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Honest Reviews of Money Making Programs and Software

Product and Service Reviews by Gameznet.
This is my review work area where you won't find affiliate hype, sales copy or reviews ovbiously trying to get you to click on links or buy something. These are my own purchases, and here is where I track and review those purchases of actual products and services that I have bought and paid for. I do this mainly for my own sake so that I can both record it and remember the tools and courses I have purchased and then referr back when making considerations of what tools or information I may need for any projects I might be working on.

So although I do use affiliate links when linking out to something I purchased that then provides me with an affiliate link that is not an endorsement as such of the product or service and the aim of the link is not to "get people to click" those links, my purpose is soley intended to help me be a better player of the internet money game and hopefully by sharing all of the information that I discover on my path I might help someone else who may be taking a similar journey. I record all of things I purchase here so yeah, there are some stupid purchases which I kick myself over as well as some that I am absolutley stoked to have. In the internet money game things dont always turn out the way you expect so I write about them for both self education and due dillegence reasons.

There are many money making, traffic getting or website promoting tools and services available online that promise to help you to Win the Internet Money Game but which ones are the real deal that actually provide you with something of use?
Over the years I have purchased a tonne of products, courses, ebooks and many software tools and the sad reality is that only a rare few get kept in my arsenel, Although as the years go by I seem to be getting much better at spotting the good ones before I actually buy them but I do still get caught out from time to time.

There are some awesome sounding premium services, software tools, apps, plugins and so on out there and some do completely amazing things but they can sometimes be presented in a way that becomes hard work and tiresome or they might be too confusing to work through or for whatever reason they simply don't deliver what they promise and so for those items I don't hesitate to get a refund and move on in my search for the perfect tools and resources to help me play and win the internet money game.

Before considering a purchase of any money making product make sure it has a solid money back gaurantee and a reasonable duration so you can have time to properly check it out and make sure its something you want to keep. Dont feel bad about getting a refund if you are not going to use a product or service which has a gaurantee, that is what they are there for and sellers know and understand that they will get a percentage of refunds, refunds are a good thing! They ensure that everybody remains happy and that nobody gets burnt.. but at the same time NEVER get a refund and then continue to use something.. thats just wrong....

Anyway, I ramble,
Have a browse over my reviews of tools and services which I have used, it may help you prevent making a mistake or waisting your time with something that wont do the job its intended for or wont fit in with your needs or it could just be a plain ripoff. On the other hand you might discover something you didnt even know existed.

I will only post reviews of software and services which I have actually purchased and used or link to those that I intend on purchasing in the future.

Some of the products or services listed have given me valuable insights or paid for themselves with the education or tools I received while others have been hyped up trash and when thats the case I will not recommend them but rather will give my review of the purchasing process and explain why I didn't like or keep the product or service and why I got a refund if that is the case. There are some simply awesome products and services around which I might not have kept because they dont suite my personal needs but that doesn't always mean that they are rubish or won't suite somebody elses needs and I will explain or demonstrate why I chose to keep or reject any product as honestly and fairly as I can.

Also on this page is information on where you can go to solicit reviews of your website, product or blog which can be a good way to spread the word about your site or product if you have one, just be sure that your ready for it as people may be brutaly honest and you dont want your name, site or product being trashed all over the net because you were premature in getting people to look at it. Expect to get some negative comments and be prepared to take on board any advice and opinions you are given and make the changes required when you do get negative feedback.

Honest Reviews OnlyMy Reviews

As I try out different products, services and systems I note down certain factors that drive the descision of whether or not I would recommend something to another person or not. So as I make those notes I don't hold back on what I really think otherwise when I referr back to these reviews I might talk myself back into using something for a clients project or recomending a dud to a friend. Basically if an item is worth the cost, does what the advertising copy says it will do and is great value for the money then thats what I will say but likewise if it is a rip off, over hyped trash or just a plain bunch of lieing buship then indeed thats what I will be saying about it.

