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Hire me on oDesk

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Join The Gameznet Crew

Authors Gameznet is Hiring!

The Gameznet Crew is able to start making money online straight away!
Real Money for Real Work!
We are currently hiring interested parties to work on several projects for our clients.
We are using Odesk.com. to build and manage our team
Join Odesk Today and start applying to join Gameznets Virtual Team by applying to our job postings
or see if any of the thousands of other jobs available are something you could do to earn your first dollar online!.

Check Out Our Job Listings on Odesk!

Need Virtual Workers Check it out and Post your Job Offers?

This is the only way into the inner sanctum of the Gameznet Crew...
The Real Crew are invited from those that stand out amongst the crowd and really do want to be a part of our team.

To join the Gameznet Crew you Must

  • Have a Windows based PC with a fast internet connection
  • Have both voice and video chat facility (webcam and microphone)
  • Have between 2-10 hours per day which you can login and work on various internet tasks each day
  • Be Registered with Odesk and have the Odesk Desktop Tool installed
  • Possess relevent skills for the positions you apply for.
  • Be Polite and Punctual at all times.
  • Be respectful to your team leader and follow their directions
  • Have Skype installed and be able to use it regularly
  • Have a desire and willingness to be a part of a team
  • It is also helpful but not necesary if you have an iphone 4 or ipod touch 4th gen or ipad 2 or android based mobile, the later model the model the better.. (not necesary)

    Current data entry positions available are for real clients who have contracted our services to take them online by handling everything in order to take their traditional bricks and mortor businesses and turn it into a strong internet property. We need some team players to help with all aspects of planning, manageing, designing, building and kickstarting our clients initial online presense and creating a strong online presense.
    Unlike most data entry positions you may see online we are offering actual paid work for hours spent performing various research adn data entry duties and we do not provide commission based jobs or promotional related tasks but rather you will be working on a real website project for a real business performing tasks such as product research and entering product details to help build our clients online catalogs and assisting our client to make an amazing transition from being a traditional offline businesss without an internet presence into a new global player in the online market with fully functional and running ecommerce facilities.
  • So because we want the best for our clients and every or task we post gets a lot of applications we have put guidelines and processes in place to help ensure we can deliver what our clients are expecting and to also ensure that we are helping our team players to actualy start playing and winning the internet money game!

  • All Applicants will be invited to go through our Orientation and Training for a period of 1 week to train you to do basic research and data entry which includes some skills that you can take away with you at the end of the week and use to get more work or continue with us by taking one of our available positions. while you are logged in and working on various tasks your team leader will assist and chat with you to discover other skills you may possess that could further help us achive our any of our objectives. This orientation period will allow us to test your basic ability to follow instructions and enable us to get to know which of our projects and teams that your particular skills and experience would best be applied towards.

During this 1 week period we will offer you better than free training
We will actually pay you to learn how to do simple research and data entry tasks but we are also looking for certain charactoristics and skills which are required in several technical and management positions we also have available.
All Trainees who attend these orientation shifts will receive payment of $1 per hour while participating.
Trainees will be expected to log in each day for 5 days for a 2.5 hour shift
At the end of the week your team leader will submit a report on all participants
permanent positions with our team will then be offered to suitable candidates.

All suitable candidates will first be offered a position as part of our Data Entry Team
The data entry team performs a very important role for our clients and projects and is critical to every project we work on.
Your Team leader will assign you a shift and simple data entry tasks on behalf of our clients.
In the first day you will be asked to follow a set of simple instructions designed to teach you what is required for a particular task
you will have live assistance to help you should you need it. In the course of doing the tasks you will learn skills we require for our Data Entry Positions however we have other positions that will ONLY be announced to our Team Members so most other types of skilled positions we have available will be filled by recruiting from our Data Entry team first.

Before Applying to a Position with Gameznet please ensure that you have the following programs installed and working well on your computer since they are all programs you will find necesary during the training and orientation in order to perform many of the research and data entry work.

Desktop Odesk Tool
Most important,
If you are not logged into your Odesk team room on your computer your time cannot be tracked so your pc must be capable of running the desktop odesk tool.

Join Odesk Here:
Download Odesk tool here https://www.odesk.com/downloads

You must have Skype open during shifts for communication with your team leader and other team members when required.
Download here: http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/

Open Office
OR Microsoft Office
Essential for editing .csv files and preserving the file formats.
Download here: http://download.openoffice.org

An ftp program:
Filezilla is free- http://filezilla-project.org/download.php
cuteftp is another free one: http://www.globalscape.com/CuteFTP

HTML Editor
Dreamweaver is preferred: or
Also use the free online html editor at which is quick and easy for this kind of work http://free-online-html-editor.com
Or if you have your own wordpress site use the admin area to create posts.


Image Editor
Graphics Program
Adobe Photoshop preferred for image editing
You also need a program capable of batch processing and thumbnail generation
irfanview is good if working on batch processing images and makes easy work of bulk name changes and thumbnail generation
Download irfanview free here: http://www.irfanview.com/main_download_engl.htm
If you are interested in any position requiring graphics work please Also become familiar with sumopaint the webs best online image eediting Tool: http://www.sumopaint.com/app/

Web Browser
Firefox browser is required because it has many useful plug-ins available that make life easier.
Download Firefox free here: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

Please have each of the above programs installed on your computer and at least a basic understanding of each of them before applying for any of our positions.


Particular Skills We Are Looking For

  • Excellent English
  • Team Players
  • Management skills
  • Administration Skills
  • Training Skills
  • Html and Php
  • Wordpress
  • Oscommerce
  • WHM
    Cpanel and Fantastico
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Article Writing
  • Backlinking
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Design
  • Video Editing
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO Expertise
  • Ebay Store Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leaders


We currently have positions available on the following Teams:




  • Post incorrect inacurate or unfounded content anywhere
  • Flame anybody
  • Speak for or as if you are directly involved with any client or Gameznet itself.
  • Use profanity or vulgarness either in conversation or while posting data to any client, team member, network or contact.
  • Post unrelated or promotional information or any material to any page or article worked on.
  • Add affiliate links or backlinks to any page worked on unless directly asked to by your project manager.
  • Use any page you work on as a vehicle to promote anything other than the page it is on.
  • Use the work performed while employed for a Gameznet client or Gameznet directly as a vehicle to promote your own business or personal pursuits.
  • Atempt to cheat or circomvent any systems in place designed to prevent certain activities
  • Provide your Gameznet access information or details to any other person or entity
  • Send out emails, texts messages or in any way spam anybody with anything relating to Gameznet, gameznet team members, staff, mangement, clients or affiliates.
  • Post or allow any illegal, copyrighted, raccist, descrimatory, immoral or biased material or remarks on any subject worked on in relation to any activities performed in connection to Gameznet or Gameznet clients.
  • You may not modify or duplicate any html, files, plugins, themes or files used in any page, site or section in anyway without direct authority from your project manager,
  • You may not duplicate or share any html, posts or files worked on or that you have access too in the course of your activities connected to Gameznet or any Gameznet Client.
  • You may not reveal any technique, code or scripts, contacts, personal or business information or trade secrets made privvy to use in the course of activities related to Gameznet or Gameznet clients to any third party for any reason unless directed to by a relevent and legal demand the correct authorities.

If you agree to abide by the above conditions and are interested in Joining the Gameznet Team please start your journey by applying for one of our Odesk Posted Positions.

Please include in your application as much information about your abilities, background and willingness to work towards achieving our overal team and project goals and help our customers take their businesses into the online world providing the highest quality level of virtual work for our clients as possible.


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