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PPC Resources

Yahoo and MSN Join Forces

Check out the link below for More Info!

PPC Resouces by Gameznet, Discover how to effectively use PPC programs to promote your website.
We provide the guides and tools for you to use free.

Dont let anyone tell you differently Paid Advertising in search engines Works!

While organic traffic to sites, blogs and squeeze pages is great it is not the way to generate SALES, I mean real sales!, that you can live on and will not help with direct linking to affiliate sites! For that you need BUYER driven advertising and PPC is the perfect medium to deliver it.

When done effectively, paid search is an excellent, cost-effective medium to target interested leads. Paid search provides advertisers with great flexibility and the extraordinary opportunity to reach millions of potential customers with thousands of keywords. Many of the worlds most successful affiliates use paid search to generate over $100,000 each month in affiliate commissions!

Before we go any further something to be aware of is that if you dont know what you are doing with PPC advertising you can soon find yourself terribly out of pocket with little to no returns so while I advise everyone to learn about PPC and understand what it is and how it works it is not necessary to actually do it all your self, there are plenty of profesional services that will set up and manage campaigns for you but by knowing more about it you can see if they are doing things well and getting you results.
One such service I have found is Also be aware that Google is not the only search engine and not the only place that people look for things on the internet or the only PPC service you should be advertising in. there are many other search engines and some just as big as Google like Bing for example so do keep that in mind. Also many social networking sites have PPC advertsing such as facebook and linked in which can give just as good if not better results than Google due to their better targeting options.

About "Pay Per Click" or "Paid Search"

While natural search refers to all unpaid search results based on relevance, paid search refers to all pay-for-placement results. On Google, for instance, the paid search results appear on the far-right column labeled "Sponsored Links" and often above the organic listings. For affiliates practicing paid search, those "sponsored links" - or advertisements - generate commissions in one of two ways:

  1. the advertisement links to a publisher's own Web domain where affiliate links and banners direct users to the website owners affiliate links; or
  2. the publisher embeds his or her tracking ID within the advertisement and links directly to their affiliate links destination page. By sending traffic directly to targeted affiliate pages, the latter ensures that users arrive directly at the sales end; furthermore, this method does not even require affiliates to own their own Web domains!

Paid search services like Google typically sell listings on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis - this is also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC). In CPC or PPC programs, advertisers pay for each click-through on a pay-for-placement advertisement. How much does a click cost? Paid search affiliates "bid" on placements by declaring maximum bid amounts; those with the highest bids are usually listed highest. Advertisers will never be charged more than the declared maximum and, when there are no competing bids, will automatically be charged the minimum amount (which ranges between $0.01 and $0.10, depending upon the PPC program).

If your new to paid search and you are seeking more detailed information about it then I encourage you to visit the following page before you begin: Search
Google AdWords Overview

With PPC In addition to "naming your price," you are able to selectively target your audiences. By controlling which keywords your ads appear alongside, you only reach relevant users. PPC engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ah-Ha give advertisers nearly unlimited control of targeted keywords using "matching" categories. The following are "matching" types offered by Google:

Broad match
Simply enter your keyword eg: cell phone
The ad appears when users search on any of the keywords cell and/or phone,
regardless of other search terms used or of the order in which they are entered.

Exact match
Use brackets around your keyword eg: [cell phone]
The ad appears when users search only on the exact phrase cell phone.
eg: The Ad will not show if cell phone service is searched.

Phrase match
Use quotes around your keyword: "cell phone"
Ad appears when a phrase incorporating cell phone is searched for.
The Ad will show for lightweight cell phone but not for cell lightweight phone.

Negative keyword
Use a dash before your keyword: -Motorola
If your keyword is cell phone and your negative keyword is -Motorola,
your ad will not show if a user searches on Motorola cell phone, cell phone Nokia Motorola, etc.

There are many benefits to paid search - many of which have been outlined above:
  • Easy implementation
  • Does not require changes to your Web site (you don't even need a Web site!)
  • Unlimited number or variety of keywords
  • Ability to turn campaign on or off
  • Precise control of advertisement, landing page, price, and message
  • Easy to test various components (landing page, price, etc) and easy to change your ads respectively
  • Access to millions of potential customers who are now just a click away
  • Ability to cap daily spend and maximum bid prices
  • Potential to significantly increase affiliate commissions to upwards of $400,000 each month
Though the benefits of paid search can be tremendous, there are certain elements of paid search that
advertisers should be aware of:
  • Paid search can be time intensive and manual
  • Paid search can be costly if not managed carefully

Guiding Principles - 8 Steps Toward Effective PPC Marketing

  1. Understand your Metrics - Particularly ROI

    In paid search, there are several key terms; but ultimately, none is more important than ROI:

