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Andrew McMullen Hello My Friend,

My Name is Andrew McMullen and I would like to welcome you to my world.
I absolutely love Playing the Internet Money Game, building traffic and multiple income streams online!

This is an Important Message For Gamers!

If you love playing games and find yourself spending hours of your time on your PC Xbox, Playstation or Wii this may interest you alot. Although you dont have to be a gamer to want to make money Playing the Internet Money Game.

Making Money online is very much like playing a resource management game such as: Rollercoaster Tycoon, caesar, pharoah, industry giant, civilization, settlers, tropico, warcraft etc

In fact if your good at those types of games then you will Kick Ass at The Internet Money Making Game!

This website is an internet money making portal bringing together my various bits and pieces from across the globe and all over the internet. Its kind of a respository for things such as resources I use, info, training, links, blogs and social sites along with the tools and information that I regulary use and referr to in order to help me create my network of sites , traffic and income generating systems.
I use the site myself alot to referr to things I want to bookmark or dont want to forget, and to check back on how to do certain tasks, these are my stored techniques and information about the affiliate programs I use for generating multiple income streams online.

As well as making money for myself I like to help others do the same and I welcome visitors to invest some time here to research and discover valuable traffic generating, money making and search engine related tools and resources we can use to learn gain, grow and build upon the knowledge and skills required to help improve our online money making situation using nothing more than our 2 hands and our computers.

Anybody who is focused and wants to conquer the money game online can do so with the resources found on this site and beyond.

Investing some time here to research, explore and discover the valuable tools, tips and information here will help you build your knowledge required to be a great player in the online money making game. Anybody who is focused and willing to learn CAN and WILL generate multiple streams of income using their PC and the internet.

The first income stream you get going begins with the very first dollar you make, As you build small streams you strengthen your game.
In time - Many $treams Make a River!


So here at you will find a collection of useful business resources which I originally started compiling for my own reference but decided to share with my friends and associates. At this moment the site is under construction (oooh I hear you say) to tell the truth it will always be under construction.

Over time I have mentioned various pages to friends, clients, colleagues and partners who have also found the information I uploaded useful. So what I have decided to do is put some effort into this site and compile my resources so I can build a money making library in order to help make my life easier when I'm making money online or trying to explain to somone else how to get the tools and information they need.

Everything I revue or talk about on the site is actual stuff that I have real experience with or that I am currently investigating. I dont bother hyping up resources or programs that I havent used or dont really know about.

Over the past 15 years I have collected a HUGE amount of great resources, researche, tried and tested many things and collected a vast array of reference materials on a wide variety of online and offline business and money making matters so now it's time to sort the Kiff from the Crap and record my findings online.

It is true that I have waisted countless hours and spent thousands of dollars online doing just about everything I could to feed and speed my understanding and learn, learn learn. I admit that I am still learning, in fact every day I learn more, I discover more and I apply more. In the begining I was on my own, totally alone in what seemed like an endless sea of possibilities when it comes to making money online and often the things I tried let to very little or no success but in time things have gotten way better.

It is a jungle out there though and I find a lot of time waisting crap, too full of filler and fluff, confusing and convuluted, contradictory and self indulgent.
But just like the law of attraction and the teachings of the secret tell us if you really want somthing and are determined enough to keep at it for the long haul and can firmly see what you want and desire in your imagination then you tend to get better and better over time and success will eventually be yours.

When I think back over the path I have taken on my life journey and see how things have transpired I am happy with my results and the struggles I have endured to get to where I am today which are now real assets to me since they have made me who I am.

I now have total control over my money, my time, my life and my destiny.
I am 100% debt free with very real internet based residual incomes providing me with a much better lifestyle than I could ever afford without it or by working 8-9-12 hours a day making money for someone else.

Which is absolutely Amazing to me considering that just a few years ago I was absolutely drowning in debt, stuck in depression and going through a messy bankruptsy due to a failed "Real World" Business.
I wont bore you with the details here but if interested you can read about it at the Gameznet HQ

A lot has changed since those days and I can now honestly say that I have developed a very sound knowledge of some of the most basic fundamental principles of TRUE SUCCESS in life and in developing Multiple Streams of Income online.

From I hope to share this knowledge with others of like mind who BELEIVE that there IS a BETTER WAY of MAKING MONEY than selling your PRECIOUS TIME at an hourly rate..

