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Demonstoned Reviews

Instant Blog Subscribers (IBS)

Instant Blog SubscribersIntroduction
Instant Blog Subscribers

Gameznet Reviews Instant Blog Subscribers. This is a program that promises you can get 200 Blog Subscribers Instantly by joining for free. Instant Blog Subscribers also has 2 upgrades available which free members are offered as they join.

My Purchase
I made my Purchase on the 20th August 2010
I purchased an Elite 1 Year Membership in Instant Blog Subscribers and I over the weekend I set up the blog which was very easy.

Without configuring any of the bonus features I have also got at my disposal , I also used 3000 of the 21000 credits I have to send emails out to other IBS members and I sent out my first post which was a review of Miracle Traffic Bot .
I then logged off and went to bed, The next day I checked my email to discover I had some direct email replies and on my site there were a couple of comments. I then checked the stats for the Miracle Traffic Bot Viral URL I had setup to see that the URL's in my post had received over 600 hits. Not Bad I thought, I logged into my clickbank account, sadly no sales yet of Miracle Traffic Bot but the traffic results look great.

I have now integrated my IBS blogs RSS feed into feedburner and some of my sites and blogs to syndicate it and display my IBS feed on my websites. according to the blog stats it has been read

Extremely happy with the potential and power of the system so far.

I sent my first post out and got some email replies and comments plus I have integrated the RSS feed to be syndicated to my other blogs and displayed on my website. The first post drove over 650 hits to a page linked to from the blog, according to the blog stats it has been read

The benefits of the website is:

1) Its Free! with optional upgrades for further power

2) IBS provides members with a blog which can be used to make blog posts just as you would with any other blog. The difference here is that when you post your blog it is instantly seen by hundreds of other IBS members and with Instant Blog Subscriber Credits you can even email your post directly to 200 subscribers who are very HOT LEADS eager to read each others emails and interact with other instant bloggers. In that sense it is a very social atmosphere.

3) Instant Blog Subscribers also allows you to spread your message quickly because of the platform and the crossover or integration of several other equally as powerful websites which can be "plugged in" to give you additional income streams and traffic, which causes a ripple effect from every post you make on your blog that continues out to other blogs, social bookmark and networking sites across the internet. This ripple effect ensures that one simple blog post that you send will be seen by hundreds of people which can mean new contacts for you, new friends, customers and subscribers to all of your blogs and social sites like: blogger,wordpress sites, twitter, facebook, myspace or your own websites as well as any advertising you might display on any of your sites.

Refund Policy

Yes, you can get a complete refund if your not satisfied

Demonstond'sVerdict: Instant Blog Subscribers is staying in my toolkit for now. I paid for the Elite Membership because it makes the most sense, you can get a refund if not happy and it offers great value due to the extra features you get. If you want to expand a network of any kind then you owe it to yourself to check out: Instant Blog Subscribers

Instant Blog Subscribers cost: FREE - or take one of the upgrades.

Value for Money: Great!! Take the Elite Upgrade, I did it's well worth it!
Gameznet Tick of ApprovalGets my Tick of Approval


Final Word Highly Recommended!

Here are some youtube videos from the creator of IBS
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The following video is by Walt Bayliss from instant Blog Subscribers


Instant Blog SubscribersCheck this powerful system out for yourself: Instant Blog Subscribers


Review By Demonstoned (AKA Andrew McMullen)


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