    Acronym Definition
    ROI Return on Investment
    CPA Cost Per Acquisition
    CPC Cost Per Click
    CTR Click Through Rates
    EPC Earning Per Click

    There are many useful metrics available to better analyze and monitor PPC campaigns; in the end though,
    their greatest use is in understanding the ROI. Monitoring campaigns solely by traffic, impressions, or clicks can be dangerous. Remember also that ROI will vary based upon keyword(s), ad position, PPC platform, time/day, and other variables. Consequently, it is important to track each variable and its effect on overall ROI? bringing us to Guiding Principle #2:

  2. Track and Test

    The key to successful PPC advertising is twofold: track and test. PPC platforms like Google, Overture, FindWhat and others enable advertisers to monitor all aspects of each campaign through robust reporting applications. Tracking ad ranks/positions, CPC, click-throughs, and other important metrics is easy with these platforms. Furthermore, comprehensive tracking and analysis is critical to understanding and improving your campaign ROI.

    Testing various campaign elements is equally important. With PPC platforms, it is easy to identify which ad copy, landing pages, and ad positions work best. The following guidelines are excellent starting points:

    Ad Copy
    • Explain what's in it for the customer
    • Use action-oriented language - "Buy", "Sign Up", "Join" etc
    • Avoid fluffy language. Remember, you have a character limit - use it wisely
    Landing Pages
    • Make sure that each landing page directly correlates to its respective advertisement
    Ad Positions
    • Carefully monitor your ad position, CPC, and CTR
    • Typically higher positioning equates to higher CTR and higher CPC
    • Evaluate which positions deliver the greatest CTR and whether it is worth the incremental cost
    Certain keywords or campaigns perform considerably better during certain parts of the day, week, or month. In these situations, affiliates have benefited greatly from "day-parting": the practice of raising CPC bids to effectively emphasize creatives during particular hours, days, or weeks. If, for instance, your keywords convert 300% better during 7-9PM EST, you might increase your CPC bids so that your creatives will appear in higher positions during those hours. Day-parting can be achieved in three ways:
    1. using a third-party tool,
    2. writing an advanced script to adjust bids, or
    3. manually adjusting bids. The third option is time-intensive and is typically not optimal.

    Ultimately, the goal of tracking and testing is to determine which campaign elements return the highest ROI and to duplicate those elements throughout each of your campaigns.

  3. Segment Keyword Groups and Campaigns

    As noted above, tracking and testing are essential elements of effective and efficient paid search advertising. Tracking and testing, however, can be difficult and burdensome for large keyword lists that can reach into the thousands.

    By segmenting keyword groups and ad campaigns by specific variables (keyword, creative, maximum CPC, landing page, etc), advertisers are able to isolate each variable and determine what is effective. This insight can then be applied to the other segments and hopefully be used to increase overall ROI. When keyword lists are not segmented, for instance, the data becomes overwhelming and it becomes difficult to target which variables influence which metrics!

  4. Utilize "2nd Tier" PPC Engines

    Google, Yahoo and Bing are easily the largest PPC engines. They draw the most advertisers and they reach the most users; however, because of the crowded landscape, Google typically carries very high costs per click. There are several smaller ("2nd tier") PPC platforms that, despite having smaller audience reaches, provide similar click through rates (CTR) with substantially lower costs per click. Moreover, these smaller PPC services frequently provide personalized customer-service which enable advertisers to reach traffic from different, untapped communities. A paid search best practice is to complement your Google campaigns with PPC advertising on the smaller platforms (see the list below for a sample of available PPC services). The benefits can be tremendous: lower CPC, higher CTR, increased market penetration and site traffic, and increased ROI, ACRUs and commissions!

    Listed Lower Down the Page

  5. Utilize Untargeted, Niche Keywords

    Identifying relevant and effective keywords is often straightforward. For example, imagine the fictional affiliate Relevant keywords and phrases for this company would be golf clubs and Callaway driver. These keywords, however, might have high CPC rates because they are rather general and probably have numerous other companies bidding on them.

    It is possible, however, to avoid crowds (and high CPCs) by identifying niche keywords and phrases. Although misspellings, unique synonyms, and clever phrases deliver less traffic, they generally have very high CTRs with very low CPCs. Again using as an example, the affiliate might consider complementing the more general keywords by bidding on the following "niche" ones: Caloway driver, Calloway wood, golfing clubs, golfers clubs, golfing irons, etc.

    PPC platforms like Google and Overture offer tools such as the Keyword Suggestion Tool and the Search Suggestion Tool, respectively. By inputting keywords into these tools, the PPC engine will output variations and related permutations of your words and phrases. These are excellent tools to expand your keyword reach and utilize niche keywords.

