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Gameznet Guide to Monitising Your Websites

So you have a website or blog up and running, you have some cool info on your site and your getting a bit of traffic so now what?

It is Time to Monitse Your Site!

Monitising a website or blog is actually very easy and there are a tonne of ways to do it that will add even more value to your pages as far as a visitor is concerned. The quickest and easiest way to monitise a website that has nothing to sell is to place contextually relevent ads on your site. For the owners of the ads that are shown this is known as contextual advertising or in the case of the publisher (the person showing the ads on their sites) Contextual Publishing.

As the publisher you will be offered a range of ways to be paid for displaying content on your site which is contextually relevent to the keywords found on your pages.
The payment options available for you to collect your money include mailed checks, paypal deposits and even direct bank deposits as well as other e-currencies such as alertpay, e-gold or money bookers. Before signing up to any of the monitising sites listed be sure that you join all of the online currency services listed in our section on Payment Processors that way you wont have to hold off on your applications to the site while your forced to go and join a specific payment procesor which they use.

There are many common ways to monitise your site such as simple relevent ads about other websites or services available appearing on your site or specific products and services via affiliate programs but there are also a number of ways to simply monitise your site by adding a small bit of code or a widget and having contextual ads appear for you every time your page loads. These ads basicaly look at the contents of your site and scan for keywords, they then provide relelvent ads based on the content of the page. Some of the better known contextual ad programs pay massive amounts of Cash to site owners for generating clicks on the ads. In some cases you are paid for every single click on a link from your page while at other times you are paid for results such as a set commission for a sale generated or form filled out.

The easiest one to get started out with and to help you see what kinds of things get results for you is to begin with PPC or Pay Per Click publishing where you are paid for every single click.

The most popular advertising network of this kind is definately Google Adsense but there are also many alternatives to google adsense as I will show you below.

How To Monitise Your Site

Tools to help you Monitise Your Website's and Blog Pages

I Think this is done check it


Building revenue from advertising on your site is not restricted to just one type or source.

Tactics, Tools and Services for Monitising your Website or Blog

You may think why would I want other peoples ads or information on my site if I want people to click on my offers or buy my products direct from me.
The answer is simple, if the visitors interest is lost or they didn't find what they are looking for and they are going to leave your site anyway then you might as well get somthing from them even if its only a few cents for clicking an add or using a search tool which you provide for them on your site.

Be warned though, you cannot turn on and use all of the options listed at once as they may conflict with each others terms and conditions. More on that later.....

First up we will cover the obvious choice that monitises many sites online "Goodlge Adsense"
So for this we should find some high paying keywords related to our site

I have provided Keyword Tools to help find all of the best keywords for you to target.
To get effective highly targeted ads on your site and therefore good quality clicks going out from your site to please google you will want to have the best keywords that you can find written into the meta tags and body of your pages.

Use the program SPYFU to search for keywords and Aim to find the Highest costing keywords for your Niche.
If you also use any of those words in your PPC campaigns you should get rid of them from your adwords campaigns and keyword lists, they will simply cost too much money to bid on anyway unless your niche target audience is lucky enough to have no high costing keywords.

Your site should have areas that contain pure content which has as many of the HIGH costing keywords written directly into it several times without upsetting the balance of your article or page,

The tool that makes gathering this data easy is located here

Once you have done your research and downloaded your keyword lists, get to work making them part of your pages meta tags and make sure to include them in the text of those pages at least 6 times each. Keep things higly readable and flowing well so that there is no obvious sign to either visitors or search engines that this was your plan.


BEST PPC Networks to USE


Google Adsense - Although by far the most popular and widely used plus Google Adsense can be used with other services like blogger, youtube, feedbburner and many revenue sharing sites. With the incredible reach of Google there are ads available for every conceivable niche topic and keyword you can think off. This is great news for publishers because it means more advertisers with more choice and closer context of ads plus better payouts for every click. Everyone with any website or blog should have a Google Adsense Account! Contextual Ads - Login to your amazon account or create a new one and get the code required for Amazon contextual ads. You can then have relevent items from Amazon appear in your content and paid commissions on any resulting sales.

