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Safelist Setup
& Tactics
Get Free Safelist
Mailing Credits

An Introduction to Safelists:
What they are and How To Use them Effectively

Get Your Free Safelist Mailing Codes SAFELISTS & PROMO CODES

Have you ever heard the saying :
The Money is in the List

Well its true and the bigger your list is the more money you can make.
But how do you go about growing a good list of responsive people?
Well one of the quickest and easiest ways is by making use of safelists. Safelists are the fastest and most effective way to build your own personal mailing list for a number if reasons. You can use safelists to send hundreds of thousands of emails out to people that are already subscribed to receive them. Used wisely you can get those safelist subscribers to visit and then join your sign up forms. Safelist users are not afraid to join a mailing list so you dont have to convince them very hard if your offering anythingthat will appeal to them. Safelists will drive massive amounts of hits direct to anything you promote with them because there are hundreds of thousands of safelist users at any given moment in time opening and clicking on the links in safelists so that they receive a credit for their actions. This means anything you send out to safelists "on Mass" is going to receive a LOT of traffic whether your promoting a sign up form, your websites or affiliate offers.

Build Massive Traffic and Huge Lists with Safelist Marketing Secrets
- a guide by Gameznet

I knew all about safelists for a long time before I realised the real power of them but at first they seemed like alot of work for little reward, but that was because I didnt know how to effectively use their power. If your new to safelist marketing at first using safelists may seem like its going to be a long boring, tedious, labour intensive way of doing things but it isnt for me and doesn't have to be for anybody since there are tools and applications to make it easy and even fun. In this article you will learn "how to setup and manage your safelists ". And then I am going to give you a TONNE of free coupons and promo codes which I have gathered up for you so that you can get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Credits in MULTIPLE safelists which will give you the edge and the ability to contact thousands if not millions of people every single day to drive them to your landing pages and build your lists plus I am explaining here exactly what to put in your safelist emails and the best kinds of landing pages to use.

Personally I feel safelists should not be waisted on driving traffic to affiliate offers or direct to your website although they certainly will deliver the traffic and you might get some sales out if it but realisticly the visitors you getting are unlikely to be in a buying mode at that time or willing to stick around and explore your website or read your blog posts as they will want to open their next safelist message and get the next credit. You see the way safelists work is that every subscriber is receiving every email that the safelist sends. Subscribers are are in it for their own reasons which is to send their own messages to the safelists and drive traffic to whatever they are promoting themselves.

The way most of the safelists work is that every subscriber is rewarded for opening the emails and clicking on a "credit Link" which will take them to the email authors target URL. Most messages will then have a counter ranging from 5 to 60 seconds which will start counting down to ensure the visitor keeps the page open for at least that long. Once the counter ends the viewer gets their credits which they can then use to send out their own messages to the same list. So the author gets a visitor to their page and the reader gets some more credits and everyone is happy. But as you can imagine the readers are more interested in getting more free safelist mailing credits than checking out whatever is on the target URL so they will only stay on the landing page as long as they have too which in most cases will be as long as the time it takes for the countdown to complete.

So as a safelist sender you have just mere seconds to capture the attention of your vistors and to peak their interest so a big page full of stuff is just not going to work, they are unlikley to be reading blogs, bookmarking your site and clicking on your affilate links and adsense ads or anything like that. Although having said that you will get a percentage of readers that do but most won't. Obviously the more messages and the more often you send to safelists the higher the volume of traffic and the higher the number of clicks and sales you can generate but its a lot of work for a low percentage of return and most affiliate programs s wont apreciate you chewing up their bandwidth by flooding their site directly with what they would consider to be useless traffic.

