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What are Ecurrencies?

Here is where I keep a list of the ecurrencies I use, I have a big lists of ones I have used and discarded which should be avoided but haven't decided if I will post about them here yet.

So what is an e-currency?
The " E" in e-currency simply stands for "electronic"
Which basically means that the currency is used to transfer payments across the internet. There are a lot of great benefits to using e-currency services like e-gold and paypal online.
1.The e-currency funds can be sent to anybody on the internet and used by commercial applications such as shopping carts. e-currencies like e-gold are also very popular for making various investments online especially in the Forex and Currency exchange markets.

2.E - currency services such as Paypal and AlertPay provide people with or without credit cards the ability to make payments to litterly thousands of individuals, merchants, vendors and services even if they do not have an account themselves so having accounts in these e-currency payment methods gives you more options other than just your credit or debit cards as your payment methods on the internet. We all know that there exists a big risk when providing credit card information to strangers and online is even riskier since anybody can set up a website and look like a legitimate merchant but using PayPal and AlertPay offers you additional layers of protection and removes the need to enter your credit card details into online forms.

3.These ecurrency payment services provide both the buyers and merchants a convenient and safe way to send and receive payments online and they are very quick and easy to use. None of the payment methods in the world right now can provide the kind of efficiency that these services can provide.

Types of eCurrency
There are two kinds of e-currencies online.The major difference is how they are backed.

1) the first kind is backed by precious metals such as e-gold which is backed by actual gold bullion. Digital Gold Currencies (DGCs) like e-gold, intgold and more are a form of Internet money denominated in gold weight at the current market value.
The typical unit of account for such currencies is the gold gram or the troy ounce, although other units such as the gold dinar are sometimes used.Due to its rarity and durability, gold has long been used as a means of payment.The exact nature of the evolution of money varies significantly across time and place,though it is believed by historians that gold's high value for its utility,density,resistance to corrosion,uniformity,and easy divisibility made it useful both as a store of value and as a unit of account for stored value of other kinds.In Babylon,a bushel of wheat was the unit of account,with a weight in gold used as the token to transport value.
2) The other type of e-currency is backed by hard currency such as is the case with AlertPay and Paypal. Just like the Gold backed Digital Currencies hard cash backed digital currencies must be backed by actual funds with most of those currencies being backed in USD and EURO for example Paypal,NetPay,EMO,and Stormpay.

Pros and Cons of different types of ecurrency
Hard Currency is widely used across the net as a medium for internet related commercial actions such as with online shopping sites. This provides both the users and the merchants with low fee, quick, simple and safe ways of transacting rather than having to provide and process credit cards which is why many merchants choose to use Cash Backed e-Currencies like PayPal.

However Some Cash Backed e-currencies have been restricted in certain regional areas as defined by the currency which they choose to be backed.
The reason for this is the floating character of exchange rate between the hard currency and the local currency used by the regional internet user. For example, an internet user living in Japan may lose money when processing the currency exchange from USD to JPY if he does not watch out the international economics careful enough.
Several ecurrency companies which are backed by hard currencies like USD have become big giants because they have the market for user numbers to make this kind of currency popular enough to be used by millions online.For example PayPal .But no one can guarantee if Paypal can do the same job in future hard currencies such as RMB in China if Paypal does not provide a RMB base payment service.

As the exponential expansion of internet economical applications grows the use of ecurrencies will continue to trend in the coming future just like credit card applications did before. However there is no unified defination to the ecurrency service industries so for example will we define a ecurrency company as a bank ing service or just a finacial service firm? For the time being this question remains a bit of a gray area.


The following ecurrencies are the most widely used and popular services which have formed to globaly provide the best coverage and will give you the ability to transact in most locations across the planet whether you are considering setting yourself up as a merchant or simply holding an account so that you can iliminate or reduce the need to use a credit card. The resources here are chosen for their profesionalism, ease of use and ease of understanding.

For playing the Internet Money Game you will want to have accounts in each of the following e-currencies so that you can be paid by practically anyone online. These are the most popular and widely used currencies and you will find these particular payment systems coming up a lot during your internet money game.

If your just starting your adventure into the money game online then you really should open free accounts in each of them and get them verified now before you actually need them so that they are ready for you.
(All are free to join)

E-gold is money backed by actual gold bullion.
Many finance related programs use egold such as forex and trading sites as do many traffic exchanges.

Money Bookers

Payments to and from your bank account.
Quick transactions, can add credit card or bank account.

payments to and from your bank account.
Quick transactions, can add credit card or bank account.
Join Alert Pay - Popular with many affiliate programs

payments to and from your bank account. Quick transactions, can add credit card or bank account.

