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WPspin: The Best Spinner Plugin For Wordpress
WPspin Review

WPspin is a plugin for Wordpress blogs that uses the best spinner API to spin the content of your blog posts for better SEO. On first glance the plugin looks awesome but is it the right plugin for you. Demonstoned tests out the software and reviews WP spin for Gameznet .

Sales Pitch
Mike Johnson has just released a new plugin for Wordpress that is fully integrated with The Best Spinner API. It can access the entire 1 Million Plus Synonym database, plus he has also added a database of 50,000 Common Word and Phrase variations that will enable you to literally Spin your Wordpress Posts into perfection.

But that's not all.

WP Spin, as its called, can also take the Spinner Syntax created inside your Posts and then use that Syntax to create New, Unique Post Updates that you can literally Schedule for any Day, Week, or Month you want.

The SEO Benefits of this are obvious. Everyone knows that Google Loves New and Fresh Content. With WP Spin you can now Spin your way up the Ranks with Spun or Unique Content you have added. The choice is yours.

With a Plugin like this, the possibilities are endless. You can do anything you want and accomplish any task to make your content the way you want it and then get the GoogleBot back to your site when you want it there.

My Membership/Purchase
I intend to purchase WP spin ASAP when time and funds are available.


The Good and Bad of WPspin:

The Price is right, thats for sure and if it can do what it says it can and do it well then it would definately be a powerful plugin to have in your wordpress arsenel provided you know what your doing with it.

1) If misused this could do more harm than good. Like any spinner WP spin could cause issues like breaking the flow of context of existing paragraphs and sentences or write nonsense posts full of gramatical errors which would cause way more harm than good when it comes to your efforts of winning the Internet Money Game. Use it wisely or risk the ramifactions if this plugin where to be used in the wrong way.

Update September 2011 - seems to have disapeared for some reason, the domain no longer comes up.


Refund Policy
Yes, its protected by Clickbanks Refund Policy so you can get a complete refund if not entirely satisfied for any reason.


WPspin cost: $27.00

Value for Money: Seems really good for what it is proposing to do and if it does it well then its probably worth 10 times the asking price..

Demonstond'sVerdict: WPspin looks good but I need to purchase it and give it a try out before I can give an actual review. I will get to it soon as possible.

Research Still Underway,
A Verdict is on hold for now until further results are evident

Gameznet Tick of ApprovalWill it get my Tick of Approval ?

Will it Get A bad Review?

URL: http://tinyurl.com/6lf6shj

Final Word I will definately be purchasing this in the near future and will write up an honest review of my findings after I have actually purchased this product and given it a whirl. Feel free to let me know what you think about WPSpin.


Here are some Youtube videos of WPspin

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What Others are Saying About WP Spin

WPSpin Opinions

Check it out for yourself: WPspin

WPSP the Best Spinner Plugin For Wordpress Blogs

Reviewed By Demonstoned
(For the Gameznet Network)
for http://gameznet.biz/reviews.html and http://blog.gameznet.biz/reviews


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