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Demonstoned ReviewsDemonstoned Reviews:

WP Tweet Bomb
WP Tweet Bomb

WP Tweet Bomb
Is this the most powerful autoblogging software for WordPress yet?
The author of the following email I received seemed to think so and since I have also used WP robot I took a curious look at the link provided to take a look at this products sales page. I have to admit I am very intrigued and what is written about this plugin also sounds rather convincing.

Here is an excerpt from the email I got:

I'd never heard of this before, but there's a plugin
that kicks WP Robot's butt (big time).

Here's why:

1. WP Robot can only use content from "pre set"
sources. (This other plugin swipes it from ANY SITE!)

2. WP Robot sites have never got big traffic for me,
but this new plugin ROCKS IT traffic-wise. How's 4,158
Twitter clicks in 1 day sound? ;)

3. Believe it or not, you can test drive this new plugin
for 99 DAYS!

Don't think - just click - it's awesome.
Have fun beating out the competition ;)

PS I cant wait to scale this plugin up!

Demonstoned Reviews WP Tweet Bomb.
Well I have taken a look and decided that this plugin does in fact warrent more investigation and have made my purchase. I will give a full report on it soon. Im just a bit short on time at the moment but cant wait to get into this fine plugin.

Works with All These
My Membership/Purchase
purchased 28/01/2011
I purchased tweetbomb , the $297 version for use on 300 blogs and have installed it on my blog at http://blog.gameznet.biz, I have not yet put it into full action but the admin area looks sweeeeet and the support and training info is great.... I'm looking forward to seeing what it can do once I have it fully setup.

WP Tweet Bomb

Refund Policy
Yes, WP Tweet Bomb has a 60 gaurantee so you can get a complete refund if not entirely satisfied.

WP Tweet Bomb

WP Tweet Bomb cost: there are 3 versions I got the $297 version
$97 use on 3 blogs | $297 use on 300 blogs | $997 use on 3000 blogs - powerful autoblogging auto tweeting and CONTEXTUAL AFFILIATE INTEGRATION combined.

Value for Money: it certainly looks good, as for performance I am yet to fully explore it but my initial tests where exiciting. maybe on the weekend I will put some time in.

Demonstond'sVerdict: WP Tweet Bomb looks great was simple to install, the purchase was straight forward and the admin area looks great, support also seems to be top knotch.

Research Still Underway,
A final verdict of course is on hold until this product has been put through a good trial.

Look at all these Clicks!

URL: WP Tweet Bomb

Final Word I will give you my final word after I have used this plugin for a couple of weeks. By then I will be full bottle on what it can and cannot do, any problems etc. Come back soon to see how I fair.

Check it out for yourself: WP Tweet Bomb: The New WordPress Autoblogging Plugin


Reviewed By Demonstoned
for http://gameznet.biz/reviews.html

WP Tweet Bomb Videos

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