If you need to fund your egold and other gold based ecurrencies or want to retrieve funds from egold to your normal bank account or a debit card then you must use a third party service since egold can only be transfered between people but not aquired directly from e-gold.
The best service that I have found over the past 10 years for this is the highly recommend services of:
Eforex Gold online e-currency exchange
e-Forex Gold

They are the one currency exchange that I have come to trust over a period of 10 years while I have been ripped of when using many others. e forex Gold can be completely trusted and their transactions are always fast and pain free. They operate a very profesional operation from Australia and are quick and professional with all international transactions.

Once you have eegold funds in your e-gold account you can start investing e-gold for greater returns.


Join egoldOpen your FREE e-gold account here!
The first thing you will need in order to trade markets like forex exchanges online or to start small playing the online money market is your own e-gold account.
egold is an electronic currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by real gold bullion in allocated storage. E-gold is the most widely used gold curreny online and is accepted by thousands of merchants for goods and services. Just refer people you want to conduct transactions with to e-gold and you can start trading with anybody, anywhere, anytime. Instant real time transactions, NO PROCESSING TIME and fees much lower than typical bank transfers or credit card transactions. Thousands of websites and merchants are now accepting e-gold and other e-currencies as payment options for a huge variety of products and services and there are hundreds of investment programs, gold games, High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPS) and virtual stock market systems online where you can turn a small amount of e-gold into a very large amount of real gold or cash in your own currency. Click the e-gold logo above to create your own FREE e-gold account before you continue and get your account set up.
E-gold also has an incentive program so you can earn e-gold by referring people to the service 0.25% of the fee (up to 12.5 cents (US$-equivalent) worth of e-metal) will be credited to the account of the person or company who originally referred the payer to egold, 0.25% of the fee (up to 12.5 cents worth) will go to whoever originally referred the payee to egold, The e-metal payment processing fee is divided up. It remains 1%, in metal, deducted from payee, subject to a maximum of 50 cents (US$-equivalent) worth of e-metal… a fraction of what credit card companies charge.

When you own e-gold, you own REAL GOLD, there is a weight in actual gold bullion held in vaults for every gram of e-gold. It is the ownership of the gold held in the vaults that is being transferd NOT the actual Physical gold. You can however redeem your e-gold for actual gold and have it shipped to you if you wish at any time.

Using e-currencies such as e-gold opens up the whole world to you and when you require fast transactions for currency, shares and commodity trading e-gold is the best way to go. The Internet abounds with gold games and investment programs that deliver high returns. Where there is high returns to be made there often also mean high risks are involved. However you can minimise your risk by following the guides and reviews I provide in this site for various programs I have reviewed.

Over the years I have joined many gold and investment programs and lost a small fortune but I have also found some real gems which I will add to my site in the future. Keep an eye on and you will be able to find out which programs are paying me a return and which ones are discovered to be problematic or scams. Join the programs that I and others are having success with and you too can benefit from our past experiences.

How Do You obtain e-currency funds to get started with online investments?
You cannot actually buy most e-currencies from the services themselves, They are simply the people you conduct your financial transactions through, very much like you do with traditional Banks. You can only make transactions with e-currencies that you have held within your ecurrency accounts. So in order to use your ecurrency accounts for investing you will need to first fund your new accounts.

There are 3 main ways to fund your E-currency accounts:

  1. Accepting payments for whatever reason, perhaps you get paid a commission from an affiliate program or have an online store or service where you accept ecurrencies as a payment option for selling your products or info.
  2. The second is by purchasing or "exchanging" e-currencies with a broker.
  3. The third way is to generate the funds you need by working for it online. This is a good option if you do not have any spare money at the moment which you can use to invest. One of the best ways to do this is using Paid traffic exchanges which you can start right now for free and begin building your funds over a period of time working towards generating multiple income streams. The CashGenerator System can be a lucrative source of e-gold as all payments are made with e-gold.

Once you have obtained ecurrency funds you can then send those funds to work for you by investing in various Investments

WARNING Note: I do NOT recommend most egold games, bubbles, money doublers etc as anyone can buy the scripts for them online and therfore there are more scams out there than real bonafide programs. Please stick to those that are proven, recommended and well known, don't do what many people do or have done (myself included) and join a bunch of sites promising huge returns or you will likely loose more money than you can spare! Any program I have listed in the Investments section has been tried and tested by myself but please do "your own due dillegence" by searching scam and watchdog sites on google before investing funds in any new program you find online.
After all the idea is to MAKE MONEY not loose it.


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For merchants I have also written about online payment processors that are great if your limited in funds and cannot or do not wish to use a credit card processing company such as your local bank which are often come with profit killing fees.

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