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Demonstoned ReviewsDemonstoned Reviews:

SENuke Review


Demonstoned Reviews SENuke.
This is a pending Review - I will get to it when time is available to test the product.

My Membership/Purchase

I Joined/purchased SENuke on the / /2010

  1. After joining SENuke I downloaded the software, had some trouble getting it started as it would not accept my authorisation details. Quick email to support and the problem disapeared. I logged in and started looking around. At first the interface is a little overwhelming but as I click around I begin to get my bearings. I referr to the memberships training videos and watch the videos related to setting up.
  2. Time to give it a quick whirl and test the account creation out.
    I create a profile and check the boxes for all sites and set it to go.
    ok, captcha issues, its not solving the captures so I put it on manual captch solve and just enter each captcha as it comes up. This also gives me the chance to fill those forms in with my real details as I preffer to set up each of the listed sites for real and actually use them so I dont want dummy information in them.
    This annoys me a bit as with a little bit more work I believe this software could be programed to complete each signup and create a real profile all set up correctly and ready to start posting.
    I would like more control over the ability to specify what should go into each of the various fields when signup forms ask for different information a URL, address, short bio etc, signature, image url etc
    Ability to ignore certain field. Maybe a checkbox next to each of the listed services for full setup or somthing.
    So looks like I will have to login to the ones I consider important and customise them at a later date. Its not much use posting items to incomplete sites as it leaves no trace of credibility. . . ;(

    It takes me about an hour to setup all of the accounts and hear "Submission Complete" spoken by the software.

  3. At the main screen I can see all of the accounts listed with a cross next the ones that where not joined. What would be nice here would be that the names where clickable links so I could manually join them.
    So I unchecked all the programs that were successfull and set it to join those that were left, there were about 10 that had failed. So as they loaded i paused and made sure I was happy with the forms. All 10 signups completed.
  4. now its time to verify all those accounts but SENuke takes care of this. i check all sites again and click on verify email, a page loads with my new email accounts details showing. I click verify and get to watch a preview of it going through every email and clicking the verify link..
    I already have the email account open in a browser so I take a look at it, ok theres a lot of emails 60, None read, I refresh the browser and to my suprise theres only 5 unread now. Neat!
    Looks like all verifications are done, I log into a couple of them to check and confirm and all seems fine.
  5. Next its time to setup the other sites, have trouble here and theres a lot os sites listed so I pay for a Captcha Resolving service., Again it has trouble and struggles



  1. Next I
  2. Finnaly I found


The Good and Bad of SENuke:

Benefit 1

2) Benefit 2

3) Benefit 3

1) What I disliked most:

2) Not so good is:

3) Room for improvement:


Refund Policy
Yes, you can get a complete refund if not entirely satisfied


SENuke cost: $

Value for Money: Great,! Not So Great!

Demonstond'sVerdict: SENuke looks

Research Still Underway,
A Verdict is on hold for now until further results are evident

Gameznet Tick of ApprovalGets my Tick of Approval

Not Recommended!


Final Word Time will tell with this one,
I will update this review when I know more


Here are some Youtube videos of SENuke

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Check it out for yourself: SENuke


Reviewed By Demonstoned
(AKA Andrew McMullen of the Gameznet Network) for


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