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Demonstoned Reviews

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Gameznet Reviews Sokule Perhaps you've heard the news that SOKULE is the hottest new Social networking community in the world of social media sites Even better for us Sokule is packed full of hot prospects because most members are interested in money making and traffic in some shape or forum, Its virtualy a facebook or twitter for money makers...

In case you have not yet heard of Sokule, it is a new up and coming social media sites like twitter only its primary audience is money makers, entrepeneurs, interent marketers , blog and website owners, In fact anyone trying to either make money or promote anything online.

Since announcing the launch thousands of people just like me and YOU have joined the ranks of avid "sqeekers" and "trackers."

And it's no wonder why!

SOKULE is Twitter monetized.

That means you can get PAID for posting at SOKULE.

There are some really advanced features over twitter, like whopping 500 charactor posts and instant syndication to more than 40 top social networking sites, that are making SOKULE a natural for business.

Since SOKULE's launch, we're hearing that it's better than marketing, it's
better than advertising, it?s better than email -- it's SOKULE!

Getting your own SOKULE account is FREE.
And it couldn't be easier.

If you can post on Twitter, you'll have no problem posting on SOKULE.

The difference is that Sokule offer dozens of hot NEW features that probably will never be seen on Twitter or any other social networking site.

* Paid members are allowed massive 500 character posts.

* Upgrade your followers to a paid account and receive generous 30% to
50% commissions!

* See daily lists of people tracking you, even remove trackers who aren't
tracking you..

* Include LIVE links on your profile page.

* Add video ads, text ads, and photos to your affiliate page.

* Schedule posts in advance to appear whenever you like?

* AND they keep adding new features on a regular basis week after week,
month after month, for years to come!!!

SOKULE gives anyone the ability to use powerful applications to quickly and easily build a HUGE, highly TARGETED audience.

Anyone who has spent 10 minutes in sales knows THIS is the way to
generate easy sales and BIG profits.

Now I can't complete this review without reminding you one more time that Sokule are STILL offering an awesome Founder Membership."

This is a very privileged level in the Sokule organization that can only be extended to a limited number of members.

* You earn HUGE 50 percent commissions on every sale!

* You get instant FREE access to each and every new feature introduced
for as long as you remain a member, including sizzling applications others
will pay monthly for!

* You get advance notice when any new feature is introduced, so you can inform your followers. They'll know YOU have insider access to the latest features.

If you're serious about social networking or grabbing a hungry herd of targeted customers who thirst for everything you sell -- this "Founder Membership" is the way you should go.

Get started NOW at...

Refund Policy
Yes, you can get a complete refund of your upgrade fee if your not emtirely satisfied


Overall I have to say I am impressed with Sokule. It's a lot like twitter on steroids but yet is simple as it is powerful.
From what I see so far if you use Social Marketing at all then you simpy have to have a Sokule account as well..

Sokule cost: FREE - or take one of the upgrades.

Value for Money: Great!! Nothing beats free - not sure about the value for money of the upgrades yet, Still Warrants Further Investigation!

Verdict: Research Still Underway,
A Verdict is on hold for now until further results are evident

URL: Here is my Sokule Profile Link:

and the main page where you can join up:

Final Word Time will tell with this one, I will update this review when I know more

Here are some youtube videos from Walt Bayliss
the creator of Sokule

These explain how to use the Sokule System
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Check this powerful system out for yourself: sokule

Review By Demonstoned (AKA Andrew McMullen)


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