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Classified Ad Directory

Gameznets big list of Free Classified Advertising links, Use these sites to promote your website or offer.
OK I realise some of these may be old and outdated but check them out anyway, I will get around to cleaning this list of any dead links soon.

Hundreds of Free Classified locations and classified ad promotional tools. Check out our main Advertising Page for more effective ways to promote your website or blog and dont forget our informative sections on Articles , blogging and Social Media and press releases

Classified Ads Blaster

The Classified Connection Software, Automatically Posts your ad on 50,000 classified ad sites.

Heres a great way to get amazing classified ad exposure-
This amazing service by NationWide Newspapers can perform anything from ads in a single paper to a blanketing of the entire USA with ads in up to 14 MILLION newspapers!
Visit Nationwide Newspapers

Hot Australian Classified Sites



New! : Buy or sell using Quicksales' classified ads, with items available in almost every category. There are no listing fees or commissions and it's free to advertise

Hot USA Classified Sites

Craigslist Angieslist Oodle
Livedeal Hoobly Backpage
MySpace Classifieds US City    

These are some of the best places on the Internet for advertising free.
Enjoy ! free classified add poster craigs list classified ad poster.
No Charge and No Games. Truly a no gimmicks location. Theres no catch with this automated National Classifieds entry system. All you have to do is select view or post a classified. Then just choose the location and catagory. With over 300 US cities and towns and over 46 categories the site boasts that it is the largest classifieds site on the internet. This site is a Great RESOURCE and Its totally FREE. !

**************************************************** the Grandfather Of Links real marketing Rochester Classifieds 1AmericaMall Free Classifieds 1-Net Free Classified Advanced Ads 900 Classifieds AAA Free Classifieds ABC Ads ABACOM Access Business Online Adds 4 Less (2 - 3 Weeks Free) Advertise-It! Web Classifieds Adweb's QuickLink CybermallClassifieds A.I.B.C. Classifieds AJB Designs Alana's Classified Ads Amateur Radio Classifieds Database Angelfire Apollo Advertising Service APRC Classifieds Arkansas Democratic Gazette Attila Marketing Baber's Global Computer Directory Banana Pages Online Bay Bellingham Classifieds Bestmall Classifieds BizBuySell Biz-Chat Classifieds BizWeb Blue Mountain Internet's Free BMI's Free Internet Classifieds Boston Classifieds Boston-Shopper Advertiser Broadway Marketplace 1 Year Free! Business Assistance Free Business Classifieds Business Marketplace Buy & Sell Buy & Sell Online California Free Classifieds Campus Singles Canada Classifieds The CANLink Directories Capitol Online Web Ads (4 Weeks Free) Car Talk Classifieds ChicagoLand Webvertiser Classic Classifieds Classifieds Classifieds Online ClassiFLYed Ads Classy Classifieds CNA Online Classifieds Collection Connection Bulletin Board System Commerce Corner Compshack's A - Z FREE Classifieds Computer
conentusa.comConnelly Classifieds Con Sabor Latino: Classifieds Coolware Classifieds Cyber-ACTION Wholesale Classifieds CyberCity InfoLink (Canadian Businesses) Cyberfieds (30 Days Free) Cyberland's Classified Ad Cyberspace Marketing Cyber Shopping Centre Cyber Trader Classifieds Dan Bryntze's Free DelNet's Classifieds DesignSphere Online Classifieds DigiWorks Free DollarAds (1 Week Free) DynaWEB GoldGazette The Electric Cargo Entrepreneurs On The Web Everything EZ Plaza Classifieds The Fieds Friends On The Net France Classifieds Free Ad Forum FREE ADS Free Ads '97

