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A Guide to Using Press Releases
to Build Traffic and Backlinks

A guide by Gameznet, find tools and resources to help you get your message out via press releases.I will be updating this section with some great resources to get your press releases out to as many locations as possible in the next update.

Press releases are one of the most effective ways to generate traffic to your site. If written well, they can be very effective. Over 90 percent of press releases are sent out by companies or sites trying to generate traffic or publicity so why aren't you?

The Difference between an News Release and a Press Release

From PRWeek magazine, the quintessential Public Relations trade publication:

"A news release is not intended for media like a press release. It’s an effort for businesses, organizations and individuals to get their message direct to readership. If carefully written, and without the usual ‘about us’ details, these PR efforts really work.

Further defined by the Internet, news releases are intended for easy integration into online publishing efforts, either manually or via automated syndication such as RSS. From blogs to technical sites, social media or Websites, the news release often flows seamlessly from the message maker to the message publisher."


Free Press Release Websites

Write a press release and distribute it free of cost using prweb a well syndicated press release and a Must Do! - get your pr release out across OZ...
- offers free and paid press release options.

Clickpress is a really effective site to send out your free press release with good syndication.

Free and Paid Press release Desktop Submission Tools

These tools may also come in handy

50 More Free Press Release Sites

Once you have a foothold and had some success with Free Press Release Services
You can amp up your efforts and returns with:

PAID PRESS RELEASES for Australian Press and Media releases. Press releases from $40, Or send a blanket release to All Metropolitan Media Categories, All States - For example, Metropolitan Newspapers, Radio and Television in all capital cities. National Newswires and Search Engines are included. for just $300au offer some great information about general PR and some pretty damn cool services for getting your message out there. Join free and send out your message starting from $19.95 Get your press release sent to all major outlets with proof of results,
Packages from $199
Heres a great PR service for Australians, send PR, Fax,emails,Text messages: loads of options to choose from. - excellent full service that sends PR as well as providing additional promotional services. - Get Great Results Here.
get media coverage in a single country or select various regions.
delivers your news straight into the email boxes of journalists and newsrooms around Australia

Press release distribution services - Unlimited press releases distributed $299 /year!

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No one provides more SEO benefit than PRBuzz's press release distribution services! provides huge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits for your press release and web site. We have a group of very unique features that others simply do not have. This SEO technology is built into every press release that we distribute.SEO friendly "back links": Hyperlinks are essential for bringing traffic to your site and improving search engine ranking. We allow up to 5 regular hyperlinks or text links in EACH PRESS RELEASE. Be careful! Some press release services do not allow you to link back to your web site.

content">RSS content syndication: We share your entire press release with other websites so it can be found all over the internet. This makes a huge difference with search engine optimization and it makes it easy to find your press release.
content">SEO URL technology: Important key words are included in the link to your press release. This is very important for search engines and very few press release services offer this. This technology has been tested and shown to triple the amount of traffic that press releases receive.
content">Press releases remain live for at least three years: All of this SEO technology is useless unless your press release stays online for a significant amount of time. Be very careful! Some press release distribution services only keep your press release on their site for three months!
content">Real-time press release tracking: You can track hits to your press release and others in real time at
content">To be effective, a press release must be written correctly. SEO Tips for Writing a Press Release
content">See More Details / Press Release Distribution Features provide Guides for creating and releaseing Press releases in Australia including how-to guides about writing and distributing press releases. Also includes links to press release distribution services. This is a non-profit site for information purposes only. providers of a range of advertising options including classified add, press releases, squidoo lens, hobpages and more

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What Others are saying about Press Releases

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Download press release wordpress plugins Press Release related WordPress Plugins


In addition to sending out Press releases dont forget about these other powerful promotion options:

Advertising , Article Submission , blogging and Social Media and press releases and Classified Ads



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