Clickbank HopAd Builder
Clickbank now off a cool contextual link widget.
Visit the clickbank hopad builder so you can have Contextual relelvent products from clickbank show up on your site or blog.


Clicksor Contextual Advertising!

I like Clicksor because they offer several cool plugins for wordpress which Im using a lot lately so any system providing a wordpress plugin get me interested.
One great thing you can do with Clicksor Contextual Advertising is use your built up funds from clicksor to pay for advertising and bypass paypal fees and such.Of course you can just get the cash too ;)



chitika - is fast catching up with the big guns like Adsense, Although it is targeted to the USA it will place alternatives up for your non US Traffic which is great, just use adsense as the alternative.


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LinkWorth is a search engine marketing company that offers a variety of monetization options for bloggers. For instance, bloggers can sell contextual links within posts or write sponsored posts on specific topics.
Linkworth has been around for many years and grown from strength to strength having grown into a powerful place to advertise because of its effectiveness.
Join LinkWorth and earn money by selling static links on your website and build traffic as it creates one way text link ads to your site for top search engine listings.
Linkwork provide code and even a wordpress plugin that can turn random words on your websites pages into paid links.
Advertisers - get one way links to your site in a virtual instant.
Publishers - set your own prices, very flexible.

Other interesting methods include rotating ads, in content ppc advertising as well as packaged link ads. LinkWorth gives up to 70% of the revenue for its ads and payments are made monthly through Paypal, check, direct deposit or Wire.
Wordpress Users - Use the Linkworth plugin, its definately the way to go! - This one is new to me, a contextual ad network which I haven't created an account in yet but it does look pretty good on sites that I have noticed it on. I will be checking this out when I have some time free.

Adbrite -

AdToll - -

tribal fusion


List of Paid Blogging Websites

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to set up a blog around a specific topic or interest and generate online income from the display of advertising and affiliate programs on your blog. With most common blogs like wordpress and blogger there are some real formidable ways of making money out of hobby and personal blogs which consists of effectively using paid blogging networks.

Where many advertising networks may reject you from joining if you dont have a high quality website or profesional looking blog there are still other options available to make money from even the most obscure kinds of blogs.
From an advertiserís standpoint, blogs are simply publishing platforms which produce content that is viewable by both search engines and potential customers so they dont care if your blog is a profesional website with high traffic and excellent proof read copy or if its a personal blog about your pet rat full of grammer and spelling mistakes they just want the potential traffic that you can send them.

Advertisers in Paid Blogging Networks want more exposure and will pay more to be shown on larger sites but they will still pay smaller sites to show their ads. In the eyes of an advertiser paying you for a widget or even full blog post can give them way more exposure than paying Google from $1-$10 a click! In fact online advertising can be so expensive for many businesses that they will often purchase sponsored links or written content on a blog network to help generate public buzz and increase their search engine visibility while also keeping their costs way down when comparied to using PPC services such as Google Adwords and other high cost alternatives.

So as a blog owner this is where you come in. As a member of paid blogging websites, you will get paid to blog about the advertiserís products, websites or services and to place provided links or ads on your site from their network. These advertisers are most interested in paying the blog networks directly and youíll receive a stipulated fee when you agree to take on each specific assignment. In some cases you will have to make a blog post or review a product while in other cases you simply place a widget or text link on your site.

How do I Make Money with Sponsored Blogging websites?

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The process is actually fairly simple. Start by signing up with these sponsored blogging networks and giving them the web address for your blog. Some of these networks stipulate that your blog must have of a certain age (3 months old etc.) so take note of that before applying and make sure you have some blog posts in your site that go back at least 3 months.

Some will pay you for the number of impressions the ad gets, some for the amount of clicks but all will pay you for the results they get from you.

