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Linking For Traffic and Page Rank a Guide by Gameznet

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Building a small but high quality link directory of websites related to your topics is extremely beneficial to your search engine rankings and page rank if it is done correctly. The last thing you want to do is create a "Link Farm" which are not looked at favorably by search engines at all. Your links should ALL be related to your keywords and topics.


With blogging platforms like wordpress it is really easy to build both inbound and outgoing links if you simplyfy things and there is no need to use mass automation tools or backlinking services if you can find the time to actually look at related sites and leave comments on them and encourage others to visit your blog and leave comments for you. As long as the comments are not spammy are are related and the links left are also relevent then its all good for everyone involved.

So you should comment on any page that related to your website and link back to athe most relevent page or post in your own website. and hey there is nothing wrong with asking people to to have a look at your highly related site or article in your blog either as long as you do it with a big of style and again , dont make it spammy.

You can start here by adding your money making blog or webmaster related website to our siteby just making a comment on one of my posts or pages and if you feel gracious enough linking back to us from your related site is as easy as commenting as yourself on your linked own page and saying something like " I found another article that is

relevent to this post over here"

get the idea?

So just visit any page or article in my blog and make a comment and leave your website, facebook page, youtube channel or video or whatever as your link. I do manually approve every comment them due to excessive robot spam and if your comment is spammy I will delete it so take some time to actually make a relevent comment on any post you want a backlink from.
My blog is set up so the approved comments get a do follow link and so are all of the other sites in my network.
So to get a few links just go and take a look at the list of sites in my network, find a topic of interest, then find a post or page that is of interest and leave another comment .
When you find highly relevent pages and posts in any of my blog pages leave a contributing comment and you will get a link back.. easy hey :)



Storing relevent links on social bookmarking sites

Nowadays it seems people dont really use lists of links on websites anymore for listing or storing related sites to the one they are on because quite frankly the trust of the average surfer has gone as far as link pages are concerned and they preferr to use search media sites engines like google+ , facebook, stumbleupon , pinterest etc etc. The new trend is to store your favorite links and share them with social bookmarking sites. This actually works out extremely well for everyone and greatly benefits those Playing the Internet Money Game.

Personaly I have stopped creating exchange pages for visitors to "submit your link" on as it is pointelss and time consuming to mange so now I just make use of social bookmarking sites but I am by no means an authority on them.One of the main benefits of using and managing links with social bookmarking sites is that most provide an RSS feed which can then be used by feed readers and programs such as CARP RSS Feed Agregator to mashup and filter those feeds then post them back to any page that you like in a format that matches your site. Thats the easy way to display relevent links on your site and you can simply ask people to link back to you by installing buttons like those provided by addthis such as I have done on this site. (see top and bottom of any page) its easier and doesnt involve emailing and cut and pasteing stuff so its a huge time saver.

I have in the past used and seen the results first hand of building sites and backlinking. Link exchanging used to be awsome for getting traffic but I expect that using social bookmarking sites can only take things to a whole other level. I think using a mix of both the old school methods of link exchanging with quality sites via linking within your blog posts and articles as well as commenting and mixing it up with the new way of doing things with social bookmarking and agregators is the way to go. Of course wordpress and other blogging platforms also makes this all too easy with the added ability to leave links with your comments.

For more information on getting links to your site see getting backlinks
For more information on Social BookMarking services see social media

So now if you would like to get a linkback from me just Visit my Blog and leave a comment find a relevent post and add your link where it asks for a website :)

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As you can see,
I am showing comments from my blog below which are are also dispalyed on my homepage and all pages that are here are html page NOT a content management platform or wordpress site. My blog which is in a sub-domain is however a wordpress site. What I do is embed widgets in my main root domain html site ( and various individual pages of other related websites I have to then display the comments pretty much wherever I want. So leaving a comment on my blog gets your link spread around as it is shown on many other pages of this site as well as the blog and varous other sites.

In addition I use a plugin on all of my blogs that cross promotes them (nrelate) so there is potential for your one comment link to get spread far and wide. Also because I use intensedebate to manage comments they get shown in other websites as well as my own and to make it all even more powerful I use a variety of ping tools and plugins such as pingfresh that regularly ping my comments feed out to my social media sites and web 2.0 properties.

So ll in all leaving a quality comment on my blog that I approve will get your link some extra mileage and help build your websites backlinks profile up. So go now and leave a damn comment ;-) lol

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