    Using different keyword matches (such as broad match, exact match, and phrase match) is an excellent way to target niche words. Likewise, utilizing negative keywords prevents superfluous, untargeted results. Consider, for instance, an affiliate that markets cruise vacations; they might bid on island cruise, Alaskan Cruise, or even cruise. They would also want to use negative keywords to disassociate any search with Tom Cruise ( -Tom).

  6. Understand Your Competitive Landscape

    Competition plays a critical role in PPC advertising because marketers essentially "bid" for ad placements. Understanding the competitive nature of particular PPC segments is crucial in formulating campaign metrics (CPC, CPA, ROI). Furthermore, understanding how "crowded" particular keywords are enables advertisers to determine appropriate CPC rates. Meanwhile, capturing "un-congested" keywords enables advertisers to capture low CPC and high CTR phrases.

  7. If you have additional questions or want to do further research, the following Web sites are filled with great industry information:
Search Engine Strategies

PPC or Paid Search is a tremendously powerful means to improve your business and drive additional ACRUs and commissions and if your business model currently includes paid search, integrating these best practices is a great way to improve your ROI and increase your ACRUs.


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Download ppc wordpress plugins PPC related WordPress Plugin

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PPC Networks

PPC Advertising Networks and Techniques
This is where the real money is!

Before touching this section you should already have your keywords figured out in the previous sections.
And be sure to read all of the information posted above so that you have a good understanding of what you are working with.

Test the same ads with the same keywords on each of the following PPC networks so you can see which ones perform better for you
Do not be tempted to make small changes to your ads, Keep them exactly the same as we need to see the results and compare the CTR's of each in order to determine which ones are performing better where, we want to only concern ourselves with the perform PPC Networks and remove the non proformers that just take up valuable realestate on your site or Blog.

Start with the lowest cost networks as provided and work your way through them until you are using each one, don't jump straight into Google adwords, its not the best place to learn and as the CPC is higher than most other networks it will cost you more to experiment here than anywhere else.
Just copy and paste your campaigns and ads keeping them as identical as possible. Some networks perform better than others for certian Niches and some are cheaper/more expensive than others. In addition one network may be great with particular keywords but no so good for other keywords and campaigns.

Remember to always use tracking codes or seperate affiliate Accounts for each so that you can correctly identify the winning and loosing networks for your campaign.
Deciding between a winning or loosing network is easy:
Run an add for a day on the first network, record the results and move on through each network

If a network costs more than it makes its a looser, - drop it and move on!
If a campaign fails to make any profit on more than 3 networks then it is most likley a loosing campaign, refine it or ditch it !
Don't waste your time floggin a dead horse its useless, costly and time consuming.


The PPC Networks

Yahoo Publishing Network Google adwords main rival and competitor

Yahoo Search Marketing - Usually give $50 free advertising when you join - can import google adword campaigns.
Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites like Yahoo!, Bing, AltaVista and CNN

Yahoo The Yahoo Publisher Network is Massive and keywords are cheaper than they are with Google Adwords .

MSN Bing - The MSN Bing Search Engine's PPC Advertising program is Microsoft's alternative to Google adwords and is also a massive network with millions of searches done daily. Unlike Adwords Bing have good support for advertisers and you will generaly pay less for the same Keywords than you will at Google.

Bing search engine MSN Advertising is Microsofts alternative to Google adwords
Bing Search Engine

Facebook Advertising - target your ads to Millions of Facebook Users - target by age, location, sex and most importantly keyword interests. Navigate the Advertise links from within your Facebook Account.


(most of these are still relatively untapped so keep them for yourself as you promote)

AdclickMedia - Another good alternative to Adwords is
Adclick Media PPC Network

AdclickMedia has a fast growing Publisher/advertiser Network with some
very good participating Niche Sites to work with in the AdClickMedia Network. has absorbed many smaller PPC and search engines to make it a very large network with lower bids than adwords, yahoo and bing. *New advertisers signing up to MIVA today get $25 in free advertising.
Credit Amount: $25. Required Deposit Amount: $25 give you $20 free to start with.
• $20.00 free Bidvertiser credit (totally free, no deposit required)


Chitika - is becoming a very popular alternative to adwords for advertisers and adsense for publishers
Ckikita us a neat contextual advertising system that puts Niche targeted ads on your site or blog.

