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Submit Your Site To Directories

Local Business Directories are a good way to get more traffic to your site but what are the best directories and how should you use them for maximum benefit in 2014 and beyond?

Submitting your site to directories to gain new backlinks which helps search engines find you and boosts your traffic is one way to build some quick backlinks to your site and as with links from forums and blogs you can do a search for category related directories for your websites specific niches eg "keyword directory" or "keyword directories" but if you are trying to boost traffic to a legitimate local business website you should look for local business directories to get listed in before wasiting your time building other kinds of backlinks. The goal should be more than just getting a link to your site but rather to have a list of quality established directories "promoting" actual business and services or products with the backlink and citation being more a less a beneficial side affect of having some quality local business directory listings.
For most of the directories I have listed below I have linked directly to the signup page as finding where to list your business can be a pain sometimes especially when you want to manually go through as many different directories as possible.

Top Australian Directories | Australian Small Business Directories | Australian Review Directories | State Specific

Top USA Directories | USA Small Business Directories | USA Review Directories

International Directories

Business Directories and How To Use Them

Directories are a great way to get your site listed and seen by real people who use them to find goods and services as well as to gain some traffic from search engine spiders who visit them thus gaining your website the SEO benefit of a backlink which really does help more search engines discover more of your content. Listing in directories is pretty simple, just visit the directory site and sign up then add your business details and link back to your main business website. The important thing to remember is to keep your information consistant across the various directories that you submit to and always pick the most relevant category for your business and websites niche or content. If your going to list your site in directories then it is worth taking the time to do it properly becasue having quality local business listings is far more beneficial than have lots of ireleveant and poorly completed listings which could end up havinge the reverse effect of what you are trying to achieve when google cant make head or tail of what those sites are linking too and why then gives the link or worse your whole site a negative black mark. So accept that it will take a while to build things up and just do a few directories each day or every other day. Although tedious, you will get better long term results by hand submitting your business website correctly to a range of different directories rather than using mass submission tools of any kind. You could outsource the work however nobody will do a better job than yourself because you know your business best and you will care more about the quality of the information that you submit amd where you submit it too than any cheap international web worker will!


Local Business Directories

DONT FREAK OUT, Take your time while submitting to local business directories and remember quality over quantity

The best advice I can give is simply take your time and be prepared before you start, make sure your site is complete and ready, meaning "it looks and feels finished" and that you have done your onsite SEO then keep an excel spreadsheet and notepad notes with your business information already written up, have your images ready, your titles, keywords , opening hours etc and vary your description texts across different directories a little but not too much so that your various listing profiles are consistant.
As you complete the first few listings keep a record in a seperate spreadsheet listing all of the directory sites you have listed in, your login details and the link to your completed listing. Good preperation and record keeping will make things flow a lot easier for you. Dont rush it, Bookmark this page or add it to your favorite social media sites and come back regular to move on to the next directory.

Being located in Australia and wanting to keep a list of local business directorires for my own purposes I have seperated various Australian directories first however in the lists to follow I have plenty of US local business directories that we Aussies should consider as well as any other english speaking countries such as NZ and the UK. But first here are the Australian Specific Directories.

Top Australian Directories
Google Business | first step and a "must do" for any legit businesses
Yellow Pages | Best free profile and gets you in the yellow pages directory book but paid listings are over priced
White Pages | the free listing also gets you listed in the yearly book
Hotfrog | this directory gets good traffic and the listing will have a positive impact on your backlink SEO profile
Start Local | This australian business pages directory has really improved their SEO benefits start local login
Truelocal | local business directory covers everything from Trades and Building Construction to Pet Shops and Medical Centres
Truelocal took over citysearch and now was recently aquired by sensis
AussieWeb | worth it for the link and citation


Top Australian Local Business Directories
Flying Solo | Active Community and great info for new business startups
bizzbuzz | nice and active good for new startups to get involved in | trades and services business directory offfering free business listing | for local tradies this is a good directory to list in
Dlook | they have lots of pages listed in google so its worth creating a profile for local citations and a backlink.
yalwa | Has over 1300000 local businesses listed in the business directory Australia with ratings, map and address
nationwide business directory | Business Directory, Established in 1989 provides all the vital information and contact details for business's | Simple, get a free business listing here with a Google friendly full page business profile.
Australian Business Pages Directory | straight forward, just list your business | results based quoting, people search for quotes, you provide them.
Service Seeking | A rising star - focused on results driven services so you pay for actual leads
Oneflare |A hybrid directory and quote marketplace. Similar to Service Seeking | another results based quoting directory |provides advertising opportunities to all major sectors of business in Australia | Featuring small business, home business and enterprise business operating in Australia


Top Australian Review Directories
Yelp Australia | most active reviewers |reviews product and services
Of course dont forget Google Business is also a review engine


Australian State Specific Directories

West Australian Directories- Perth WA | New West Aussie business directory started in 2014


Next we have the Top US Directories.
As I mentioned above many of these are also good for Australian, NZ, UK and any english speaking players for that matter to list in I advise you go through them all no matter where your locale is and list in the ones that are most suitable.
There are also several sites that are listed here which are not US specific at all such as facebook, youtube and linkedin but htese are some of the most beneficial places to be listed so of course those are must do no matter what country your business is in.

Top USA Directories to list in

Top USA Local Business Directories


Top USA Review Directories
Yelp | most active reviewers
Of course dont forget Google Business which was formally google places is also a review engine



A few More International Directories

It doesn't matter what country you are in you can list your website in these international directories.

Click my Brick Directory


Some other types of directories are known as FFA sites (free For All Link Sites) these were popular in the late 90s and early 2000's but google condiders them spam and new google algorythm changes have pretty much made them redundant and likley to get you delisted for spamming if you do hit them hard nowadays- If you are going to use them then the same rules still apply as with forums, keep your posting to a minamum and only target FFA sites that you can find within google searches sticking to closely related categories for your keywords. see a list of FFA sites here

One More Important Directory to submit your site to:

DMOZ or the Open Directory Project is still a HIGHLY DESIRED MUST HAVE LINK but its very hard to get listed in. Make sure your site is ready and complete as real people review every site submitted and your category needs to be highly accurate. A lot of search engines still use the DMOZ directory so it is worth the effort to get so definately worth submitting although dont hold your breath as the review process can take months to years depending on the category you are selecting and of course the individual reviewer.



Of course there are many more directories online and new ones pop up all the time, I have tried to list only those that have a consistant track record and been around for a while, I have also made sure that at the very least every one listed is found in Google and has a good google trust rating so there will be no negative impact if you take the time to list yourself in all of them.

Of course dont forget or leave out the Organic Search Engines and there is further information on getting more Backlinks Here

Important tip: Always be sure you have done some good on page SEO on your sites and pages before you start submitting them!


Heres a Related Local Business Video From Youtube

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Today I revamped an article I have about the best local business directoriesto be listed in. Its Called Top Business Directories and How to Use Them.

What Others are Saying about Local Business Directories
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Well that's it for now on using directory listing and thanks for checking out Directories and how to use them :)




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