When I first make a purchase or have an intended purchase in mind I will first set up a basic review page and provide basic information including my purchase date, cost and so on and just enter the basic information about the purchase, if there is an affiliate program for the item I will join it and use that link whereever I link to the items website, hey a garden will eventually grow if you plant many seeds.
As I use the products and get a new opinion or if I come to a complete descision about something I will then put my editing hat on and come back to update the review page.
Once I have completed a review and added a final thought on it, I will move the review and post the finished result on my Blog but until then the review remains here as a draft waiting for me to complete. I am also in the process of making videos demonstrating some products and services and considering recording some future purchases with instalation and setup to go with future reviews so I can record and show the actual buying and useing of new purchases which means you will get to take a look behind the curtain of some cool and not so cool stuff!

Ticks and X's !

I have placed a tick next to items I am still using, 2 if I am currently happy, 3 if I currently think its awesome and a cross if I dont use it or got a refund, If I havent yet given a cross or a tick it means I havent given it a fair evaluation yet for whatever reason, probably put it in the "check out later pile".

As you may see there are a lot of wordpress related items including wordpress plugins and themes... thats because the wordpress platform is just so damn powerful and awesome, if you want to make money online then your own self hosted wordpress bogs are the ONE COMMON THING that ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE so you had better get to know and understand it if you want to be the best player you can be! (Andrwe enough said get on with listing the freakin reviews already will ya!)


its ok SEO Pressor Reviewed
Like it SEO Pressor ReviewedSEO Pressor Reviewed
Love iT! SEO Pressor ReviewedSEO Pressor ReviewedSEO Pressor Reviewed
not for me Affiliate X Reviewed
Dislike it Affiliate X ReviewedAffiliate X Reviewed
Hate It Affiliate X ReviewedAffiliate X ReviewedAffiliate X Reviewed



SEOPressor SEO Pressor Reviewed purchased 28/11/2011 - paid $97 |$47 single site or $97 multisite licence, A wp plugin to help ensure correct SEO of every individual blog post in your wordpress site. Read Review
Roboform Roboform ReviewedRoboform Reviewed Roboform Reviewedoriginal purchase 2007 - security tool for managing personal info and form filling, I will never not have this on my PC, and now you can even use it on many mobile platforms!
Carp Evolution Carp Evolution Reviewed Carp Evolution ReviewedCarp Evolution Reviewedoriginal purchase 2007 - RSS feed integration tool, another tool I will never do without. just powerful ! so great I cant express enough how every site should use this!

Schedular Pro Scheduler Pro ReviewedRoboform Reviewed original purchase 2007 scheduling software which is just awesome once you learn how to drive it. schedule anything, and I do mean anything. Still awsome in 2011!



MassMoneyMakers purchased 06/01/2011 - money making course and software tool.

Affiliate X Reviewedpurchased 14/01/20011 paid $47 - a course and a wordpress plugin for getting more traffic to your blog posts.

purchased 19/01/2011 - software tools and training for traffic
wptwin ReviewedTotal Traffic Annhilation Reviewed -purchased 27/11/2011 paid $97: Cost $97 : Create complete clones of wordpress sites for quick redeployment. wptwin lets you create quick complete clones of your entire wordpress sites - use for backing up or create wordpress template sites for quick redeployment.

WP Tweet Bomb
WP Tweet Bomb Reviewed Total Traffic Annhilation Reviewedpurchased 28/01/2011 - paid $297 | $97 use on 3 blogs | $297 use on 300 blogs | $997 use on 3000 blogs - powerful autoblogging auto tweeting and CONTEXTUAL AFFILIATE INTEGRATION combined.

MegaMoneyEmails Affiliate X Reviewedpurchased 01/02/2011-paid $17 plr version is $37 -This is a course on using autoresponders which comes with a complete autoresponder series and aweber setup instructions to get you going.
update: Not suitable for me as I dont like managing email lists.. also very old news...