Smaller PPC networks often mean less competition and lower costs - dont ignore these guys - has affiliate program and some cool tools -A pay-for-placement search engine that allows advertisers to bid on keywords. Feeds search results to a large network. has been a leading pay per click advertising and affiliate network since their inception in 1999 and is dedicated to providing value and service for online businesses. Continually recognized as a premier online advertising solution and a
Sign up today with Enhance Interactive to convert your share of millions of Web users into paying customers. - get free clickthrus for findwhat and others PPC search engines from trafficzilla Distributes results to a large network of other search engines and search box providers (has partner prog)

brainfox has aff prog - Traditionally offers lower initial bid prices. - A pay-per-click search engine that has partnerships with NetZero, DogPile and InfoSpace
ePilot's results are displayed on partners' sites such as,,, Pageseeker, and many more.. ePilot's suite of account management tools is designed for ease of use. You can start an account with $100. Now Marchex - Targeted, high-volume website marketing is a pay-per-click search engine.
You can promote your site to thousands of potential customers for as little as 1 cent per click. Their vast search network handles over 7.2 billion searches per year and delivers traffic to over 23,000 advertisers. - Provides both PPC-based paid inclusion listings and more traditional PPC-based paid placement - Offers category based search engine and PPC advertising program

Search123 is a new UK Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engine. It is an affordable
complement to other leading PPC search engines, - PPC Text/Banner Ads served their network and partner websites. includes publisher program. PPC text and banner ads - includes publisher network -

Serves the UK/Europe.




AdOn Network

Australian Specific PPC

2 of the best PPC in Australia - An Australian PPC - An Australian Self managed or Assisted PPC network: includes, google, sensis



Available PPC services (listed alphabetically):

"Second Tier PPC"
LookSmart Looklistings
Lycos InSite
Mamma Classifieds
Access a complete list of PPC engines by search engine watch here
Note: Each platform syndicates advertisements to different sets of search engines (i.e. Lycos InSite syndicates to


Google Adwords

I have put Google Last because Adwords is not the best place to learn unfortunately .
With Google Adwords one wrong move and your account can be suspended without warning or announcement.


Google Awords Is also fast becoming too saturated and competitive to advertise in, keyword prices are very high and adwords support is almost non existent.Google has been known to suspend adword accounts without notifying the account owner in any way other than their ads don't run often with no reports or information to be found about disaproved ads or account suspension within the adwords administration control panels. Basically you wont know until you atempt to contact support and then you will receive a vague email notifying you that your account was reviewed and is now under suspension. Having said that if your niche has low costing keywords then adwords can definatly bring you some quality traffic.

Google Adwords - get free credit from some web hosts. -

IF using Adwords you simply MUST DOWNLOAD and use the adwords editor to create and edit your campaigns and ads.
or use the (ones supplied with the weblicator templates) The adwords editor allows you to create, edit and manage all of your google adword campaigns, back them up and more from your PPC google analytics also provides valuable data on your website - most effective data for organic traffic (non PPC) and super effective for analysing Adwords data. (wordpress plugin in wordpress plugins)

To Make Google work for you you have to understand the adwords system.
First make sure you read and understand the following pages, otherwise you will most likley receive no impressions or clicks and your account may be suspended without warning.
keyword management tools

Adwords Quality Score - Extremely important to read and understand before using Google Adwords!

Landing Page Quality
- Also Extremely important to fully digest BEFORE using Google Adwords



Get Someone else to Handle multi payperclicks

Below you will find a list of services that can set up and manage your PPC campaigns for you. - An Australian Self managed or Assisted PPC network: includes, google, sensis

Understand the Landscape of Third-Party PPC Management Tools

We have emphasized the tremendous value of testing and tracking campaign metrics. For Web sites and companies with large PPC campaigns, testing and tracking can become time-intensive. Moreover, running campaigns on several PPC platforms complicates the issue: there are different CPC bids, keyword lists, campaign results, etc.

Utilizing third-party bid management and tracking tools is a great solution for affiliates feeling overwhelmed by data and results. These tools and applications typically offer the following benefits:

  • Time efficiency
  • The ability to manage accounts from a single application rather than several Web-based applications
  • Automated CPC bidding tools
  • The ability to set bidding rules (for example, automatically increase bids during specific hours, days, and weeks)
  • Enhanced metric reporting and ROI tracking
  • Consolidation of campaign metrics - directly compare campaigns from various PPC platforms

Many third-party bid management and tracking applications are available. Because applications and vendors vary, it is important to consider the following features when considering a third-party program:

  • Automated bidding capabilities
  • Bidding rules capabilities
  • Reporting and tracking features and thoroughness
  • Customer service level
  • Number of supported PPC services
  • Price (one-time purchase vs. monthly fee vs. revenue-based fee)
  • Application software (Web-based or installed software)

If you're interested in third-party management applications, below is a list of available programs and companies (please note that we are not affiliated with these companies and are presenting this list without bias):

Go Toast
Index Tools
Website Management Tools
24/7 Website Results

Download ppc wordpress plugins PPC related WordPress Plugins

How to Index Backlinks

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