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Gameznet Network

The Gameznet Network
A Bit About The Gameznet Network

Developed by Andrew McMullen - Introduction - Read My Story

The "Gameznet Network " consists of a network of websites covering a variety of topics and Special Interests. The main site for the Special Interest Portals is consisting of over 30 very different categories ranging from Aliens to Big Boys Toys, Computer Help to Business, kidstuff to newage, dinosaurs, sharks, dolphins,health and a whole lot more!.

Each section is currently being re-develped on the wordpress platform and fully integrated into the social web. As of the time of writing this all sites are currently in a state of re-development. Each of the Special Interest portals are live blogs which are being packed with fun features, videos, images, animated gifs and completely integrating into social networks online blogs and web 2.0 properties with the aim of forming a solid network and building some fantastic niche communities.

I am basically running the show alone however I realise I cannot do it all by myself and will eventually be inviting interested partities to get involved and help run the individual sites as co authors and editors using a revenue sharing model whereby authors can contribute their works and be paid for their efforts by supplying their ids for various advertising platforms integrated into the sites. Interested authors and partners are expected to maintain high standards and help moderate and manage comments and user contributions while posting quality content t their chosen sections.. Interested parties should make contact with myself by leaving a comment on the site they are interested in contributing too or contact me via facebook, emailing me is not so good since my inbox gets spammed to death and its come to the point where I loathe checking email. Anyway onto the sites.

Powered By GameznetGamezet's Special Interest Portal's

Below is listed each of the Gameznet Special Interest Portals, you will find free picture galleries, downloads, news, reviews, web links, topsites, shopping, articles, collectibles, posters, audio, video, Free Games and pretty much anything that is cool and related at each of the portals.

1 Alien Encounters, ufo's, conspiracy, nexus, greys, pleidians, cover-ups, galactic wars, truth, lies, video, documents,seta reticuli, secrets, sceptics
2 All Australian Aussie content, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Darwin, tours, kangaroos, outback, tv, foxtel, cable, Aussie, movies and Aus radio guides, Australian shopping, beaches, resorts, travel, tourists and tourism,
3 Big boys Toys dirt bikes, crusty demon, extreme sports, race cars, power tools, scooters, trucks, fishing, wrestling, babes, technology, toys and other GUY stuff
4 Business Basics startups, planning, finances,stocks, currency, forex, investing,venture capital, payment systems, Internet marketing, money making,
5 Celebration Station Christmas, Birthday, Easter, St Patrick's day, valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, cards, gifts, presents, shopping etc
6 Comic Stand graphich novels, online comics, cartoons and webisodes, how to draw, animators, free gallery, animated gifs, submit your comics and artwork
7 Computers Tech computer bargains, technology growth, home automation,3D, web design, webmasters, websites, beginners, newbies, intermediate, advanced
8 Dragons and Dinosaurs reptiles, merchandise, movies, museums, science, archaeology, finds, extinct, fantasy
9 Dolphin Dreams dolphins and whales
11 Gardening Adventures gardening, flowers, flora,
12 Grownups World adults, relationships, dating
13This Earth planet earth,the world, environment, free energy,conservation
14 School Zone education, home school, teachers resources, school books,maths games,text books, courses, higher learning,college,tafe

15 Freebie Frolics free stuff, coupons, discounts, vouchers,, off-line freebies, free holidays, free cars, free magazines, free samples
16 Gamers Choice computer games, PC games, playstation, nintendo, sega, commodore, atari, amiga, arcade, accessories, cases, roms, rams, hints, cheats, books, magazines, demo's, free games, buy games
17 Healthy Living healthy living, good eating, food ,wine, healing, heart, exercises fitness, weightloss, longevity, mind, body, soul, herbs, supplements,
18 HomePage Of Horror movies, comics, stories, scary stuff, crypt ,toxic, vampires, monsters, warewolves, freaky, halloween, fancy dress, zombies, evil dead, horror props,
19 Job Central job seeking, assistance, jobs, work, find a job, advertise a job, job network sites, work online, contracting, tendors
20 Funny Ship jokes, animation's, funny pictures, audio pranks, comedy, riddles, funny games, laughs, funniest home videos,
21 kids Stuff for kids, preschool, g rated, kidsline, children, education, fun, appropriate, for parents and kids to enjoy together.
22 Legal Beagle legality,law,rights, legalities,
23 Mobile World phones, palmtops, apps, game devices,gps,handheld gadgets
24 Music Central  charts, videos, mp3, CD's, musicians, guitar, guitarists, drums, keyboards, vocals, dj's, instruments, mixing, recording, managing, buying, bands, rockstars, fans,
25New Age Nexus Spirituality, arts,free energy, Astrology, esoteric, human growth, awareness, chakras, auras, tarot, stars

26Breaking News General world news, weather, top stories, rss and news feeds

27 Petting Zoo domestic, farm and exotic pets and animals, nature and wild , companions, welfare, conservation, protection, captivity, zoos, veterinary,