Aweber-Affiliate X Reviewed 14th/02/2011 - well I set up the $1 trial so I can see if megamoney emails is going to do any good. Also its time I realised you do need to use email marketing and so I am going to start putting some effort into it. update april 2011: not really worth it unless your into email marketing and autoresponders. there are free options that do everything aweber does. I use the free wp autoresponder plugin which is great if you have a wordpress website. I know aweber is a popular autoresponder service and I would indeed recommend it for those that want to run big autoresponder campaigns but its just not for me..

world profitsAffiliate X Reviewed internet training: - 13th 02/2011 -$99 per month this looks like it might be a promising course but will require some dedication. You get a domain assigned to you and they help you set it up and then send traffic to it. The thing that sets this apart is the community aspect and 24/7 LIVE support. The live webcam help and regular webcam training sessions are impressive. they have over 900 thousand members so they must be doing something right. Does look very involved though, not for the feint hearted however I attended a live webinar and was convinced to give this a go. so far Im very impressed!

Update: April 2011 World Profits was great in the begining, moving down to exhausting in the middle as it got more and more overwhelming, there is just no way you can get this fully set up and running at a profit for at least a 6-12 months working it full time because its just too huge and it realy needs 100% focus on this and nothing else you might be doing, and as such it is just way too time and money costly for a newbie and too expensive from the outset, if it was $20 per month and scaled up as you progressed it would be great but for anyone short of funds and needing to grow slowly so your earnings go up as your costs do forget about it unless you have some funds to burn and are willing to spend $100+ per month for maybe 6-12 months with little return during that time. Also when my account was not renewed they sold my domain on to someone else within just a few weeks and so I lost all the benefits of the traffic I had generated up until then to that site and the domain they claim is 100% yours is NOT! the domain was

I was very unimpressed and pissed off with that move and had I still retained ownership of the domain as promised I would have considered renewing my membership as soon as I had the money but that move on their part lost me as a client as I spent a LOT of time and money promoting the domain and felt like all they care about is getting their monthly $99 from me. It really upset me loosing the domain which I paid top dollar for when you can buy a domain for $20 elsewhere was sold out from under me a domain I had just spent several feverish weeks of endless day and nights driving traffic too and building backlinks and deep linking to it from all my other domains, sites, blogs, membership accounts and so on. I had built it up, generated and delivered tonnes of articles,blog comments, forum links and so on and entered the domain into a shitload of traffic and safelist programs which I set up during the world profit course so the domain is well listed in google, yahoo and bing with hundreds of backlinks, loads of traffic and it was now worth money at the very least to sell it but they stole it from me and now the new owner of the domain is benefiting out of all that hard work I did..
For me at this stage my membership was a complete and total waste of time and money and I feel exploited and ripped off!...
Thanks for nothing George and Co!! - 04/03/11 paid $27another program with really big promises, at least its clickbank so if it doesnt work its refund time.

MyArcadeBlog Pro Miracle Traffic Bot ReviewedMiracle Traffic Bot ReviewedMiracle Traffic Bot Reviewed04/03/11$29 with this wordpress plugin and theme available I decided to scrap the previous script I was using to run my free online games arcade I was using at and replace the site with this wordpress method of delivering free games to visitors instead. It seriously seems better to use WP since it is so damn powerful and a lot easier to customise than my preprevious arcade solution.
The price is right anyways....
I purchased the plugin and an arcade theme and got it installed, couldnt have been easier or gone smoother..
This was a great buy and easy to get happening. Since instalation it has steadily grown in traffic without me doing much at all.

wordpress simplicity Miracle Traffic Bot ReviewedMiracle Traffic Bot Reviewed17/09/2011 paid $27with some great extra bonuses for facebook stores and more. I actually bought this for the facebook related bonuses, love the fact that there were no daft upsells in the sales process, I love it when you buy something and you get what you bought without be nagged and hammered to buy all sorts of other shit. install on unlimited domains!
The simplicty writing plugin that gets added to your wordpress editor is totally awesome, the whole package is good but the price is well worth it just for this editing feature alone... lets hope it plays nice with all the other plugin Im using.

