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About JV Partners

JV partners Colaborating on a project Jv Partners collaborating on a project

Anyone who ventures into the world of internet marketing is eventually going to hear terms such as jv partners, jv launch, jvpartnerships but basically what we are talking about here is Joint Ventures. Now there are a million ways that you can partner up with somebody in online business for just as many different reasons but for the most part in the internet marketing world if refers to one of 2 main things.

1) list sharing
Basicly with list sharing it refers to you email my product details to your list and I will email your product details to my list.

2) product launches
In terms of product launches its a case of keeping a product quite accept for sharing the information with your "jv partners" so that they can get prepared first and then at a predetermined time all partners launch their campaigns. This gives the partners the oportunity to get in first and allows the program vendor to concentrate on providing the highest quality support and marketing materials for those joint venture partners to help them succeed. With this kind of "power" it doesnt reall matter what these guys are selling, sales are pretty much gauranteed even if the product being launched is complete crap. Although most of the good internet marketers are not going to JV with somebody producing crap.

There are a number of places online with the top internet marketers hang out and create and announce their Joint ventures so this page is where I am going to list those hangouts. This can help you become a better player of the internet money game buy putting you in direct contact with the big names in the industry.

- Enjoy -

Warrior Forum

forums.digitalpoint.com - excellent place to find JV partners and more

clickbanklaunchforum.com - This forum is for those interested in upcoming clickbank launches and JVs

sitepoint.com another great place to find JV partners.

warriorforum.com many jvs are born in the warrior forum, in fact this is a must join forum for internet marketers.

jvnotifypro.com Keep up to date with new JVs at this site.


I'll get to giving you more details about how to use the sites soon :)


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