MORE FREE AD PLACES Free Bulletin Board Service Free Classifieds Free Cyberfieds Free For All Link Page Free Market on the Web Free Net Classifieds Free New Mexico Free Real Estate Classifieds Freedom Future 2000 Classified Ads
Galaxy Mall Free Galaxy GardenNet
The Geneva International The Globe The Global Online Directory God's FREE Classifieds Heartland Internet Mall HiMall Holton Media Services Hot E-Ad Horsenet Classifieds HouseMart Houston Classifieds Icanect ICE Online Classified Ads IF Classifieds Impact Online Income Development Club Indocon Business Classifieds IndoLink Classified Ad Listings Inet Exchange Infinity Web Free Classifieds InfoDoor Classified Ads InfoGuide Free Classifieds InfoMALL's Free Classifieds InstantAds Classified Ads Interactive Frontier's Classified Internet Arts & Antiques Internet Business Bureau Internet Classifieds Internet Classifieds International Internet Doorway Marketplace The Internet Flea Market The Internet Mall The Internet Resources Ithaca Gateways: JEM Classifieds JLA JWP's World Wide Keystone Marketing The Kingston Net-Times Classifieds Free Internet Lafayette News Louisveille Times
L'Aprina Classifieds Leisure Business Centre Lila Tidningen Classifieds Links Louisiana - Classifieds (Louisiana-Related) Lubbock Mall MagicSearch Market Net MarylandNet|formtype=welcome Masterlink Metro Online Classifieds Micro Images Mid North Coast Internet Minaret MindSpring Murrin Publishing National Internet Source, Inc. NEI Classified Ads Net Connection Radio Show Mall Net Classifieds Net Classifieds net.Genesis NetImages Classifieds Net M Communications Classified Ads NETWorld Marketplace Nightfall Classified Ads No Limits Classified Advertising iMall Internet Advertising Oceana Net The Official Classified Online Exposure Online Providers Ad Bank Ontario Click Classifieds Orlando Business Directory The People's Market Classifieds PG Online Place FreeAds Classifieds Planetary New-Age Planetweb Classifieds Port-Link Classifieds Post A Free Classified Ad Potpourri's Classified Ads (90 Days Free) Powernet, Inc.'s Free Classifieds Progressive Possibilities Public Service Announcements Quick-Checks Free Classifieds Rainbow Classifieds Roman's Web The Russian Bazaar Classifieds San Antonio Personals San Diego Classifieds Online (2 Weeks Free) Santa Barbara Sawgrass Classifieds SemiWeb Classifieds Free Listing Seniors Online Job Bank Services/Opportunities Ad Placement Shoppersmart Classifieds Southwest Advertiser Classified SPlusnet Classifieds Street Metal Talbot Marketing Tim's Free Classified Ads Top 50 Classifieds Total Success Solutions, Inc. Trash and Treasures Classifieds Tri-Cities Business Directory UC Classifieds UK Classifieds(4 Weeks Free) ValueCom Virtual Classifieds Virtual Adnet Free Classifieds Wealth Creation Center Web hk WebMall Classifieds Web Trader Classifieds Web Ventures Free WidoWeb WorldPort Classifieds WorldWide Classifieds WWW Classifieds WWWebBuyer XSO Classifieds(South Florida)

Classified Ad Networks
Here's a quick manual method to submit your classified ad to 95,246 websites in just a few minutes! This directory is a listing of large classified ad networks. Each network consists of thousands of individual classified ad sites (the actual number is shown in parenthesis). Here's the really cool part: Submitting your ad to one of these networks will get your ad onto all sites in the network! For example, go to AdLandPro and submit your ad one time, and it will appear on all 12,898 sites in the AdLandPro network!

MegaResponse Classifieds 37,020 sites
AdLand Pro 12,898 sites
AdMaxPro Classifieds 21,093 sites
FFALinksRule Classifieds 6,018 sites
Ads-4-Free Classifieds 5,350 sites
FreeAd Central Classifieds 6,224 sites
Visual Adz classifieds 2,059 sites
HitResponse classifieds 2,477 sites
Ad Power classifieds 2,107 sites

Important: Do not use your real email address when submitting to these classifed networks.
Doing so will result in you getting loads of junkmail/spam in the future.

Instead, use a junkmail email address such as a dedicted hotmail or Gmail account.
For information on how to obtain a free email account and set it up to receive and clean your junkmail,


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Download classified wordpress plugins classified related WordPress Plugins






Even More Classifieds!