So why bother? What is the most effective page to send them too? In my opinion you need to have a series of dedicated landing pages set up Just for Safelists and those pages need to load super quick, capture their attention imediately and be highly focused purely on getting their email address so they can get onto their next credit and you can build your own lists of opt-in subscribers. Having a responsive list is like having a licence to print money but you need to get people onto your list and ensure that those people are responsive leads who will follow your advice and visit your offers. The beauty of safelists is that they have already done half the work for you, every single person on them has willingly joined the safelist in the first place so they are not opposed to putting their details into an online form, if they have received the safelist email and then clicked on the credit link in order to build credits from the safelist in order to be able to send more messages out themselves then you already know that they are interested in subjects like getting traffic, website promotion, MLM and making money so they are highly responsive and highly targeted leads if you are offering anything to those niches.

It makes perfect sense to offer them something related to the reasons they came to your page in the first place rather than sending them to your business website, add filled blog about some niche hobby or a shopping cart promoting some kind if widgets. Rather than trying to do anything with these visitors at that time and while you have them on your landing page just give them something that you already know that they WANT and do it in a manner that they are used too. The answer seems obvious to me. Give them something related to getting traffic, website promotion or making money and Use a Sign Up Form to Capture their details. If you can make your page POP and stand out with some good but quick loading audio or video then even better.

It just makes sense to do that as you know that they are at your page to get credits so they can get traffic to their own landing pages so offer them something in return for giving you their contact details, something that promises to ALSO help them get MORE people to their own offers and you cannot go wrong. It's a great way of building a highly targeted list which you can then contact as often as want about your real offers in the future.

Autoresponders such as aweber are ideal tools to use as your signup form and you can load them up with prewritten messages that will keep sending like clockwork for as long as want so let them do all the qualifying and selling for you while you concentrate on getting more safelist credits and sending out mre emails to drive more people to your signup landing page. Use a good series of autoresponder messages which you carefully craft to give them even more of what they want while also promoting your sites and offers.

Most safelists give you credits when you first join them so you can start promoting immediatly after your first login and the average would be anywhere from 100 - 20,000 credits, some even give 50,000 or 100,000 free credits. Some let you email their entire list while others limit your mailings to X number of random members per day or every X days. But just imagine if you joined 20, 30, 50, 100 or 1000+ safelists and had the ability to send 10,000, 20,000 or even 1million messages out each and every day!

Can you see the sheer power of safelists? When you are aware of the fact that can join hundreds or even thousands of them for free and get so many free credits enabling you to contact masses of people you would have to be insane not to jump right in and start cranking out your daily mailings. Once you finish digesting what I have writtenhere be sure and also check out my article on the power of auto responders where I explain exactly how to set them up and even give you access to a series of prewritten autoresponder messages and a ready to use landing page with complete instructions for integrating them with aweber. In fact with the information and tools available there you can have your first safelits landing page and autoresponder series in place and ready to go in less than 1 hour. Then you just start joining the free lists and commence sending the safelist traffic to begin building as massive mailing list and let your autoresponders convert the traffic into free money for you. I promise you if you do what I am sugesting you cannot fail to Play and Win the Internet Money Game.

Ok your probably thinking this all sounds really good but how the how hell am I going to manage all this. Dont worry I got you covered, its really easy and you can be set up today, no joke this is seriously powerful stuff so read on...

Safelist Setup Tactics: Get it Right The First Time

Here is how I manage my safelists and how I recommend you should too.

Your going to need 2 new email addresses to manage safelists, the first is for the admin emails and the second is for the actual safelist messages. Follow this guide to get setup quickly.

USE GMAIL! - Don't bother using your own personal email account or you will drown in safelist emails, dont use hotmail or yahoo because they have problems with safelist emails and will either close your account or just not accept the messages.
Go to NOW and create a NEW dedicated g-mail account which you will ONLY use for your safelists. - Once you have started a new Gmail account login and Go To "Settings" at the top of the page and create your first filter by entering in your new gmail account in the TO field and creating a filter so anything sent to Never gets "Sent To Spam", that way in theory no email received at the account will ever get lost in your spam folder. Now as you start joining safelists always create a new filter for each safelist you join AS AND WHEN YOU JOIN THEM and be sure to always accept the verification emails straight away that they will send you so that you dont forget about them and leave them unverified, be sure to always log into each safelist as you join them straight after you click the verifcation link too so you can be certain that list is setup and working correctly. When you set up your filter In gmail be sure to create a NEW LABEL for each safelist based on its name and place a check in NEVER SEND TO SPAM so that you are sure to get each and every email.

