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Demonstoned ReviewsDemonstoned Reviews:

Clickbank Pirate
Clickbank Pirate

The Clickbank Pirate website says:

Renegade Clickbank Super Affiliates Finally Reveal...
" The Shockingly Simple System That Can Make You At Least $1,000 Per Month Without A Website Or A Product Of Your Own!"

You Can Start Using It 15 Minutes From Now & Have Your Clickbank Account Look Like This Next Week...

----> image
Next you see a screenshot of a clickbank account with sales figures that are quite small compared to claims of most other programs.
image ends ---->

* Screenshot of a real Clickbank account testing our proven system

You might be thinking: "That doesn't look as impressive as what I
usually see on pages like this"...

But we are not here to dazzle you with photoshop magic concocted by some
hyped up wannabe! Read on to discover exactly why that screenshot is here.

The site then goes on with the sales pitch and gives a clear impression that you will be buying an automated system, a blog, step by step training and more.
There are many testimonials claiming that the program is amazing.

People Just Like You Are Making A Full Time Income From Blogging To The Bank's Free Money Making Blog So Join Up Today To Start Making Up To $456.98 Per Day And Quit Your Day Job Today!

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My Membership/Purchase

I Joined/purchased Clickbank Pirate in August 2010

After joining the aptly named Clickbank Pirate I went about exploring the login area eager to get my hands on something incredible and low and behold I didn't really find much other than the "automated programs" which were in fact more systems to purchase with several more affiliate programs given that I should also join and promote.
I saw no mention of the blog and training and soon realised I don't really know what I had bought and paid for here all.
After a while it dawned on me that all I could find was information about promoting clickbank pirate and several other programs. I soon became obvious to me that I had just paid to join an affiliate program providing material focused on selling more copies of that same affiliate program.

Unfortunately after several ignored emails to the program vendor asking what the deal was and where my products where and getting no support or responses I eventually sent this email to Clickbank for a Refund
2010-08-18 01:52:39 AM
This is nothing more than an affiliate program that you have to pay to use.. pfft, very disapointed. please cancel subscription and refund payment... :(

The Good and Bad of Clickbank Pirate:

The best thing that I can say is that the landing page is well done, after all I purchased ;-)

2) I was able to get a complete and total refund with no problem

1) What I disliked most was that I could not see anything new here,
I didn't get a blog as promised, there was nothing tangible that stood out as a product so basically I paid for a series of emails and materials I could use to promote and sell"clickbank pirate" and several other affiliate programs.
Clickbank Pirate

Is it a scam or total ripoff, well no I wouldn't go so far as to say Clickbank Pirate is a scam because they do provide information about affiliate marketing, and they do provide a lot of resources but the name does fit the bill since its mostly pirate information. It is obvious that they do know what they are talking about and that they themselves are making money with the tactics they provide but I personly think its a total cheek to take money from people for stuff they can get for free everywhere online. Just look around my own website and you will find everything that they provide for free .

Refund Policy
Yes, you can get a complete refund if not entirely satisfied

Clickbank Pirate

Clickbank Pirate cost: $67.00

Value for Money: Very Bad, Fancy giving somebody money for the privilage of promoting them.

VerdictDemonstond'sVerdict: Forgive me if I am wrong, But I couldn't find an actual product so Clickbank Pirate looks like it has no actual product or service to offer, it seemed to me to be exactly the same as joining an affiliate program which you can already do for free because um "der" - thats what clickbank is for...

Not Recommended Not Recommended!


Final Word Suffice is to say that I ended up getting a refund which did come back to me quite quickly since Clickbank Pirate is a clickbank program.
Avoid these pirates and save your money for something better..

Video Reviews of Clickbank Pirate

There are a tonne of reviews for Clickbank Pirate online and available on YouTube

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Reviews and posts I found at Hubpages on Clickbank Pirate

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Most reviews of CBPirate you will find are positive and seem to be by either clickbank affiliates who have not purchased the program or by people following the directions that they got from the program to promote Clickbank Pirate. I have even questioned a few and rarely get a reply which indicated they are affiliates and possibly even autobloggers. Everything I see seems to be focused on getting another clickbank pirate sale and to recruit more pirates to generate even more sales so the Clickbank pirate authors can earn even more income by recruiting more pirates to work for them. Quite clever I guess and it looks like some people take it seriously enough to follow the instructions. I'm pretty sure that most reviews are by people that have not actually purchased the program though or they wouldn't be waisting their time, having said that a purchase via Clickbank is Gauranteed so its always worth making a purchase and seeing for yourself because your gauranteed a refund if your not happy.

Clickbank Pirate
Check it out for yourself: Clickbank Pirate


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