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Short List of Website Flipping Sites

flippa.com probably the largest marketplace for buing and selling websites, domains and Apps
charges a listing fee and then %10 fee on domains sold

websitebroker.com/ Good place to start with websites from $30

Dealasite – Established websites for sale. It’s free to buy and sell a website or domain name at DealASite.com!

Buysellwebsites – one of the good places to sell your website. It’s currently being redesigned.

Eflipp – really nice and useful website flipping marketplace. I think that this website deserves more attention, can and will become leader in buying and selling websites really fast. Check it out and tell me your opinion

empireflippers.com – They have an established blog, podcast, and a free eBook called Building A Niche Site Empire that you can download and get started with.
feinternational.com – Previously known as Flipping Enterprises, FE International regularly lists sites that are on the higher-end. Their sites range from $50K-$2MM.

QuietLight Brokerage – These guys operate in the very high-end. Look at their listing page and you’ll see sites in the six and seven-figure ranges. Definitely not for beginners, but they are an option.

buysellwebsite.com crappy old looking site but then again its been around a while so maybe worth a look see.
The sites seem slightly overvalued though.

businessesforsale.com Another case of finding the diamonds amongst the dirt, but BFS offers a fair selection of established and higer tier sites for sale.


Digital Point Forums Previously better, DPF has since become inundated with listing spam, which isnt aided by their failure to seperate people selling websites from those buying websites. Nonetheless, you can still find decent early stage websites for sale here often with terrible content (think autoblog heaven) but decent rankings in the SERPs and some Page Rank.

ebay.com Of course dont forget about ebay, there are a lot of websites for sale there

See Also our artile about Domain Names and Domain Flipping


Helpful Resources

http://99designs.com.au get graphics custom designed for your site. Works like a revers auction, you post your graphic requirements "competition" and designers try and outdo each other, you pick the best and yay..


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