WP Nexus actually I got this for an extra $10 as part of a special promotion pack included with wordpress simplicity for a limited time but it can be purchased directly also. WP Nexus helps you make your facebook fan pagees come to life from within your wordpress sites. (its actually an addon for wordpress simplicity which you can grab for just $10 after you purchase wordpress simplicity or grab it direct from the link above for $27.00, I grabed it after I got wordpress simplicity.. install on unlimited domains!

PingBackOptimiser Miracle Traffic Bot Reviewed17/09/2011 This premium wordpress plugin can help generate and manage pingbacks to your wordpress sites.

WP Plugin Package 17/09/2011 $27 - 10 premium wordpress plugins for internet marketers with PLR rights. Looks great, purchased it but so far have not received it!

Social Money - $47 Upgraded to lifetime member, worth the effort this one, try it free and if you find you use it a lot then the upgrade will be of value to you.

Warrior Plus WSO Purchases:

Backlink Syndication System Miracle Traffic Bot ReviewedMiracle Traffic Bot Reviewed -purchased 01/02/2011 - paid $27
By Daniel Tan the Seo Guy A pdf course on who to get backlinks syndicated using press release methods.Purchased through the Warrior Forums WSO program. It gives some great information and is a good read. It was definatley worth the money.

Backlink Takeover by Mario Brown - purchased 18/09/2011 - Paid: $11.12
Not a bad read for 11 bucks..

Bought the whole suite of Digi Wordpresss plugins on the Warrior forum.
These wordpress plugins really do look like some powerful tools and I just had to check them out,
They may very well be the very plugins I have been searching for!

Digi Autolinks Miracle Traffic Bot Reviewed17/09/2011 - purchased multisite Paid: $27
Digi Article blaster 17/09/2011 - purchased multisite Paid: $27 - auto joins you to article sites and then your can blast any post to all of them with a single click.
Digi Link Doctor 17/09/2011 - purchased multisite Paid: $27
Digi traffic Multiplier Miracle Traffic Bot Reviewed17/09/2011 - purchased multisite Paid: $27 - gathers questions and and answers based on your keywords and posts them to your site automatically using cron job. 17/09/2011 this was a bonus with one of the digi products I think... lol

IM Power Suite - a suite of software tools for internet marketing. interesting....

Income Entourage - one of those promise you the world sales sites that I thought awe its just a few bucks might as well check out what these guys are giving since they put so much work into their sales video. lol

Myfreemoney formula - again I loved the sales video, very creative so I give them props for that I send them a few bucks to check out their wares...

Profit Members - they send you Niche website templates and an instalation file to set them up.

RSS Pidgion - a course about using RSS feeds

Ubot Studio - a powerful tool for developing your own interent marketing software applications.

WP Social Pipes - a wordpress plugin that helps syndicate your posts to a range of web2.0 sites.

Ap Dev Secrets - yeah I want to learn how to make my own apps!

Top Listing Exploits - 19/09/2011 paid $6.88 for Warrior WSO




The below listed products are all those that I purchased in 2010. I will place a review on my blog for each one as I get around to them, the links go to pages I have started for the reviews but are stored works in progress.

