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Html Tricks and Tips

Html Tips and Tricks
This page will soon be poplutated with a tonne of HTML Tips and Tricks really here for newbie webmasters and budding website designers. I am no authority and by any means as I am always learning but will link to some real authorites and share some things I have picked up over the years. I'll be including some html resources, tools and references to sites that provide fantstic html tips, tricks and tools to help you get your site designed or setup the way you want it. The html resources found here will be suitable for both newbies and profesionals to use as a resource or for learning and discovering more about what can be done on a html based website and the best ways to go about it.


Need help with your htaccess file?
check these links out:

From Java script kit - htaccess tips and how to's

From Ask Apache

Mod_Rewrite Tips and Tricks
Crazy Advanced Mod_Rewrite
THE Ultimate Htaccess
THE Mod_Rewrite Cheatsheet:


JavaScript Over Load

These days a lot of javascript is used on websites for various reasons, whether its adding google analytics and other tracking codes or social media like buttons etc. All these bits of code can really impact on your page loading.

I found a great article with some information about how to speed things up here:

This post may also help:

Ask and Expert

Ask and Expert

When you dont have the answers and you can find them with a search just ask: is a great site for getting straight answers to questions about html, javascript and other techie stuff.


Where'd That Widget Come From?

Have you seen a widget you liked and wondered where it came from?
Are you looking for a particular widget for a service or site but not sure where to find them...
Here are a few great widget sites that might set up up in the right direction. Find all sorts of widgets here for many services from


Do you need to convert a charactor into acscii code?
If so then you need this:


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Download html wordpress plugins html related WordPress Plugins

More Cool Stuff Coming Next Update!

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