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Web Rank Stats
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ranking stats

One major factor of understanding how and why your website gets listed in search engines is to understand your website statistics

It is important to keep a contstant eye on your stats and rankings across the various major engines and in particular your PR or Google Page Rank so that you know how well or how badly your website is doing as far as traffic goes but also in comparison to other similar sites on the internet. Understanding your current stats and page rank will help you decude whether you need to analyse your on site SEO or whether you may need to do do more advertising and marketing. Geting into the habit of regularly checking your stats will also let you know whether any advertising or SEO you are doing is having a positive or negative effect on your search engine rankings and overal traffic statistics.

Knowing who is visiting your site and where they are coming from can also help you provide more highly relevent content to your actual audience especially by monitoring your keyword statistics to see what keywords are bringing people to your site and from where.

Statistical Data

The more information you have at your fingertips the better you are able to construct and target your marketing campaigns to get the desired audience to the most relevent pages fo your webiste. Statistics and ranking programs will give you valuable information that you would otherwise not know about.

Below are some Freely available web ranking and statistical programs that every webmaster should keep an eye on for all of their own sites and as well as your own its always a good idea to key an eye on competing sites that you would like to get ahead of in search engine results.

Online Statistic Sites

Google Analytics is a must have google account,
Google analytics provides loads of information about your site
If you have a website or blog and are serious about getting people to visit it then you need to know exactly what is going on which analytics will tell you . Of course you will first need a Google account which you should already have anyway and then signup for and log into Analytics to get you site set up for monitoring. After setting up your site details grab the google analytics code and add it to all of your pages. Google Analytics will also help you better understand and work with both google adwords and google adsense if you use those services on your sites.

Google Webmaster Tools is another important service which you should definately use as a compliment to Analytics and it will monitor all of your blogger accounts as well as listed websites you add. be sure to add your valid sitemap to all of your listed sites.
If you dont have one you can generate a 500 entry google friendly one for free here for wordpress sites there are some great plugins that will handly it all automatically. *see bottom of this page for links to wordpress plugins

Bing Webmaster Tools is microsofts version which will let you know what is going on in the bing search engine. URL Trends allows you to monitor a large number of URLs and to then see how many backlinks and bookmarks you have on various search engines and social bookmarking sites. Set up an account and monitor this site!

Free Web Ranking Sites

Keep a list of quick reference links to your stats handy and post it to your website. Here is a list of other statistic programs you can check your site with. I have linked them to our stats but just visit and then enter your own domain name. I also recommend linking back to your stats pages at all of these services from a page in your site so you have quick and easy access to various statistical data across the internet which is hand for analysing your stats. Many of the sites also display recent quires that are made so by linking to your page your getting a link reference back to your site.
You could even make sure your link appears in them more often by having traffic exchanges visit your stats pages on them regulary to help keep your links in them from disapearing. another popular service that gives you very handy information while also letting other visitors leave comments and so on about your site. - show the world your site rank
having a good compete rank will help you get a tonne of extra traffic and and also provide you with some valuable data but it wont even show you until your reach reaches a certain size. Thats why its important to link to it and check it regulary via that link so you can monitor your sites growth. provides some cool widgets that you place on your site to show off your alexa rank and again its worth using even if you dont yet have any alexa rank to speak off.

Here is a list of sites to use, Ive actually left my URL in them on this page so that search engines spiders visiting this page will follow them and find my site listed there. You can do the same, just find and replacae in notepad to replace my URL with yours and then vist each one in turn. Take the time to actually look at the information that each site has if any about your site, you can gleen a lot of useful info from them. Some of them let you edit and update what they have so if anything is missing or wrong then update the info. Others give you a report on things like broken links, bad meta tags, html errors etc so while you do this you can make sure your site is looking good to the search engines AND at the same time get some free backlinks.
Heres an important URL to use with the list after you have visited each of them, go there and use this tool to check if any of the sites come up with your info already, (paste the sites in without any URL) if your not listed at any just do as instructed again by visiting those sites where your not listed and check your url with them again then check back in a few hours.


Here is a nice Tool for checking your PR or Page Rank

Enter your site in the field below to check your Page Rank

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

A couple more Statistic sites where you can get counter widgets to place on your site.

Further PR Study

Read wikipedias explanation of Googles page rank by the American Mathematical Society
Google has this to say about pagerank master advanced features and gives a pagerank search Technology Overview Here


Get Widegts for your site like these
Just click on them and join the sites.

Increase your website traffic with



Put some flags showing where your visitors are coming from on your site.


There are also a number Firefox Plugins
That will help you analyze any website just by visiting it.

Dont forget to regularly check your hosting accounts statistics and especially your sites error log, this is easy if you have a good host with Cpanel, check our hosting Guide to find a good webhost.


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