To Seek the automated tools that computers should be delivering to us!

Automatic Money Anyone?

Automation is the key to expansion so automated softwares are the thing to watch right now! I will be trying out the offerings and reporting my findings in my Reviews

It's so great to work (if you can call it that) from home and generate incomes out of thin air using just my own brain and my computer. The future of internet money making actually looks good. I do things in my own time and don't have to rely on other people, business or the government for my basic survival. Working in my online business affords me a great many benefits which include more time with my kids and a great deal less stress and pressure than there ever was while I struggled week by week to please other people that never really appreciated the sacrifice I was making for them by dividing up my life and selling them my time.

Since I started making money with computers and the internet some of the things which I have researched and discovered would blow most peoples minds! IF ONLY THEY KNEW THIS STUFF!

For those that ignore it or dont want to play, well its their loss and despite the jeers and put downs from those that just dont understand why I choose to work at home on my computer I will never quit doing this and will continue to review and log what I consider useful information and update/ refine this site over time so that it can serve as a useful reference for myself, my kids, friends, family and anybody else interested in learning more about the realities of making money with their computers.

Gameznet Special Interest Portals

Anyone can Play This Game

Including You!.
Whether you just want to dabble part time as a hobby just like you would with normal gaming and get a little extra money out of it for a bit of fun or if you want to quit your job and generate as much Money as Possible with it as a full time living, the resources here can help you get closer to your goals so look around.

Since I do use these pages as my own resource they can become chaotic at times with bits worked on, half written, first drafts and changes being made real time and out of the blue. But this is a personal site,and it has a bit of a life of its own so don't be surprised when things get a bit manic . The information here is for reference and research only and should never be considered as profesional legal or financial advice.

One piece of Advice I will give you though is to always keep your mind open to new ideas but in the end understand that it is "up to you" to ensure you make an informed decision about whatever advice you CHOOSE to follow.

If your already making money online then "2 thumbs up" and Accolades to You for choosing to live free. If your new to this or just researching I say to you, Go For It!! - BUT be prepared to learn, don't be desperate or in a hurry to "Get Rich" and don't make your expectations too glamoursly high or set unrealistic goals, It is very true that there is massive money to make online but it is also true that it takes time, patience, dedication and effort. Please do not EVER think that any one PROGRAM or EBOOK or SYSTEM is going to set you free.

Congratulations If you read through all that.
It demonstrates that you have a real interest and thats all that you need to start playing and winning at this game :)

Remember on the internet, EVERTHING IS HYPE!




Well, you can try but eventually you will realise it is easier if you have some people on your side, people who understand and accept what you are doing who you can lean on, gain and share your experience and knowledge with, just like in real world online gaming its better to be part of a clan or group and to have a bit of a support network.




Get the ULTIMATE TRAINING - Join my CLAN, Lets make an alliance, become part of my team and together we can share our collective knowledge, find new training, tools and resources and Learn EVERYTHING needed to know about getting TRAFFIC and MAKING MONEY online. Please leave your comments and questions on my blog and I will do my best to answer them all.
2012 and beyond has a lot to offer us, especially with the new and emerging technologies, mobiles and tablets are really making things change in a massive way. If you want to start making some money imediatly why not begin learning some strategies and getting paid as part of my team working for real world clients to set up their websites and online presense, learning as you go and earning your first few dollars while your at it.

IF your really ready to make money online dont waist another minute.

Join Odesk
Then write yourself up a resume listing your computer and internet related skills and experience.
Now start knocking on doors! virtualy that is.
1) Join Odesk - the worlds best online virtual job and employment site.
set up your profile and upload your resume, take some tests and get scored to build your credibility.
then scan for jobs you think you could do and apply, have a crack at it and earn your first dollar the traditional way.

Yo can browse an endless range of jobs that you can do for people online or even get started with some basiuc data entry work of The Gameznet Crew (working for real world clients)

Or if your think you are ready for it you can contact me about become part of my team and get the training and resources you need to "Learn Everything" you will ever need to know about GETTING TRAFFIC and MAKING MONEY ONLINE.
JOIN MY CLAN NOW: for the serious players only, join me at the

Or Go to My Gameznets Internet Money Game Home Page, bookmark it and start Browsing the sites contents to discover a whole world of possibility. From there you can also subscribe to receive my blog posts in your mail.

$$$ To Your Success $$$
Andrew McMullen

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Andrew McMullen
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