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Gameznet Review of Great Software Tools for Money Making

Demonstoned Reviews

Miracle Traffic Bot
Miracle Traffic Bot includes an Article Bot Social BookMarking Bot and a Video Bot for quick and easy submission of your articles links and videos


During the purchase procss you are offered a couple of additions,

the first is a series of website templates, I skipped this offer...

the next is something that does look really good,..

View a video of the purchase ---

Next --- watch demo videos

installed software - -
Watch Video

First time use of the software...


Miracle Traffic Bot is a one click SEO and traffic automation software created by Internet Marketer Paul Ponna and his team. The software submits your videos, articles and websites to dozens of article directories, social bookmarketing sites, and video submission sites like youtube and metacafe. With the unique combination of simplicity of use and speed of submission, the software makes getting top rankings on search engines a breeze.

In addition, Miracle Traffic Bot is completely white-hat. This allows the software to perform very fast in the background and get you long-term results that last.

I got the software after trying several trial products that do the same or similar thing but found them all way too expensive and many of them needed a degree to drive. Miracle Traffic Bot is easy to drive and I cant beleive the low price of just $77.00, thats the most awsome part about it.

The software suite also comes with complete step by step video training on not only how to use the software but also trains you on how to get traffic and steps you through exactly how to use it to make money.

The benefits of the software are three fold:

1) The software gets you top 30 or more rankings on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others search engines which means your sites and URL's start getting a lot more traffic.

2) The software also gets your website, blog or affiliate page hundreds of quality backlinks that not only increases your Google PageRank but also catapults your website to rank consistantly high for most keywords of your choice.

3) Miracle Traffic Bot also allows you to spread your message because the platforms and sites that the software integrates with syndicate their content to several hundreds of other websites. This ripple effect ensures that one simple article, video or URL for bookmarking of your sites will turn into hundreds of one-way backlinks and thousands of visitors to your website, blog or affiliate page.

Hence, you do not even need your own website or product to get the most out of the software as once you get the traffic, everything else becomes easy. You can just use free blogs or directly promote affiliate links.

Verdict: Miracle Traffic Bot is staying in my arsenal of tools and theres no way I will be seeking a refund! This is a powerful software suite and what's better is that it is the only software of its kind that I have found which sells for just a one-time fee which makes it a must for every online marketer to have it in their marketing efforts. The thing you just cant go past is the price, its better than many other bots like seonuke which sells for a monthly fee of over $160 bucks!!

Miracle Traffic Bot is only a one time fee of $77.00

Gameznet Tick of ApprovalGets my Tick of Approval

Theres a great video on the homepage which explains in more detail what Miracle Traffic Bot is and does so I will let you check out the specifics yourself, Highly Recomended!

Click the Image to go visit Miracle Traffic Bot

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Miracle Traffic Bot

Review By Demonstoned (AKA Andrew McMullen)


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