Take a look at their Terms of Service and wait for your blog to be approved by the administration. This usually takes a few days. After your blog is approved, go through their marketplace (if they have one) or just wait for blogging offers to arrive at your email inbox or site dashboard.

When you decide to take up a specific offer, write a blog post according to the instructions you are provided. Publish the post and update the blog network with the URL to the post.. Usually this is done through a user interface after you log into the network.

After your post is approved, you will receive payments according to the stipulated time frame or other conditions. You can easily earn around $5 to $500+ for one single blog post, depending on the popularity, size and niche of your blog. So basically the more traffic your blog gets the more you can get paid.

Gameznet's List of Sponsored Blogging Networks

There are many sponsored blogging networks around these days and you might have heard about some of the ones listed here already but I wanted to be as thorough as possible and give you as many options as I could when developing this extensive list of paid blogging websites so you can get started with this strategy for Playing the Internet Money Game.

This list will be updated regularly and more paid blogging websites will be added in the future. Hopefully this will help a few people who already have a blog to start making some money and maybe even inspire a few people that dont yet have a blog to get started.



Pay Per Post –
The original paid opportunities site offers tons of opportunities for you to take on a daily basis.
The largest sponsored blogging network, Payperpost offers the greatest amount of offers and has a vibrant community of bloggers who support each other through a forum. If you only want to sign up for one paid blogging network, I would highly recommend using PayPerPost above all the others.

The addition of PayperPost Direct and existing affiliate programs will extend your income potential outside of the basic marketplace structure utilized by most other networks.

Social Spark –

Social Spark

From the makers of Pay Per Post comes this mix of opportunities and social networking site, a great place to hang out and both now offer the opportunities to just place links on your sites for cash.



Review me offers a higher pay out per opportunity but is also picky on approving blogs, make sure your blog has relevent links and back links, or you create some before you try registering here.

ReviewMe is a kind of blog marketplace where advertisers can visit to order reviews from blogs. Some of the more Ďhigh-endí or popular blogs are registered with ReviewMe and the earnings are substantially higher if your blog is well established and has a large audience. This is measured by your feed subscription base as well as the Technorati and Alexa Rank.

Bigger blogs tend to earn upwards of $100 to 700+ for each single blog post and there are a lot less restrictions and rules than Payperpost. The downside for ReviewMe is that they take a massive 50% of the fee as a commission for their services, which I think is a bit of a ripoff.



A favorite of many, sponsored reviews offers a higher rate of pay out than pay per post or social spark but unlike review me you will get your blog approved with no problems.

SponsoredReview is a blog network that is somewhat similar to ReviewMe but they offer a little more functionality by allowing you to negotiate fees with the advertiser and bid for an advertiserís offers.

SponsoredReview takes 35% commission for their services and youíll earn anything from $10 to 500+ for each review. Their user interface is one of the better ones out there and the only drawback to their service is the lack of advertisers.

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored Posts is a way for advertisers to generate buzz on the internet and a way for bloggers to get paid for taking the time to provide their opinion.



Blogsvertise doesnít have a marketplace so you canít browse advertiser offers to select what you would like to write about. The site admins will match advertiser offers to your blog profile and you can choose to accept or reject the offers you see. Generally, the assignments are sporadic and youíll receive one or two of them every week if youíre lucky. They do however pay on time so thatís one of the benefits of working with Blogsvertise.



Blogitive will pay all bloggers a flat rate of US $5 per advertiser offer, regardless of the size or popularity of the blog. One of the earliest blog networks on the scene, Blogitive seems to be gotten into a slump a few months after their launch.

Theyíve recently revamped their user interface and one of the much touted Blogitive advantages is that they pay weekly via Paypal. Blogitive has a very poor collection of advertisers and thatís something that they definitely need to improve.