1 America Mall
1st Place Classified Ads
1st Place To Look Classifieds

1st Place Classified Ads

A World Of Classifieds
AAHP Classifieds
Accusubmit Free Classifieds
Ad Update Free Classifieds
AdsbyNet (fee for commercial ads)
Admatic - Free Classified Ads
Aernst TDG Classifieds
Akron Free Classifieds
AlamoNet Free Classifieds
Alaskan Explorer Classifieds
Albany Free Classifieds
Alpha-Beta Free Classified Ads
Amcho Classifieds Ads
America's #1 Free Classifieds

Barns Sides Free Classifieds
Best Mall
Big Support Classifieds
Black Hills Free Classifieds
Blue Mountain Internet's Free Ads
Bob's Free Ads

Calcutta Free Classifieds
California Classified Ads
Capital Connections
Carsan TDG Classifieds
CashQuest Free classifieds
CG Mall Classifieds
City Auctions
Classifieds For Free
Clockwatcher's Classifieds
Coastal Visions Classifieds
Canada Affiliate Ads
Cash Surf Plus
Cincinnati Free Classifieds
Classified Club Classifieds
Classified Paper
Classifieds 1000
Classifieds For Free
ComCorner Classifieds

Denver Online Classifieds
Derricks Free ads!

e-Ventures On-line Marketplace
Earn To Shop Classified Ads
Everyday Business Online Free Business Ads

Family Entertainment Network's Free Classified Ads
Favorite Mall Classifieds
Feelme7x Free Classifieds
Food Service Free Classifieds: (Food Service/Restaurant Only)
Free Advertising For All Home Businesses
Free Classifed Ads by
Full Disclosure Classified Ads
Find-it Classifieds
FreeBee Classifieds
Free Ads ProSubmissions
Free Boulevard
Free Garage Sale
FreePromotion 1000+

General Bazaar
Get Real Productions Free Classifieds
Global Health Trax Classifieds
GPegg Group Free Classifieds
Gold Mining Free Classifieds
Great Bend Classifieds

Headland Advantage Free Classifieds
Healthcare Mall Classifieds
Hong Kong Ads

In Vancouver - Classified Listings
Internet Business And Opportunity Directory
In The World Classifieds
IVCS Classified Ads
IIAS Free Classifieds
InfoPoint Free Classified Ads

JEM Classifieds

KIS Group, Inc. Free Classifieds

Lynx Direct Classifieds
LookSmart Classifieds

Magic Mirror Free Ads
Maine Classified Ad
Metro Online
Murrin Publishing Classified Ads
MelaJohn Classifieds

NMB's WWW Classifieds
NS Online - Nova Scotia, Canada
Nelson Publications Online Classifieds
New Quest City National Classifieds
Night Owl Classifieds
Net Nickel
New Times Classifieds

One Stop Mall
One Classifieds

Pros Ads Free Classifieds

Quest Classifieds

RDO Technologies Free Classifieds
RLAJ.COM Free Classifieds Ads
RealMarketing Classifieds (One month free)

Save Easy Classified Ads
Sell Or Trade Free Classifieds's Free Classifieds
Santa Clarita Free Classifieds
Search Mode
Sunny Side Ads

The Best Place to Search Classifieds
The Classified Ad Manager
The Inet Exchange Free Classifieds
The Marketing Resource Info Center
The Natural Connection Classifieds
Tiger Ads
Trafficman Classifieds
The adnet
The Natural Connection Classifieds
The Torinfo Classifieds

Wave3 Tech Classifieds
WebMasters.CC - Submit FREE Classifieds
Websitings Free Classifieds
Webovations Free Ads
Western Web
Working Online
World Classifieds
WorldMarket Global Classifieds
Web Commerce Virtual Classifieds
West Essex Free Classifieds
Where2Go Classifieds

Yahoo! Classifieds
Your Business On The Net Free Ads


Want to Geo target your Classified advertisments?
United Kingdom Classifieds
Canada Classifieds
Australia Classifieds
New Zealand Classifieds
Singapore Classifieds
Malaysia Classifieds
Hong Kong Classifieds
Hong Kong Ads
- heres a new submitter that sends to 500+ classified locations.
I have not yet tried it out but I am interested to know how it does.



Ezines are also a great place to send your ads!

Download Ezine blaster from our download section to reach thousands of Ezines with your ads

College Newspapers

College Newspapers Offers the greatest reach, frequency, cost efficiency and flexibility. 12,000,000 Students Inserts and Custom Publishing Create unique media vehicles that captures students' attention and utilize the best-read medium on campus. 12,000,000 Students Campus Postering Cost-effective, grass-roots method of reaching college students on their own bulletin boards. 10,000,000 Students 1,400 Campuses Newspaper Distribution Stands Large four-color creative in uncluttered environment; highest traffic locations on campus. 3,000,000 Students 225 Campuses

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Another Gameznet Site


Free TrafficCheck Out My Blog
Internet Money Game
Money Blog

Andrew McMullen
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