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Clickbank Overview and Tutorial Clickbank
Clickbank Tools and Resources brought to you by Gameznet

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate networks online!

JOIN Clickbank Here is an incredible sales and marketing service allowing anybody to start making money as an affiliate or selling their own products and services as a clickbank merchant with an army of very dedicated super affiliates actively searching for new and exciting niche products to promote. While it is primarly set up for digitaly delivered products it is also popular for subscriptions and membership based sales. Clickbank is also in my opinion one of the safest places to buy any digital product and has the best merchant facility for vendors to distribute their products, courses, videos and memberships since it instantly exposes new products to thousands of eager affilites who cant wait to find their ideal niche items to drive traffic to and generate sales for you and commisions for them.

Clickbank enables you to promote THOUSANDS of internet based products and services. There are some absolutely AWESOME resources available to help clickbank affiliates and merchants and clickbanks customer services is second to none. Here I will bring you just a few tips and tools but the best way to learn about Clickbank is to join for FREE and simply follow their online guides to set yourself up as a Clickbank Affiliate and if you have anything to sell online either now or in the future you can easily yourself as a Clickbank vendor.


Now the single most important thing about Clickbank for buyers of digital products in my opinion is the "ease and speed of refund processing" which effectively enables you to safely check out ANY PRODUCT sold through Clickbank so you can purchase it, give it a try and if for any reason whatsoever you are not happy or do not want to keep it simply get a FULL REFUND because it is sold using Clickbank and Clickbank Vendors MUST provide a 60 Day refund which is completely administered by Clickbank and not the vendor.

Let's face it since anybody can make and sell digital products it goes without saying that there are some real duds and let downs out there that just don't live up to their own sales hype or deliver anything like what they promise so it is inevitable that you will come across digital products and services that will disapoint you and you won't want to keep them. Which is precisely why you should find things to purchase through Clickbank rather than other services where the vendors themselves decide if they are going to give you a refund or not. When you buy software or services through Clickbank you can rest assured knowing that any product you pay money for is GAURANTEED and that you simply cannot be ripped off.

I have tried many Clickbank Handled Programs and Products over the years and have been happy with most that I purchase however there are many that just did not live up to their own sales hype or dissapointed me for some reason and so I have also made many refund requests for items I was not entirely happy with. During this time NOT ONCE have I had a single problem getting a Fast and Timely Refund from Clickbank so there really is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to NOT give any Clickbank Product you find Interesting a try.

How to Get a Refund From Clickbank

To Get a Refund you simply need your Order Number and PayPal transaction if paid for by PayPal or your Order Number and the last few digits of your Credit Card if you paid by Credit Card.

Then just visit the following URL and complete your details
selecting refund from the options...

This Policy Protects Everyone including Clickbank, Customers and Yes even the Vendors who don't have to personaly deal with unhappy customers or refund requests but who do still have the oportunity to contact their customers and see if they can assist them even after a refund has been processed.

Clickbank is not only one of the most successful and popular affiliate programs online used by millions due to its ease of use but it is also one of the best ways to collect Credit Card or PayPal payments for your own internet based products and services as a Clickbank Merchant. As a merchant your products are also instantly available to the massive army of Clickbank affiliates eager to promote it for you!

Clickbank has a very simple signup process. Linking to any of the hundreds of products is also easy and their are many scripts available for free online that allow you to build an entire Clickbank shopping cart or search engine very quickly. Clickbank is an excellent choice for potential merchants looking for a good affiliate manager or an affiliate looking for great e-products.


As a Clickbank affiliate there are rules that you should be aware of in particular the Clickbanks own Affiliate Do's and Don'ts

Clickbank Referral Links
If you have a clickbank account already you can start
promoting Clickbank Products

The basic structure to build a link to any clickbank item is:
Replace XXXXX with your clickbank ID
Replace VVVVV with the VENDORS ID
It's that simple!

If you want to add tracking code to the hop link just add it like this:
& tid=YYYYY

YYYYY can be whatever you want it to be

If the vendor has multiple products youcan add a product ID that looks something like this:
?pid=2 or ?pid=3 etc

which gives you this:

So if we had a hoplink to a vendors second item with a tracking code it would look something like this:


So you have joined Clickbank to Make Money as an affiliate and now what?

Well First off , you need to decide what products to promote
some handy sites for monitoring what is hot at Clickbank.

Most items I have purchased from clickbank are listed in my reviews section have been purchased through Clickbank- my main reason for having purchased so many clickbank products is that I feel totaly safe purchasing a clickbank product due to the Iron Clad Refund Policy which I have used many times after a disapointing purchase.

How to make money with these Clickbank Products?

Well thats a BIG QUESTION with a lot of BIG ANSWERS , Far beyond the scope of this short article about clickbank. But There Are good Answers - browse around the rest of this website and you will find all kinds of ways to make money and generate traffic, I would sugest starting with Article Marketing , I have also had some good results using the Safelist and TE Exchange strategies.
Basically it depends on what you feel is right for you but there are many answers found all through it this site. Further sugested reading would be backlinks and the information and tools I have listed for Video Marketing, but look around and check out all the sections to pick out various things that appeal to you such as blogging, SEO, Social Networking and the list goes on...

Automated software systems are really hot right now and offer the quickest way to get going but be sure you are familiar with Article marketing and do some article submissions before you use them as done incorrectly you will waist a lot of time and end up with a lot of junk articles getting rejected and accounts closed for abuse or poor quality submissions, ive been there when I first tried these software items, they have improved a lot since those days though.

To get yourself started in learning about all the different possibilities and strategies you can use the drop down menus at the top of this page to browse around.

In closing this page keep in mind that clickbank can make you a lot of money as an affiliate but there is no Get Rich Quick instant millionaire method that will make you an internet entrepeneur with overnight success. Just like Clickbank itself all of the methods mentioned are important components and strategies to be used for playing the Internet Money Game and they take time and persistance to master.

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