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Demonstoned ReviewsDemonstoned Reviews:

Lawn Chair Millionaire
Lawn Chair Millionaire Review

Lawn Chair Millionaire

Demonstoned Reviews Lawn Chair Millionaire.
The Lawn Chair Millionaire website describes Lawn Chair Millionaire as the HOTTEST new home business opportunity online! Collect YOUR share of the exploding Moneyline Pool tonight!

The faster you take action the MORE MONEY you will earn as hundreds of people are forced to join below YOU in real time!

PLUS... get instant access to an ultra-powerful report that will show you how to turn $300 into $3052 in just 30 days! The secrets you learn are YOURS to keep FOREVER!


My Membership/Purchase
I Joined and Paid for Lawn Chair Millionaire on: 05 September 2010
The Cost: $29.99 per month
There is a one time setup fee of: $49.99
So the total to begin with is $79.98
They use AlertPay as their Payment Processor, you can sign up free to get a feel of the system but I jumped in as I knew I wanted to review the program.

    1. After joining Lawn Chair Millionaire I logged in and found the site easy to navigate. I liked that I was not overwelmed with too much in the admin area like many programs. My initial thoughts were that maybe this is some kind of ponzi or downline builder which on the surface it does seem a bit like that but after looking over the system I see it has some great features that sets it above that.
      The people behind it do have a background in MLM and online almost everything looks like a ponzi from your most basic affiliate program to social networking sites like twitter where your trying to build a network or group of followers, anyway I digress.
      The promailer option looks really good and allows you to send prewritten autoresponder messages on total autopilot to prospects and leads which you can purchase and just plugin so I will be using that feature soon to see how it goes.

How It Works

The simple details of the Lawn Chair Millionaire Money Share Plan are as follows...
1) The moment you LOCK IN your position in the Moneyline you LOCK IN your Moneyline Pool shares! Your first share is paid to you at midnight the day you join.

2) Every time you sponsor a new member you earn a $20.00 Fast Start Bonus that gets allocated immediately when the sale is made.

3) You earn a $15.00 Referral Bonus each and every month that your personally-referred members stay active by maintaining their subscription to The Vault.

Additional daily, weekly and monthly Leader Bonuses are announced by Lawn Chair Millionaire periodically. These bonuses are to compensate those who help their personal members duplicate their efforts.

Additional one time and residual income commissions can also be earned when your personal Lawn Chair Millionaire members purchase some of The Vaults wealth building secrets which are for sale.

Lawn Chair Millionaire can be divided into THREE sections...

1 Income from the Moneyline Pool that you earned by simply joining the Lawn Chair Millionaire Group. This income is allocated to your commissions in the Administration Money Manager in three segments during the first 60 days of your active membership and you can watch it in real time.

2 A home business opportunity wherein you can earn residual monthly income for referring others by giving them your personal Lawn Chair Millionaire web site address.

3 A selection of unique and proven ways that you can turn your Moneyline Pool commissions into small fortunes to be found in The Vault. these look hot but I still have to go over them all to really "get it". the automated Forex program is very intrigueing.

The Good and Bad of Lawn Chair Millionaire:

Benefit 1
I have got some commission coming back sttraight away just for being involved so my real cost is lower than what I paid at the moment (on just the first day) I am due $12.01

2) Benefit 2
The vault has some excellent information on money making and some tools to crank it up with things like automated online forex trading and more. All are optional.

3) Benefit 3
Its quick and easy to get going and promote and requires NO knowledge or Special Skills at all. Just join and then either wait and see or referr others and make more money.

4) the compensation plan looks excellent and you only have to referr 2 full members to get it all for free and start receiving theresidual referral incomes.

1) What I disliked most:
Nothing at this stage, too early in the game, I will know within 3 months if I am getting good returns or not and how much work it really takes to be successful with it.

Lawn Chair Millionaire

Refund Policy
Yes, you can get a complete refund if not entirely satisfied, see the sites policies..

Lawn Chair Millionaire

Lawn Chair Millionaire cost: $29.99 per month + $49.99 setup fee

Value for Money: We will see soon,

Demonstond'sVerdict: Lawn Chair Millionaire looks pretty good but time will tell,

The Jury is Still Out !
A Verdict is on hold for now until further results are evident
Why not join under me and we can check it out as a team?


Final Word Time will tell with this one,
I will update this review when I know more


Here are some Youtube videos of Lawn Chair Millionaire

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Check it out for yourself: Lawn Chair Millionaire


Reviewed By Demonstoned
(AKA Andrew McMullen of the Gameznet Network) for

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