  • Advertise Free For Life an interesting advertising service which I bought into , havent really utilised it as much as I should but it seems alright
  • Affiliate X Affiliate X ReviewedAffiliate X Reviewed is basicaly a how to use clickbank course that comes with several tools - My first problem is with the "so many upsells" during the purchase process which is a red flag to me from the start, I got so lost in the confusion of them it destroyed my faith and depleted my engery, its just way too much hype.....
  • Blogging To The Bank course about make money with blogs - to be honest I bought this , downloaded it and havent really read it yet.
  • Clickbank Pirate Clickbank Pirate ReviewedAffiliate X ReviewedAffiliate X ReviewedPaid $5.70au - Trial purchased 08/02/2010
    It is basically a clickbank course -and a load of crap, it teaches you how to promote their own program and other products on clickbank but the main focus is on getting other people to buy clickbank pirate. Yay who wants to pay to join an affiliate program?
  • Free Traffic Systems Paid $O.00 | this is a free backlink service : seems ok for free...
  • Instant Blog Subscribers An online blog subscription for internet marketers : seems like a good soapbox to reach other internet marketers.
  • Miracle Traffic Bot is a social site/web 2.0 - auto submitter - I set it up but havent used it much as it is a bit limited when compared to other similar products I have, looks ok but there are definately better, easier to use and more thourough systems for this kind of thing...
  • Power List Marketing email marketing program - joined for free but yet to venture right in, Im a bit overwhelmed by it.
  • Viral URL Viral URL Reviewed url shortening service with a twist - interesting and I do use it a bit, good for internet marketers who are targeting internet marketers...
  • Hyper Facebook Traffic Lawn Chair Millionaire ReviewedAffiliate X Reviewede-course about using facebook to make money lost my concentration on this one, just way too many upsells and too much hype so it burnt me out quickly.
  • Lawn Chair Millionaire ReviewedLawn Chair Millionaire ReviewedLawn Chair Millionaire Reviewed network marketing business - urgh, paid for it and then got a refund...(wasnt a full refund either) just not for me..
  • Auto Blog Samurai Autoblog Samurai ReviewedAutoblog Samurai Reviewed Autoblog Samurai Reviewed desktop blog posting tool - GREAT little tool, I use it all the time to gather up related blog posts, articles etc, then I manually rewrite them, add videos and images and send them to whatever blog on a schedule, awesome tool, great purchase! very happy!
  • Socrates Wordpress Theme A Wordpress Theme - I love this very flexible wordpress theme :)
  • SuccessBomb Video courses - was a great course, loved every video I watched but didnt get to see them all....not sure what happened as I went to log in one day and couldn't but also couldnt afford the renewal fees for the subscription at the time, I should have downloaded all the videos for re watching them as the info was top rated stuff and I learned loads of cool things..
  • Sokule twitter for internet marketers - I Joined this but its a bit overwhelming and I dont feel I have the time to handle all these different social things, so I have yet to fully setup and get into sokule, not sure if I ever will yet but who knows. It is basically for internet marketers who want to build relationships and contacts with other internet marketers.
  • Hostgator Hosting Service - the most awesome thing about hostagator and the deciding factor in making them my preferred hosting service is because of their 24/7 very attentive and helpful live support staff, I mean their support is Just Top Notch and for that reason alone I wholeheartedly recommend hostgator!! TRIPPLE A1 RATED SUPPORT!
  • WPSyndicator WP Syndicator ReviewedWP Syndicator ReviewedWP Syndicator Reviewed A Wordpress social networking plugin - this software works exactly as you expect it to and once set up does a damn fine job of delivering your posts either automatically or manually to a host of free online blog services, web 2.0 and social websites. not bloody bad :)


Oportunities and products which I have not had a chance to really look at yet, but are on my list "to buy" soon and review...
Products and Services I am considering to purchase when time is available to give them a fair trial run. Some may be similar to ones that I already have but I do want the best software and services I can find so I will always be trying out new things and looking for new ways to get the edge in the Internet Money Game.

Clickbank Gamers - $37 a Clickbank product about applying internet marketing to the gamers industry. sounds very interesting and I want to check this out in regards to my gaming site.

LinksManager - $19.95 pm for up to 30 catagories, other pricing plans for more categories. LinksManager is a Powerful system for managing and making link requests.

