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Gameznet Presents a page dedicated to keyword research for better SEO. Get the latest tips and tools to get your site or blog listed in search engines fast. Good use of keywords on your site and blogs is vital to help both visitors and search engines find your websites, blogs or articles.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or running your own websites and blogs, you most likley want traffic from search engines. There are basically two types of search engine traffic that we are working with when considering keywords. Organic traffic comes from searches performed on search engines and in this case we need keywords and phrases that people might use if they are looking for your page. The other kind where as a marketer you seek to run a successful PPC campaign on a search engines such as with Google Adsense and then you are going to need good keywords in your adds as well as your target or Landing pages. But what are the best ways to select keywords and which are the best keyword tools to use, and how many keywords do you need? questions, questions.

But there are answers,

Here you will discover the best keyword tools and strategies that I have so far found available for preparing niche sites for PPC campaigns or just good SEO of any website or blog. Whether it is your own site, blog or your promoting affiliate products these search engine marketing keyword strategies will give you the results you need without costing you a cent. Beat your competition, build your page rank and create keyword rich and relevent pages for giving your visitors exactly what they are searching for!



To make sure that your site is optimised so that it will be found in the results pages of all the major search engines for related searches we first need to ensure that your site has a good amount of targeted keywords found throughout it in the form of text. Laser targeting your keywords will also ensure that any contextual ads you may have will be most apropriate to your content. You can do this just for your index and main pages but best results are achieved by doing it individually for each page of your site.


Finding the Best Keywords

First make a list of the most apropriate keywords that a person might search for in order to find your site and group them into importance:
eg: for a site or page like the one you are now reading about "keyword Tools" we might first come up with a quick list of 10 keywords that look something like this:

Initial Keywords and Phrases for "Keyword Tools"

For your own Niche the prinicipal is exactly the same you just need to think of "10" keywords YOURSELF as if you were a search engine user looking for the product(s) or information found on your website. More is better but 5 initial keywords is absolute minimum, keywords can be anything that a "search engine user" might enter and could be brand names, product names, one word or multiple word "keyword phrases".



Do a Google search on each of the keywords and phrases you came up with.
For each keyword click on the first 2 organic sites listed (not the sponsored adds) on the results page and look at their meta tags, go over their site looking at their keywords and add them to your own list.
Also do this for 2 of the "advertised sites" - Adwords advertisers must have already done some keyword research themselves and will usually use the same keywords in their landing page, meta tags, titles and paragraphs as they have in their adwords campaigns so make use of what your competition already knows is working for them.

Now with your search results still showing in Google click on the "More Tools" link on the left hand side of the google results page
and copy down all of the "Similar Keywords" you find:
You can also use the Google "Wonder Wheel" which allows you to drill down each related keyword search to find even more keywords and phrases.

For the keyword term "keyword tools"
Google gave me the following related searches:

Filter the list to remove unrelated searches:


Do this for all of your main keywords AND all main keyword phrases that you initially came up with.
Add any personalised keywords that searches might search for such as product names, your business name, location etc

Now you should have a good highly targeted list of keywords but we still need to clean it up a bit and make sure there are no doubles, variations of the same thing are ok but doubles of the exact same keywords and phrases are not good.

filter your list to removing double entries.
To make this easy cut and paste your list of keywords into the following tool:

Paste list to be de-duped here
(one value per line)

Free JavaScripts provided
by The JavaScript Source


Go over your filtered list and sort it into order of relevence to your site with the most relevent at the top of the list and working your way down to "helper keywords" and phrases.

Take into consideration the relativeness AND the number of searches done for those keywords on google, once you have all the keywords in a list and have refined the list you need to write content around those words, use all the words in your content but do not over stuff it. you can even outsource this job and get someone else to do it for you.

Now you have a keyword list visit
Go to the site and enter your top 10 or so keywords into the KSP Tool
This will give you an idea of how many searches are done for those keywords in the major search engines.
It will also preduct the CTR (click through rate ) of each keyword and the CPC (cost per Click) if you want to set up PPC campaigns on those words.


Keep Going?
Go to the next page: KeyWord Tools




Download keyword wordpress plugins keyword related WordPress Plugins

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