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What is CPA

A CPA network is basically an Affiliate Network with one major difference to those listed in our affiliate network and single Affiliate Program Pages.
CPA stands for Cost Per Action and as an affiliate rather than being paid a commission on a sale you help generate you are paid for different Actions that visitors take such as filling out a form (lead generation) or taking an online suryey, downloading something, taking up a trial offer etc .

CPA Networks

Hard to get accepted

The main thing with CPA networks is that they can be quite hard to get accepted into as they want experienced affiliate marketers with an established history and verifiable traffic stats and preferr that you have done CPA marketing already with another network. some of the affiliate networks offer CPA offers such as shareasale and commission monster so you can cut your teeth on them and once you know what your doing and have a plan you can approach any CPA networks that may have already refused your entry. Its actually a good thing for the networks to reject people that they dont feel are suitable so dont feel bad if you get rejected, just keep building yourself up and try again later. Even though they are quite hard to get accepted into its well worth it if you do get in but you should be competent at promoting affiliate offers before your try. CPA networks are usually the best paying affiliate networks to join.
What is CPA/CPL?
Cost per aquisition (CPA)(or sometime action) - Cost per lead (CPL): With CPA campaigns, you earn commissions based upon visitors to your website clicking on an ad, arriving at the campaigns landing page and completing the signup form. For you to receive credit for these types of visitors they usually must complete the entire process of completeing a form and get to the final thank you page.
What is CPC?
Cost per click (CPC): With CPC you basically earn a commission just for providing a link which visitors on your web site or subscribers of your newsletter can "click on" which will take them to the landing page of an offer.
You are paid a fee for every verified visitor to the landing page that comes from from your link.
Clickbooth has a range of CPA and CPC offers for affiliates. Its a pretty tough network to get accepted into, they keep rejecting me but oh well theres plenty more around ;)
Eagle Web Assets
ewa is also a great network for finding CPA offers to promote but again quite hard to get accepted into. Blam Ads is another great CPA affiliate network which is a bit easier to get accepted into than those above. A good one to start out with.


Here is a list of many CPA and CPV networks.

7 search
Adscend media
AffiliatePaying *
Co Prosper
cobra leads,
CPAaddict *
CPA Empire
CX Digital (Incentaclick)
Intermark Media
Lazy Profits
Market Leverage
Offervault *
PrimaryAds CPV traffic - Great Traffic to promote your CPA Offers!

DirectCPVdirectcpv is a great place to buy traffic too.

* DENOTES that it is a network which manages a range of cpa sites

I will come back to this page soon and link them all in, I will also write about those ones that I have
joined and a bit about how I rate them.


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Also check out some tips on Video Marketing!
What Others are saying about CPA Networks
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Having lots of cool offers to promote is great but how can you manage promoting and managing
all of them efficiently. The answer is once again quilre simple really Use Automation!

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The CPA affiliate neworks listed above can be difficult to join, if your having trouble getting accepted perhaps you should try promiting some normal affiliate networks for a while first, build up your sites traffic and generate sales so that when you apply to these networks you have some good statistics to show them.
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