PLR poster Automatically uploads PLR content to your blog, adds tags, optimizes for Seo, includes affiliate hyperlinks, and schedules the post date with no scripts to install and supports unlimited blogs from one installation. Im not really interested in posting plr articles but I am interested in checking out how well this tool does its job.

Turbo WP Memberships (DELmem) is a powerful WordPress Plugin that allows you to use a WordPress blog as a membership site.
$67.00 single site licence, Multi - $197.00 install on unlimited number of blogs.
$297.00 developer. - you are allowed to install it to unlimited number of blogs, PLUS sell the blogs with the Plugin installed.
Could be a good option for a gameznet membership if I decided to go that way..

Not sure which one to get either that or wishlistmembers.

wishlistmembers - Turn your wordpress blog into a full blown membership site and sell memberships with various free and paid levels. $97 single site licence or $297 multisite licence membership plugin for wordpress .

Notorious Blog Poster - An Automatic Blog Posting software that will do all the work for you. This automatic blog posting software will also let you add your own sites,it understands spin tags and you can add links and adsense to the posts.

Squidoo Affiliate Destruction $47 How to dominate Squidoo

SENuke - software for creating and posting articles to social sites and web 2.0 accounts -forums and more. Great tool for creating accounts in loads of web 2.0, social bookmarking and forum accounts, its expensive, but massive! ~ not for the feint hearted

An awesome backup scheduling and syncronising tool for your files, hard drive, websites. Great for syncing websites so your local copy and online versions are exact. also useful if you want to move a website from one host to another.

WP Robot powerful automated blog poster for affiliate marketers. I dont use this but it does look great!

for getting backlinks and improving search engine traffic
for getting backlinks and improving search engine traffic

Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter
for rewriting and submitting articles
$25 one time fee| promises to send your advertising emails every day to a responsive spam free double optin list of oportunity seekers for a small one time fee. lifetime membership.

commission crusher - lots of extremely big promises, lets see if it can live up to anything the video says.At least its clickbank so 60 days to decide if I want to keep it and getting a refund is all too easy. - get facebook ads for free? can it be true? I guess the only way to really know is to purchase the product and see exactly what it is. At least its a clickbank product so theres no problemo in getting a refund if I decide I dont want to keep it and I have 60 days to decide.

and some more:

Bookmarking Demon

I am on the hunt for some good wordpress review themes or plugins here are a couple I am considering.
Wordpress Review Theme there are 12 themes currently available at $39.95 each or $147 for all themes. these are specific themes for niches , quite nice looking and appear to do exactly what they are supposed to do.

niche review themes wordpress review themes.
I also found this other cool looking site to check out later niche site builder



How to Solicit Website Reviews

Getting your website, product or blog reviewed can be a good way to spread the word and get some free advertising, affiliates and backlinks but you want to make sure your site or product is complete and ready for visitors and users before you go about contacting reviewers.

Here are a list of sites and forums where you can solicit website reviews for various reasons, Be sure to read all and any conditions. Read some of the other review requests and the replies they got. Conform to the requirements of any of the sites and you will find some great help. Quite a responsive lot here. This forum can be used to solicit website reviews from other users you need to review 3 other websites first and then you can request website reviews Get website critiques from this forum get reviewed here too

And here are some more sites where you can get your blog or website reviewed.


I will add more reviews and more sites where you can get reviews done for products and services (not just websites) later. Also check out my information on Forums as there are plenty of forums available where you can get your websites products or blogs reviewed and you will get some handy tips on making every forum post a potential traffic magnet.
Review Related YouTube Videos

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I found no Good Hosting Videos Yet but..
Gameznets Money Game Videos on YouTubeVisit my YouTube Channel
For more money game videos
What People are Saying On HubPages about Reviews
I will continualy update the reviews on this page and add more products and software to the list of items I want to check out .
You may want to bookmark or share this page with your social sharing sites so you can use it for later reference.

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