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Launching a new website can be a daunting experience for experts let alone the complete novice.

There are a few factors to consider when you decide to launch a new website. It doesn't really matter whether or not the site is a personal or business related site the principals are the same, get it online and get traffic to it.


One of the first things you will want to do is get your site listed in search engines such as Google, unfortunately most new sites get "sandboxed" for a period of time before Google will list them but there are some things you can do to avoid getting placed in the Google Sandbox and/or get out of sooner.

Of course, I don’t know for certain exactly how to avoid getting sandboxed by Google and I don't think anybody else accept google does either, but there are a few factors which may make a difference:

register your new domain name for 5 years, this shows some commitment to building and maintaining the domain for the long term. An alternative to starting a brand new domain is to consider purchasing an existing registered domain name that already has listings in search engines and some traffic going to them. Get more info on that here

Pick a big hosting company with good support in case you need it and lots of high traffic sites being hosted by it. The idea is to get your site hosted from the same IP address as several other sites that already rank high in Google by choosing a quality hosting service who are behind other successful sitessuch as those listed in our hosting guide.

set up wordpress blogs and ping all the major blog ping services, always use a different and unique theme for each blog and structure each one slightly differntly than the other so you dont leave any obvious footprints that they are all connected, add some links to your main domain and write up some pages about your main domain as well as various articles related to your topics and categories. Be sure to make your first blog post an introduction and then write several short blogs around your main topics making full use of your keywords which will promote your site. all ways keep in mind you do not want to be spammy with any of your posts. Write content intended for real humans first, then tweak them for search engine robots NOT the other way around.

use feedburner to mange your blog feed and allow people to subscribe to it by placing your feedburner email form on your blog.Subscribe to your own blog feed in Google Reader and Ensure that Google reader does know about the blog and checks it regularly for updates.


be sure to use the ping feature in feedburner to ping it out to even more ping sites and use the free or paid version of CARP RSS Parser to display your most recent blog posts on the main page of your html or php based sites.

link to your sites main index directly from the blog which should quickly become established with Google and Google Reader and link to your blog directly from your main page (the index). If your site IS A BLOG then consider making the index page of your domain an overview landing page where the visitor then clicks through to get to the blog.

link to your site from your social media sites such as twitter, facebook, myspace, squidoo, youtube, sokule and a variety of other social media sites, which are all well ranked in Google and post about your site regulary on all of those socal sites. Make a video about it and post it on youtube, it doesnt have to be technically perfect, just use your ordinary digital camera on video mode or your mobile / ipad or whatever if you dont have a web cam, you can also add youtube videos to your website or blog so do it and place a link in your youtube videos description back to the page where you embed it. Create a FACEBOOK FAN PAGE about your site and let your facebook friends know about it. Set up a Facebook event announcing the Launch date of your site, Put a teaser on your site and don't open it until the facebook event date.

Ensure your site follows good SEO (search engine optimisation) practices like proper meta tags and open graph tags, ensure that all of your keyword's in your keyword meta tags are also used in the meta title, meta description and within the headings. bullet points, image alt tags and of course the body of your sites content.
Do some keyword research when writing anything you add to your site. Dont submit your site anywhere until you have done some basic SEO and are happy with your sites structure. Make sure your site is ready to be seen, NEVER submit a site that is incomplete or under construction.

Don't go wild on "day one" getting other sites to link to your site from thousands of pages across the internet using "software submission tools, traffic exchanges, paid for traffic or link exchanges" that send hundreds of hits to your site and build hundreds of instant backlinks as this will most likely break your cheap hosting account and even if it doesnt it will look bad to google if all of a sudden too many links and hits sudennly appear too quickly. Take your time and try and build links to your site more naturaly over a period of time by adding a few every day or so and watch your page rank rise in due course due to long term planning and quality over quantity.
Look for high pagerank sites using your keywords to exchange links with and contact the owners for a Link Partnership.


Write a press release and a couple of articles and post them to some article sites, create a squidoo lens and hub page for it. Join some popular forums with High page rankings and enter your site details into your forum signature, then make some posts in related forums trying to use some keywords in your posts as you go.


Consider Paid Advertising using PPClike as google adwords, bing ads, facebook advertising and a range of smaller PPC services.

Monitor your sites statistics and performance to see where your traffic comes from. keep an eye on 404 and other errors. Any site hosted that includes CPanel provides great statistics. Setting up a google webmaster account and using google analytics will help you too, it also gives google more direct information about your site. If your running a bricks and mortor based business then add your business details into Google Maps.

List your site on Alexa, Compete and Quantcast providing acurate information about yourself and your site, place provided widgets on your site. These are often checked by people and there are many firefox plugins which people use that will show your sites ranks at these locations whenever your site is viewed in their browser so get them indexed and listed on those sites.Use Firefox with the sugested plugins to monitor a broad range of data about your site and to quickly post directly to social bookmarking sites.

Submit your site to the Open Directory Project (ODP) being careful to pick the most relevent category and giving precise and acurate information about your site.This wont give you short term results but it will give your presense longivity. make sure your factual and acurate with your information. Do the same with


Keep an eye on statistics and your rankings so that you can know what is going on. learn where your traffic is coming from. Knowing your audience is crucial to success.

As I said, I don’t know exactly which of these factors if any will help to get your new site into the google search results and onto the first page quickly, but if you’re setting up a new site, those are some of the things you might consider concentratring on.

Promote and Monitise Your Site
Go over the various sections of our site as listed in our Contents and read through them, you will get a tonne of tips and hints that will help you play the internet money game while you build your online presense and spread the word about your sites. Use TheCashGenerator System!

For more information be sure and subscribe to my blog where I I will be adding further information to help you create instant websites and get them online and listed in search engines fast

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