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Q: What is this site about?
A: Learning To Play The Internet Money Game!

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If you love computer games then why not play the most advanced game ever!
" The Internet Money Game" This complex strategy game is both fun and challenging and if you play well it will change your life There are many ways to play, but be warned there is no manual, no instruction book, you have to learn as you progress.
Why waset your spare time playing computer games if you like strategy and resource building games then this is the real thing!
The hottest computer game of all and you can play it for free online. Traditional games don't give anything back to you and unless your a developer or game tester you cant get paid for playing them but when you play the internet money game you dont score points, you score real cash in your real bank account! Play this game and unlock your true potential by letting your love of games becoming your biggest asset and the only source of income you will ever need. The Internet Money Game!

Make Money From Your Computer
Playing the Internet Money Game!

There are many ways to cash in online.
But in truth it can be a frantic game to play, there are so many variables to keep an eye, so much too learn and when you get it wrong it can seem like its impossible to win. At times its seems like your walking in a minefield with the enemy surrounding you but you do have allies in this game and this site is made to help you I have gathered many resources and tools over the past 10 years of playing and have built this site to help newbies and intermediate players learn how to play, where to get free resources. Discover the little known secrets of the guru internet mareters, internet entrepeneurs and super affiliates who are raking it in, and I mean thousands of dollars a day, as we explore the many tactics, strategies and techniques used by the experts to make money online your lust for more will grow. I'll be revealing many SEO tactics and sharing tools to use for affiliate marketing success. You will discover how to get paid for almost everything you do online even your social activities like blogging, tweet and sharing. I will share secrets such as the automated robot software available that generates traffic, creates top search engine positions for any site and pull in multiple streams of income. Yo uwill find free how to guides, tutorials and get access to the best money making courses and review of the hottest clickbank products, software downloads and ebooks available.

to help you find your way and to get you tapped into the available income streams which can take you from zero online income to whatever your happy with, you can make as much money as you like as there is no limits, you just need to take action. As a game anyone can play it doesnt matter how old you are or where you come from, It doesnt matter if your a total internet newbie or an internet whizz, it doesnt matter if your unemployed or full time employed, education doesnt matter either you can be a high school dropout or a successful CEO for some corporate giant. None of that matters as ANYONE can play the internet money game and you will find out everything you need to know as you explore this site and my blog. The aim of the Internet Money Game is to build multiple streams of income. At first you start with ZERO, Your initial goal is to create your first payment and then to turn that in another, first things may seem slow but you will build and create an actual income stream and keep building on that adding additional income streams and soon you shall have many and that is where the real fun begins as Many Streams Make a River and a River leads you to the Ocean~!.
Treat this like a long term strategy game, have fun and dive in, dont think of it as a get rich plan, think of it as a game, just like in warcraft or any other long term internet game, have fun but remember the more you learn, the more you earn.

Get Started Now!
Read my Introduction to The Internet Money Game
This site is intended to be a portal, a jumping stone to more information, tools and resources that will help you play and win The Internet Money Game. Start Surfing around this site and you are on your way to beginning the Game.

Some Cool Features of this Game

  • No Set Rules There are no set rules
  • Build Many Income StreamsBuild many REAL income streams - Dream Big and make those dreams a reality!.
  • No Expiry Play Forever This Game has no expiry, you can play it for the rest of your life
  • Never Get BoredYour always learning new and exciting things - It never gets boring!
  • Its Totally Free To Play Its 100% Free For Life To Play The Internet Money Game

So Bookmark this website, add it to your homepage tabs, link to it in your social sites and come back daily to discover more ways to play and win. I am always adding new information, cool tools and resources to help us all be better players and make more money. There are many strategies and opportunities that will unfold for you everyday, be alert not all will appeal to you,join some mailing lists, try some techniques out, test some tools and services along the way but be warned as in any game there are traps and pitfalls, friendlies and baddies so play smart and play to win, look for the right clues, be suspicious, form alliances, trust your instincts and be on your guard. Can You Make More Money than Anyone else You Know? You Can Do iT

Read more about who I am and my journey in the internet money game here: My Story

Start your internet money game game of with some free basic training.

Your first Free lesson is one that most of us should perfectly relate to,
Nothing in life is free! nothing is easy or perfect and everyone who starts with nothing and makes something of themselves does it because of one thing and that is persistant effort.
that is not to say it has to be aweful hard work, it can be enjoyable hard work and yes sure a bit of luck helps too but just like in the real world you can apply persistance, hard work and effort to seek good eductation or career training to help you better navigate yourself into lucks path. Look at making money online as a game in the way that it needs desire to win, some actual skill and gaining of experience by actually playing in order to get really good at any game and so just like in the real world the only way to make money is to work for it, seek and get educated about it and basicly pursue it with a passion.
Keep in mind that it doesnt matter whether your working for yourself or someone else, earning next to nothing or earning a big fortune none of it comes for free, the simple fact is if you are willing to work you can't really fail to learn HOW to make money online, but at the end of the day what you learn and know cannot help you unless your willing to "take action" and put what you learn into practice.
So the obvious first step to making money online is to sit down and think about what skills you have that you could use online. Are you a fast typer? do you know excel backwards, can you build a wordpress site with your eyes shut are you good at remote team management, are you a great tax account, Can you write great blog posts? There are all sorts of very normal and very strange jobs ranging from simple do a task and get paid for it to full time skilled careers available online so as my Father used to always say to me "play it safe son and learn a trade so you will always have something to fall back on in case your ever out of a job". Those were wise words from my dad and they definately apply to working online.
So aproach getting work or making money online just as you would in the real world and in the begining at least start looking for real jobs that you know you can do and start playing the internet money game the smart way by earning that first Dollar!

So how can you do that you ask?
First step : Join Odesk
Then write yourself up a resume listing your computer and internet related skills and experience.
Now start knocking on doors! virtualy that is.
Odesk is- the worlds best online virtual job and employment site so set up your profile and upload your resume, take some tests and get scored to build your credibility
then scan for jobs you think you could do and apply, have a crack at it and earn your first dollar the traditional way.

Get started now and scan the odesk list of jobs available , take some easy tasks on and build a profile to get some ratings

Or if your think you are ready for it you can contact me about become part of my team and get the training and resources you need to "Learn Everything" you need by doing some online work which will help you learn everything you need to know about GETTING TRAFFIC and MAKING MONEY ONLINE.
For the serious players only, join me at the

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Reviews -Have a look at some of my personal reviews of money making and internet marketing products and services that I have tried and tested
( Some are Awesome but some are crap and not at all what they are hyped up to be!)

Advertise on this site and many, many More!

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