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Demonstoned Reviews

Power List Marketing (IBS)

Power List Marketing

Gameznet Reviews Power List Marketing.
The Power List Marketing website promises that you can quickly build an email list from every link you promote. The site is easy to navigate and there are plenty of helpful videos and tips throughout the site.

  1. After joining I you set up your first list which gives you an Opt in Page:
    This is a simple email form that captures your leads email address.
  2. Next you set up some links which can be any page or affiliate link that are promoting. During the process your links get converted so that rather than promote your links directly you promote them using your Generated Power List URL's, this enables the popup opt-in form to display every time you get a visitor to your link.
  3. Finnaly you setup some success pages. Your personal success pages are pages which will be randomly displayed to persons that opt in to various lists of yours and of Any Power List Marketing Member.

My Membership
I Joined Power List Marketing on the 21st August 2010
I joined for free Executive Member and was able to enter a Code provided by my membership to InstantBlogSubscriberst which gave me 21000 credits that gives me extra displays of my personal success pages over the network 700 times.

The benefits of the website is:

1) Well it is Free! with optional upgrades for further power, more lists with extra features and more autoresponders, . It allows you to handle your opt in lists and autoresponders easily while also driving additional traffic to any pages you have setup as your "success pages"

2) Setting up the features is quite quick and easy, first you set up an opt in list of your own that you can use to capture leads whenever you promote an URL which can be your own sites, blogs or affiliate links, then you set up your links which cloaks your links giving you a new powerlistmarking link to promote. Now just use that new link as you would have normaly done only every visitor to your promo's is going to see your Opt-in Subscriber Page popup.

The final part of Power List Marketing is to set up your success pages which are randomly displayed to those that opt-in to your list (while they are still hot) and is also randomly displayed on the success pages of all other Power List Marketing members Opt-in Pages. So enter and set up the right success pages and you can strike while the iron is hot and those visitors are in a joining mood so give them a well crafted landing page with somthing of quality and your likley to do very well here.

3) Power List Marketing allows you build a list rather quickly.

Refund Policy
Yes, you can get a complete refund of your upgrade fee if your not emtirely satisfied

Demonstond'sVerdict: Power List Marketing looks pretty damn good but I am still a bit on the fence about upgrading. I guess I never liked running lists and autoresponders in the past but that is my own personal opinion and in fairness I need to try it out properly and let it have a bit of time to drive some traffic to my cloaked Power List Marketing URL's and my Power List Marketing Referral Page to see what happens from there.

If you do want to expand a network and get more leads then I say yes it is worth giving Power List Marketing a try but at the moment as far as I am concerned the Jury is still out on just how good it is.
check it out for yourself: Power List Marketing

Power List Marketing cost: FREE - or take one of the upgrades.

Value for Money: Great!! Nothing beats free - not sure about the value for money of the upgrades yet, Still Warrants Further Investigation!

Verdict: Research Still Underway,
A Verdict is on hold for now until further results are evident

URL: http://www.powerlistmarketing.com/links/21265

Final Word Time will tell with this one, I will update this review when I know more

Here are some youtube videos from Walt Bayliss the creator of Power List Marking
These explain how to use the Power List Marketing System
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Check this powerful system out for yourself: Power List Marketing


Review By Demonstoned (AKA Andrew McMullen)


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