Setting Up Your Email Accounts
Setting Up Gmail Filters Here's how to set up your Gmail whitelists:

1. Click on the 'Settings' link in Gmail.(top right)
2. Go to 'Filters'.
3. Click 'Create a new filter'.
4. Type in the desired email address under (From:.) Or the name of the safelist or TE exchange
5. Click 'Next Step'.
6 Select a Label for the list or create a new one (the list name)
7. Put a check next to "Never send it to Spam".

Create a second GMAIL Account - The First account you created is to receive the safelists admin emails, notifications, newsletters etc but the second account is just as important if not more important. This is called your LIST ACCOUNT. Follow the same directions as you did above for your first Gmail account. Now when you join any safelists give them the FIRST Gmail account for your CONTACT email address and This second account as your LIST email address.

NOW before you go onto the next step open a New Browser - NO - NOT a New Browser Window... Another Completely Different Internet Browser.
For instance if you are currently using Internet Explorer then open FireFox Or even Better Googles Own browser GOOGLE CHROME which I like to use for my safelists because its nice and light without any addons, which means it loads and refreshes fast perfect for leaving open in the background and jumping around in gmail when your creating filters and managing your safelist verifications.
Here are direct links to the download pages of 4 different browsers to choose from.
If you already have more than one browser setup your good to go.
DOWNLOAD Microsoft Internet Explorer - (you probably already have this)
- DOWNLOAD FireFox - (cool because you can add all sorts of firefox plugins)
- DOWNLOAD GOOGLE CHROME - (nice and light, doesnt use much memory.)
- DOWNLOAD CRAZY BROWSER - (great for surfing traffic exchanges )

If you dont already have 2 different internet browsers then download and install another one from your safelist project BEFORE you go onto step 2. The reason for doing this is that most of the safelists want two email addresses and will send a verification email to both so you are going to want to log into BOTH of your gmail safelist accounts and have them open at the same time and you cannot do that in a single browser so this saves you from having to log in and out of your 2 gmail accounts in order to click on both verification emails. You cannot do that if you only have one browser installed.


Now that you have your 2 email accounts ready Log into your first Email account in one Browser and Log Into your second email account in the second Browser so you can leave both open and manage all the activation emails for your safelists.

Next Download and Install...
Safelist Genie safelist Genie
Get SL Genie - Now this is what will make using safelists fun and your life with safelists easy. Trust me you won't be able to manage safelists and all the emails and credit mails that you get effectively unless you use this awesome program.
SL Genie will log into both your email accounts and check them for you, you can infact do everything you need to do in safelist genie without having to log into your gmail accounts but in the begining you should be keeping an eye on everything, getting comfortable with it all and making sure its all working so I advise you to keep both gmail accounts open so you can see exactly what is going on.

Safelist genie will check your email account for you and download the safelist messages which will also move them into your gmail trash automatically and now you can quickly open several credit mails at any one time from within the tabs of safelist Genie and clock up tonnes of mailing credits quickly and easilly. Safelist Genie will display the email itself in one portion of the screen while automatically loading the "Credit Link" in another portion for you to view, it then waits for the counter to complete and once the countdown is over it deletes the email message ready for the next one. Just click another email and it will load. Safelist Genie handles multiple messages at once.BUT THATS NOT ALL

SLGenie will also store and send your actual marketing messages that you want to send to your safelists and track all clicks you get in from your messages plus it gives you full reports of how many clicks you got, how many credits you have in each safelist, when you can next send to them and so much more. You can even add your own custom sites and safelists if there are any that your a member of which are not currently supported by slgenie so you can use it with Traffic Exchanges, Paid to read email sites and any other service that sends some form of credit mail.
It will even mask and shorten your links with tinyurl so your protected from affiliate link theft and provides the tracking of your clicksso you always know exactly how many clicks you get for each email you send. SLGenie works perfectly with Gmail and helps you keep your gmail accounts clean. IF your inboxes become too full and you havent checked your safelists for a while so a lot of them have expired you can simply have slgenie delete all the old ones for you using its built in filtering. You can also have SLgenie load only the safelists which you are low in credits first and leave or delete the ones that you already have days or weeks worth of credits in while also having it download at least the mini,um number of mails from those lists to ensure your accounts remain active.

