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All About RSS Feeds

If you are looking for Gameznet feeds get them from the feeds section of the following page: Gameznet Network

RSS and NewsFeeds have been around for quite a while now and their use is common place across the world wide web but what they can be used for when it comes to playing the Internet Money Game really does give players the edge.

As an Internet Money Game Player once you've tasted RSS in its full capacity you won't be able to get on without it. Rather than go into a long and boring overview of what RSS is and how it works I'm going to assume you either know already or dont care because it doesnt really matter. What matters is how you use it in the Internet Money Game.
I have provided here a link to a PDF file which will tell you everything you could possibly want to know about RSS when it comes to using it as a tool in the Internet Money Making Game.

Grab the Following Free eBook about RSS Marketing Secrets which will help you be a better player of the Internet Money Game!

Download and print the file or Bookmark This Page this page and return to read it anytime.
RSS Marketing Secrets "PDF File Right Click to Download "

If your using wordpress read all about the various RSS feeds you can make for your wordpress blog here: wordpress feeds

RSS Make it your own!

RSS is the answer to everybodys content problems really but sometimes RSS feeds post are not full, they may instead be excerpts consisting of a the first few lines of text from an article or post.
The neat thing about RSS is that you can use filtering technology if your RSS reader supports it ( and many others do).
Alternatively you can filter an RSS feed using a service such as
Both of those services are free.
This allows you to only view feeds which mention certain topics, are by specific authors, are minimum or maximum lenght etc.
So with free services like these available you can really hone in on the specific info you desire.
You can then mix and match multiple RSS feeds into your own unique blend using a service such as

Another cool service where you can combine multiple feeds into one is

Spread The News,

Some RSS services let you do incredible things with your own feeds from all of your social networks and blogs to create vast networks. - is one powerful service that can generate gorgeous mixed feeds from many social and web 2.0 sites like facebook and wordpress blogs etc or any rss feeds infact, its incredibly useful for agregating your social feeds so that you can then use this single feed to make posts on your blogs or whatever uses you can come up with.

RSS Agregation
carp evolution Three stars for this awsome software!
CarP Evolution - For Shear Power Players - To really unleash the power and to discover all about how to use RSS feeds to your best advantage. The tool you need is Carp Evolution, A brilliant piece of software that you can download FREE and plug in to your own sites and blogs to dynamiclly collect rss feeds, sort them, agregate them, re-format them,output them to your site or blog, even save results to a mysql database!
If you have your own website and know a bit about html or php then seriously Visit the site and download it for Free - CarP Evolution
There is also a plugin available for wordpress!

Yahoo Pipes -Another piece of software worth mentioning is Yahoo Pipes. This is more advanced and
requires some technical know-how, but you can do some exceptionally advanced
mixing, mashing, and automatic editing of RSS feeds and online content, to form a new
unique RSS feed. Create rss feeds out of almost anything, agregate, filter and churn out custom rss feeds till your hearts content. Share your pipes and check out others in the Yahoo Pipes Library and use them yourself.

How To Build aYahoo Pipe


AFFILIATE FEEDS rss feedsgenerator is a site that allows you to create feeds from over 30 different affiliate programs including amazon and clickbank. You can use this with Carp RSS Feed Agregator to display custom content from these 30+ locations in your website or blog.


YoutubeYouTube RSS Feeds
YouTube offers several RSS feeds for categorized groups of videos (such as recently uploaded, top viewed etc) as well as customized feeds for users and tags.

RSS Feeds for Tags and Users
To create an RSS feed for your favorite tags or users, simply enter the tag or username as specified in the below URLs. You can then add the URL to your newsreader. Please note, you will need to create a feed for each individual tag or user you wish to subscribe to but with Carp Evolution you can agregate your created feeds and display them on any website, blog or in your feedreader.

Tags (keywords):[insert tagname here]?client=ytapi-youtube-browse&v=2

For example, if you wanted to create an RSS feed for the tag "money", you would enter:


Full-text searches:[insert url-encoded search term here]&client=ytapi-youtube-search&v=2

if you want to create an RSS feed for the search term "make money", you would enter: money&client=ytapi-youtube-search&v=2

However if you want a feed that will actually display the videos in your rss reader or feed agregator then use the following URL instead.

NOTE: see how there is a %20 in the keyword above, use that instead of a space if your using carp evolution or some other rss feed readers that will display the


Users Uploads:[insert username here]/uploads

example, if you want an RSS feed for all uploads from the user "gameznet," you would enter:

if you want a nicely formated feed that will display the embeded video with an RSS agregator such as Carp Evolution then use the following URL instead.



Research Buzz Tools - Keyword Based RSS Feed Agregator
This tool is called “Keberfegg.” You can just enter in your keyword or
phrase, and the site will generate up to 60 feeds for you. I pretty much
rely entirely on that site. It has all the content you’ll ever need. Really.
Find many rss feeds which you can syndicate here
Another cool site to locate some great RSS Feeds - IGN (internet Gaming Network) has many feeds related to games,movies, mens interests, warcraft and tonnes more...


RSS Locator - categorical searches for RSS feeds

RSS Network - categorical searches for RSS feeds

2RSS - search for topic specific feeds

RSSFeeds - search for feeds meeting specific criteria

Search4RSS - find feeds - great place to find feeds or to post your feeds too

Newsfeed tools and RSS software downloads

Download News Readers from here RSS Tools
Two simple steps to higher search engine placement CaRP - Caching RSS Parser
RSS solves all these common website problems Grouper - RSS Feed Generator
7 ways to turn RSS into R$$ Tetra - DHTML scroller with RSS feed integration
Jawfish - RSS to JavaScript Conversion Service

More Free sources of RSS and XML news feeds Offers a great selection of articles covering many topics and categories which you can add to your site as rss feeds.
provide feeds for All Games, PS2, XBOX and more. provide IT industry news feeds and electronics product reviews has a large directory of available feeds. provide xml feeds of news, software product reviews and more. cnet also offer some really cool javascript included feeds which you can use on almost any site without any additional scripts or software. which is part of cnet has some great feeds for latest software releases Find RSS & Atom Feeds 200+ categories of quality rated feeds. Add your feeds to the list.

One of the best ways to make your own rss feeds is simply to use Wordpress as your website backend. Wordpress is quick and easy to set up and outputs your posts as RSS feeds so you can then syndicate them out. You can also find many plugins to help you expand and automate the syndication of your WP feeds to RSS Ping Sites ,web 2.0 sites, social bookmarking and even other blogs.

most social sites such as twitter, facebook myspace etc also output your posts and activities as RSS feeds. If you have your own feeds you really should be using feedburner to format them. With feedburner just enter all of your own feed urls and convert them each to a "feedburner feed"
Now instead of promoting your direct feed - promote your feedburner feed.
Now you can get awsome stats on your feeds and people can easily subscribe to them in readers or subscribe to have every update sent to their email. Feeds can be monitised and you can make use of the built in syndicatioin to automaticly tweet each post to your twitter followers and ping it to major ping services.You can now add adsense to your feeds and monitise them for additional income potential. If you have RSS Feeds you really should Have a feedburner account.


more information is coming up in the next update such as
how to create your own RSS Feeds and what to do with them to make money.
How to get people subscribing to your feeds.
How to get email subscribers to your feeds.

See Also how to promote your RSS Feeds with Ping Services


Related Videos

Hubs about RSS Feeds

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Download rss wordpress plugins RSS related WordPress Plugins

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