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Demonstoned ReviewsDemonstoned Reviews:

Hyper Facebook Traffic
Hyper Facebook Traffic Review

Hyper Facebook Traffic

Demonstoned Reviews Hyper Facebook Traffic.
The Hyper Facebook Traffic website describes Hyper Facebook Traffic as

My Membership/Purchase

I Joined/purchased Hyper Facebook Traffic on the 09/09//2010

the first thing that struck me was after the purchase I was given a long page to read with an upgrade offer with a $49 additional price tag.
I read some of the offer and then scrolled to the bottom of the page and click no thanks, I am then given ANOTHER upgrade offer this time for $39 which again I read some of but hell I just want to get to my purchase and why isnt this stuff included anyway??
So again I scroll to the bottom and click no thanks,

Guess what, Another FINAL OFFER!!
This time the price is $29 with no recurring billing??
I read the offer a bit more carefully and the offer sounds enticing

20 Hyper FB Traffic packages ready to make money tonight
No monthly billing (unlike previous offer you've just seen)
You don't need technical or marketing skills
Save weeks of manual set up headaches and costs
Save hundreds on web design software
Save hundreds on keyword research tools
Save hundreds on stock images
Save thousands on copywriter fees

but then I realise that what I am being offered is what I was offered on the initial item purchase, it said I could start making money within an hour and didnt need anything accept a free facebook account and that it would not cost me any money?? NOW I'M CONFUSED

and I am feeling very wary, perhaps a refund is in order, the beauty of clickbank...
Should I, shouln't I get the upgrade offer?
Is the purchase less of a purchase without it, I am sure they will be spamming me to upgrade stuff if I don't.....
probably will anyhow or offers to get something else,
This imediate offer fad clickbank vendors are doing really triggers my warning bells...

ooooh it says this is my one and final chance to get the upgrade package..

wait a minute its $147 for the upgrade package??
What the hell is going on here?
I scroll to the bottom and click "I dont want to claim the $29 Discount Offer"

Next I'm taken to a registration page where I give my details and email address. Submitting that takes me to a VIP Members Area and a video starts up.

The first thing I learn is that I should promote the hyperfbtraffic program,
Oh boy here we go I think to myself as I watch the next video.

The next video walks me through promoting hyperfbtraffic and it goes through some more proof of payments and my eyes start rolling back in my head.

ok, I just paid for it I have to go over it all, unfortunately many clickbank products are built around promoting that product and making the owners clickbank accounts fill up so they can give new members even higher figures and screenshots of their accounts as more proof that they are making money. Its all about getting more money from people like me either directly or getting us to get more people into their funnel to do the same.

Anyway I push on and persevere through the video so that I can properly review the program. the video explains how to join clickbank and get the affiliate link for the program.

the next video shows you how to put your affiliate link on facebook.I'm shaking my head at how blatent the self promotion is, personaly I think they should leave that until I as a new user have learned somthing and earnt some money so that I can spread news of MY RESULTS and not the program owners results.

So anyway I decide what the heck I will follow the instructions and pay for the privilage of promoting these guys with their method and see what happens. Yes part of me feels like a complete sucker for doing this but anyway I press on.

I post an affiliate link to my own personal facebook account,
I have about 200 friends there which are real friends of mine not marketing related. I then upload the supplied youtube video to youtube and follow the steps exactly to also upload the video to several other video sites.

thats where I am up to today, I will continue to add to this report as I progress but I must say I am feeling exhausted but it and so it may be a while.


The Good and Bad of Hyper Facebook Traffic:

Cant see one yet....

1) What I dislike most is the upgrade options after I made my sale and then the fact they are wanting me to immediatly start promoting their own product.

2) Not so good is: long streams of writing to keep me feeling busy but no concrete things for making anybody any money accept the program owner.

Hyper Facebook Traffic

Refund Policy
Yes, you can get a complete refund if not entirely satisfied
Because it is sold on Clickbank

Hyper Facebook Traffic

Hyper Facebook Traffic cost: $79.00

Value for Money: We will see maybe but so far it seems to me that this program is a total rippoff!

Demonstond'sVerdict: Hyper Facebook Traffic looks to me like theres nothing new here but I will wait and see after I have completed the instructions as to whether it gets results. I guess you could apply what you do to any program but I must say I feel very drained and disapointed by the whole thing so far.

Research Still Underway,
A Final Word is on hold for now until further results are evident

URL: http://vur.me/gameznet/hyperfb

Final Word Time will tell with this one,
I will update this review when I know more

Here are some Youtube videos of Hyper Facebook Traffic

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Check it out for yourself: Hyper Facebook Traffic

Hyper Facebook Traffic

Reviewed By Demonstoned
for the Gameznet Network
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