Don't worry you can download and use it right now 100% FOR FREE with full functionality and use it for 2 weeks, After that you will need to upgrade it if you want to keep it which is only $14 per month so this gives you the time and oportunity to get set up , send out some safelist mailings, get people on your autoresponder lists, generate some money and then you can upgrade to keep going. If you do what I have sugested you will definately want to keep it for sure.

Once your familiar with safelist genie you will realise its just so powerful you can't do your marketing without it!

OK so thats it really, a complete marketing system for building leads and generating sales from safelists, You dont have to hunt for safelists to joine either as there is a tonne of them already listed in safelist genie. Just fill in your account details for any your a member of and start joining any that are new to you. The other great thing is that after you update your safelist details including your referral ids within safelist Genie it acts like a downline builder, or rather it is a downline builder. Just referr people to use safelist genie and if they signup to the website from your referral links and download safelist genie you will get the refeerral benefits of all the safelists you have filled in when your referrals do the same. So by promoting safelist Genie you can earn thousands more mailing credits from your downlines use of the safelists and safelist Genie. Which brings me to the point that safelist Genie is the perfect product to promote to all your safelists :)

So thats it for the scope of this safelist how to course. I hope you enjoyed it and now you can get on with building leads and making money with safelist marketing.

Oh, Heres One More Cool Thing I almost Forgot about :)
Paul Kinder and Troy Wray have a Free Service perfect for managing safelists, Its just like for traffic exchanges but its for safelists and its Called

Viral Mail Profits.
Viral Mail Profits
Look at all the cool things you can do here:

Basically it does do some of what safelist genie does in managing your mailing out stuff in that it monitors and reports to you whats going on with each of your safelist accounts. Check it out -it's a pretty cool service but it doesnt handle the incoming safelist messages so my advice is to join and use both of these services.

With Viral Mail Profits you can:

  1. Store all your emails as templates – easily recall any past template and either send as is or modify it (and save as a new template)
  2. Likewise for all your subject lines. Automatically format your subject line and email templates for each list builder.
  3. Create a new cloaked tracking link automatically for every new email
  4. Track your mailing clicks effortlessly.
  5. Lets you review all past mailings in numerous ways to find out what works and what needs to change.
  6. See which subject lines get the best click rate.
  7. Remind you when it’s time to send a new mailing through each mailer – and make sure you never miss out on fantastic login offers ever again.
  8. Let you see at a glance which mailer is giving you the best results and are worth being upgraded in.
  9. Get pre-written and proven emails for promoting many top programs – just grab a copy, personalize it a bit and save it as your template.

OK by now you should be feeling fully informed about safelist marketing and your ready to go. All thats left to do is join the Safelists and update safelist Genie with your info then start sending your promotions. Make sure your first autoresponder series is setup and Get your safelists working for you!

As a bit of a reward to you just for reading this article I have compiled a list of free Promo Codes For thousands and I do mean "thousands" of dollars worth of free mailing credits,solo ads, banner displays, text links and more which you can use on most of the safelists listed in safelist genie as well as many more that you can add into the custom sites area. to grab them go here:


Premium Mailing Services

SafeMail Services
Safe Mail


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Go Automated!

Safelist Buddy
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iPostad Safelist Advertising
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More Safelist Training Resources

Want to Really Explode your Safelist and Traffic Exchange Marketing.
Get THOUSANDS of FREE Hits and Leads
with the absolute best training and support on how to use them at


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