28 Sharks hunters of the deep, great whites, shark fishing, jaws, pictures of sharks, grey nurse, hammerhead,

29 Space and the universe, nasa pictures, hubble space telescope, meteors celestial land sales, buy land on the moon, mars, space travel, commets, stars,

30 SportsCorner, sports, fitness, sporting, gyms, enhancements, exercise, ball sports, endurance sports, muscle sports, fitness, sports updates,

31 Travel Time travel, holidays, hotels,care rentals,

32 TV and Movies television, tv shows, blockbuseter,videos, vhs, dvd, blueray,camcorders, cinema, movie making,films

33 Web 4 Women Women's interests, ladies, womens rights, fashion, makeup, shopping, accesories, magazines,

Gameznets Main Domains

Networked Sites and portals Description
www sitemap_index | sitemap_index Sitemaps for all sites with and without WWW
blog: | feed
intense debate comment feed:
Blog comments.rss

Gameznets Internet Money Game.
Currently my primary focus, Provides Internet Money Making tools and resources for online entrepreneurs and those wanting to learn more about playing the Internet Money Game. Covers everything needed to build multiple streams of income. Serves as a central location for the programs and tools I use in my online money making efforts as well as a general "work online" resource. | sitemap | feed | feed

Games and Free Stuff
The original home of Gameznet. Now focused purely on providing free online games, game related news and Free Stuff. | feed | sitemap

The Gameznet Special Interest Portals covering topics from Aliens to Dolphins, dirtbikes to dragons and more, over 35 special interest blogs. Download Free Trial Software from our software repository! This was the UK version of Gameznets special interest portals. will be redeveloped soon using wordpress. | feed A software tool I developed for branding and editing of templates. Its a Cool Tool but I didnt really go ahead with selling it, still sitting on this great tool. | feed Was my website when I ran a web hosting service in the late 2000's. The domain now points to my reseller account at planet domains which is where I manage all of my domain accounts. Great place to manage your domain names. | feed The Cash Generator is a money making system that I have been developing of nearly 10 years, yes thats a long time but I am but one person and when it is complete it is going to kick ass. | feed In development - focused on automated income steams | feed in development - focused on Internet Marketing | feed In development - focused on building backlinks and traffic |feed |sitemap

This is MASSIVE - My Secret members only service for generating cash online... | feed A wordpress blog I started with my kids to put information up about our hand tamed companion birds but they got bored with it so now It is an information site about pet birds. | feed Another domain I registered for our bird project which is currently redireted to | feed A wordpress blog I am working on dedicated to the hottest band in the world, just as a hobby and a tribute to Kiss. | feed The Pet Store where I work part time because I love my pets and enjoy helping others with theirs. I am also helping the owner out with this. But its a MASSIVE job... I put this up for my local branch of my favorite petshop. My Good Friend Norbert is a great web designer who can make you a very high quality custom web design . | feed My client who runs an autoparts bricks and mortor store and is now selling their autoparts and accessories online specialising in performance 4x4 with their main product line coming from IRONMAN4x4.

Free Hosted Sites

Here are some other sites, links and urls which are locations that I have information in or free blogs or sites that I have been sold, given or signed up for. this is a free site I got from a service called viralhosts and is where I give away a free collection of internet marketing ebooks along with an email course with a new download included in each mailing and some cool info about making money online - go ahead and signup to get the free course and software items. They are actually really good items.
freemass/gameznet.html I got this blog setup for me as part of my freemasstraffic purchase.

I am a Social Butterfly ;)

Here is a complete list of sites and services that I am integrating into Gameznets Social Network
Feel free to join me on any of them and watch as things grow over the next year.

I use to help me keep an eye on all my RSS feeds and Social Sites and Services.

Blog Networks

the following are blog networks that I have integrated

Gameznet at Hub PagesHubPages Gameznet on SquidooSquidoo Gameznet On Bloggerblogger Gameznet is at WordpressWordPress
Gameznet is on Tumblrtumblr IBS SheToldMe Gameznet - Find me on Bloggers
Gameznet is on Live JournalLive Journal typepad money blogTypepad | feed
Typepad |feed
Typepad | feed
(demonstonedl) best-reviewer

Social Networks, Microblogs and Bookmarking Services

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YelpYelp Google Proflegoogle diggdigg MagnoliaMagnolia
Follow Me on Pinterest Sphinn Yahoo Buzz DesignBump
Serpd TheWebBlend BlogEngage ViralNetworks
Alltop Blogorama - The Blog Directory    



Why so many? you ask - read more about social marketing here

Next we have the Image and Video Sharing Sites


Article and Ezine Memberships

Ezine Articles
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The Following are additional services and RSS Aggregators that help tie it all together

Google Readergoogle Reader
friendsterfriendster lastfmlastfm Tweetmeme

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Gameznet Special Interest Portals
Gameznet Special Interest Portals

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