LoudLaunch is a medium sized paid blogging network which features a moderate amount of advertiser offers. Your blogs need to be more than 2 months old and payment is only made via Paypal. Like Payperpost, the blogger usually needs to append a disclosure badge, tracker tag or logo or the bottom of posts.

The user interface doesnít appeal to me and like other networks like Blogsvertise, the range of advertisers seem to be rather limited.



Based on Norway, BloggerWaveís rates for paid posts are generally around $10 for a single post. There doesnít seem to be many restrictions and youíll get paid via Paypal. BloggerWave has been late on payment for many bloggers and some bloggers have gone so far to suggest that they are a scam.

Apparently, they seem to have made good on their payments recently and hopefully things should go smoothly from now on for bloggers using BloggerWave.



Smorty rates for sponsored blog posts is $6 per post although this might increase if you have a high traffic or popular blog. Post approvals are generally made within a week and payment is made on a weekly basis through Paypal. There isnít a lot of advertisers using Smorty at the moment though that might change in the future.



PayU2Blog started a few months ago and do seem to be a work in progress. There is no actual marketplace which allows you to browse for advertiser offers and they do seem to function very much like Blogsvertise in that thatíll determine the type of assignments you will receive. Payment is made every two weeks via Paypal.

Blogging Ads


Blogging Ads started early and recently relaunched with a new look. Itís nothing too different from Blogitive, however do note that you can only put up 10 posts per month on all your blogs and the rate for each post is usually $5. Payment is made weekly via Paypal. Blogging Ads doesnít have a lot of advertiser offers as well.



CreamAid is a get paid to blog program with a twist. All bloggers of an option of displaying a widget which allows them to earn referral commission whenever another blogger picks up an offer from it.

CreamAid is more fun than the other get paid to blog websites although I think their monetary potential is weakest. Donít expect to earn more than $5 for most offers you come across.

V7N Contextual


V7N Contextual is not technically a get paid to blog network because most of the time you wonít have to write a blog post. All youíll have to do is to transform any specific keyword (eg. golf clubs) in your blog posts into a link to the advertiserís website. All bloggers will earn $10 per link, regardless of their blog size and reach.

An important point to note is that youíll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which means that you canít disclose that it was a sponsored link. I have blogs in the V7N program and have not received many offers before. Donít count on getting too many assignments.


blog to profits

BlogtoProfit allows you to get paid to write blog posts about each sponsorís products/websites. This company doesnít have a user interface or dashboard and there is no marketplace which allows you to pick or choose the offers you want. Iíve tried submitting some blogs to them before but have never gotten response from them at all. It is possible that they are not active anymore.



InBlogAds is a hybrid network that allows you to sell text links as well as blog posts. InBlogAds started quite a while back but seems to have died. Iíve not seen any new offers available and I think they are definitely outclassed by all the other get paid to blog networks.

Although they were one of the first to integrate an advertiser and publisher account within the same dashboard, theyíve definitely fallen behind and dropped out of the race for bloggers and advertisers.

Izea sponsored twitter and blog posts
Izea - sponsord posts for twitter and bloggers. what is said here for sponsored posting in your blog is also true for social media sites like myspace, twitter, facebook
go here for more information on sponsored social media posting

blog roll please

Blog Roll Please pays from $20 + per month per link and thats for a lowley pagerank 1 site, any higher and the payments are also higher.
(not a sponsored post site but a plugin for use with sponsored posting)

Sponsored Posts wordress plugin

Ok , one last tool for sponsored posts is the
This plugin for WordPress will display sponsored posts on your Wordpress powered site.
The WP Sponsored Posts plugin features your sponsored posts at the top of your site’s category and post pages. WP Sponsored Posts has all the features you need to monetize your site with sponsored ad placements in your posts. This is a paid plugin..

There are of course others out there, feel free to try them out but make sure you include some of the above sites as they are all very good.


Buy and Sell text links
Whylinks or Backlinks (same company) is a Top Service

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Monitize Related Wordpress Plugins Monitize Related WordPress Plugins

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