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Creating your own images for Internet marketing and posting them on photo sharing is a fun and not so hard way of getting your brand out there AND or selling your work graphics online. Images can be used to deliver great impact whether its on a website, blog or any other form of advertising. They say a picture can tell a thousand workds and Images really can convey emotion and get a point across a lot quicker than blocks of text can so its important for any online marketer to have some idea of how to create basic images. Images are not always just to make things look pretty but also great for actual content with text and visials to be used for introductions, headings and headers, footers, testimonials, messages, demonstrations, advertisments, screenshots, banners, splash pages and more. Images are not only used for web graphics but also can be photos and animations which can add power and style to just about anything.

On this page you will find the image and photo tools to help you start using graphics and images in your sites, blogs and online marketing which can help you do better when you are Playing to Win the Internet Money Game.


Getting Image Content

Content is king and images can help give your boring text pages some more content to interest your viewers, You can start a Photo Gallery for your visitors or just use them to ad impact and convey feelings, the point is that a few images can make a site more sticky so adding images and photos to your website or blog can only be a good thing.
With the popularity of photo and image sharing sites and resources such as google images it is a relatively quick and easy to find and locate niche images that you can use on your website but its probably a much better idea to create your own whenever possible.

You don't have to be an expert graphic artist to make or edit your own graphics since there also many sites where you can download free public domain clipart, icons, photos, logos, templates, animated gifs in a whole range of formats, styles and sizes available. You can also buy images or outsource the creation of image content. Theres litterly a tonne of ways to get and use images on your sites that will make them so much more interesting than just a boring old text page.

Free graphic tools for Internet Marketers. Images and photo sharing sites are a powerful way to spread your message and get personal with your websites audience or customers. there are many free graphic tools both in the form of software and online tools that dont require any downloading or installing and will enable you to make great looking banners, buttons and splashpages for promoting anything you want. Free templates get you started and free image editing tools make it easy to change and manipulate your pictures easily and quickly. Free online graphic tools are a great way to get started in your not that familiar with image editing.

I recently added a post to content resources over at my blog listing over 50+ resources for getting free stock images.

Heres an Excerpt:

50 Sites for Royalty Free Stock Images
Find Royalty Free Stock Images

content/uploads/4063514462_87fb39d6c5_m1.jpg" alt="4063514462_87fb39d6c5_m" width="240" height="160" />

If you like Web Design, you probably use a lot of stock images in your designs.

The following article is a list of 50 Plus websites that provide free, open-source or stock images and photography to help you get images and create stunning designs without spending a cent. : Lots of images, orgnized in different galleries. Dexhaus

content/50-sites-for-royalty-free-stock-images.html">Continue reading



Create and Edit Your Own Images

How to Create Your Own Images Quickly without any necesary skills,
courses or training on confusing software.

Its really not hard and you can get great results with minimum technical skill. Depending on your site and niche you dont have make super high quality images however with the right tools at your disposal YOU CAN create some really cool profesional looking graphics in next to no time that will help you make more money online. Great if you need banners, buttons and splash pages etc - Do it Yourself Advertising Design!

Grab this Kool Eb-ook to learn what you can do with AdKreator~!


Instant Banner Creator
Get Instant Banner Creator FREE Today!

This is cool for creating Splash Pages

Boxed Art
download one of these great Freeware Graphic Tools. Many to choose from All Free.


Here are some of the best Free Online Graphic Tools Available: Make cool Banners quickly with the banner fans free online banner maker heres a great free online tool for resizing images and creating profile pictures for your social profiles. is a Free Online Logo Designer where you can create your own logo, buttons and more. You can tehn use the logos you make on your website. is a complete online image editing suite providing some really cool tools and effects. - this site is packed to the rafters with free online graphic tools and links to a vast array of even more online graphic tools for making and editing every kind of graphic you can think off.



Show off your Images

Facebook - yes you can upload and share images at facebook - flickr is one of the most popular image sharing sites where you can upload your photos and images.
I will be adding some more soon....


Sell Your Images and Photos

I will be adding some great resources for selling your photos and images online soon....

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In the next upcoming update of this page I will discuss many more things about image which relate to Playing The Internet Money Game.

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For a Tonne of different Images in a variety of Categories check out the Gameznet Picture Galleries or the Gameznet Animated Gif Galleries.




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