for twitter and bloggers. what is said here for sponsored posting in your blog is also true for social media sites like myspace, twitter, facebook
go here for more information on sponsored social media posting

Blog Roll Please pays from $20 + per month per link and thats for a lowley pagerank 1 site, any higher and the payments are also higher.
Cool service where you simply place a widget on your site.
Every time the wiget displays you get credits to have your ads shown on other sites.
you also get paid for clicks on your widgets!


There are of course others out there, feel free to try them out but make sure you include the above sites.


RSS Submit
Download RSS Submit - submit your RSS feeds to over 65 sites with one click!

Blog Blaster
Download Blog Blaster - ping your blogs to over 30 blog directories.

Heres some great wordpress plugins

wpsyndicate - automation is the key to efficiency and this plugin will help automate your blogs promotion!



blog Wordpress Plugins blogger Related WordPress Plugins

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