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Search Engines

How does your site look to the Search engines

Knowing how search engines see your site is valuable information so before we continue with this article lets take a quick look and see how a search engine currently sees your site, click this next link and open
You can use it without signing up for basic info but for more detailed information enter in your email address and sign up so that you can use the advanced tools and see how various engines see your page rather than just a generic version.

Its no good building tonnes of backlinks and submitting your site to search engines if they are not seeing the elements you want them on your page or listing them in their directories. Humans are not going to find your pages in google if google cannot read them properly or make sense of them so no matter how often you submit or how many search engine spiders visit your site if your pages are unreadable to bots there is no way they will help bring you any real vistors. Making your site pretty and using all sorts of neat flash elements, videos, iframes, javascript and that other cool stuff which looks awesome and viewers love is fine for the human experience but when creating your content with a desire to be listed in search engines you need to first make sure each page in your site looks good to the search engine bots and spiders who are the ones that are going to help humans find them.
Once you can see for yourself exactly how the search engines see your pages it will help you to create a balance between what is attractive to the human viewer and what is functional and readable to search engine spiders. After all it is the bots and spiders that can bring in floods of real human visitors to your site who are searching for the information that you have available for them.

So when creating any page your goal should be to keep it neat and pleasing for both humans and robots alike, if you do that and get it right then your onto a winner and the saying "IF you build it they will come" becomes true. On the other hand if you get it wrong because your site is soley built to please only humans it is just not possible to get the results you want from search engines.

To make sure you do keep both visitors and bots happy first start with the bots in mind and visit the following website to load your site up at , this will show you exactly what the bots see so use it and make sure that the content and elements that you want humans to find can be found and read by the search engines.

Can the robots see all of your important text?
Are your headings showing up as headings?
Remember search engine bots see absolutely everything in text format. They cannot see what an image is or any text on an image, they cannot see flash based content or javascript content.
Another thing to take into consideration is that what you see in the search engine spider view is also what a Text to speach website reader can see and read so if you have a blind visitor who is using a site reader it is those elements the spiders can read that will be read out to your blind visitors so basically if you start creating your pages so that a blind visitor can easilly find those things you want all humans to find then everyone will be happy with your page and your onto a winning formula!

Once your happy with how the Search Engines see your site you can tweak it for the more visual humans by examining your pages in a normal browser and checking them over as if you are a new visitor to your site, be objective and get some friends to have a look and give you their honest opinions and then tweak and refine it but dont remove or hide any of the important stuff you have set up for the robots.

When your happy with your sites content and readability you can then start submitting your site to search engines but there are a few other tests you should run just to be sure everything is set up correctly including your meta tags, headings and keyword density to name a few important elements. The following tools will help you examine and prepare your site to start submitting it..

1) Make sure you have your meta tags in order, information on metatags can be found in our SEO section
2) Make sure you have used good keywords in the optimal density learn more about Keywords Here
3) Make sure you have a good link structure for all the pages in your site and have included a link in your sites footer to a sitemap: This service will create a sitemap for you which you can use for free:

Search Engine and Directory Submission

So your site is ready and your happy with all of your pages and now its time to get some search engine spiders to visit. Search engine submission is done in order to get your site listed by "organic search engines" and searchable directories. There are several well known large search engines which you are most likley aware of such as Google, Yahoo and Bing but there are also hundreds of smaller search engines online that if ignored can make a huge difference in Going Truely Global.
In addition to Search Engines there are thousands of Directories. The difference between a Directory and a Search Engine is that Search engines will send a robot or "spider" to crawl your site and then list what they find in their search engine directory whereas a "Directory" is usually urls that have been submitted by hand a software application or entered into the directory by hand or in many cases people will use a submission service to do it all for them.

This should not be confused with anything related to getting shown in the "sponsored ads" on search engine results page which are actually paid placements and is covered in our section on Pay Per Click ( PPC )

Free Methods of Getting Listed

Getting Backlinks from as many related sites pointing to your site is one great way of atracting search engines to your pages while they are trawling other sites around the internet, the more backlinks your site has the more spiders (and humans clicking on the links) will visit your site. Begin by manualy submitting your site to as many search engines as you can find. The main drawback here is that it can be very time consuming and the benefits are not instant but rather come over a period of time. That being said the long term benefits are good and each of the sites listed below are well worth visiting and doing a manual submission to at least once when your site is new.
Just to reiterate what we have already gone over "always" ensure that your site and content are 100% ready and that each of your pages is fully Search Engine Optimised before you start submitting your domains by taking the steps above and on our SEO and Keyword sections otherwise you will be waisting your time and may even get your site and pages blacklisted or banned for having bad SEO and no or lack of content.


PAID Online Submission Services

If you don't have the time or inclination to submit your site to search engines and directories you can always pay someone else to do it for you. You could even outsource it or use one of the services set up to do it. The advantage is that they know what they are doing, its their job and they make their livving at it, the disadvantage is that it can get expensive and the rewards are not instant so you need to part with some cash and then wait and hope for the right results. Paid submission services range in price and quality, you usually get what you pay for so cheaper services are not always good but if your budget is restricted you can start with a cheap service and as you get results and returns from your site move on to more expensive services to compound your results.I would recommend doing your own submissions in addition to paying for it but thats just me. Anyway here are a number of services that I can recommend. is an affordable semi automated service, you have to do some of the work using the tools they provide which includes submission software, press blasters and more so your site is not only submitted to search engines
but many other promotional areas are also covered here.
Search Engine Blaster is another affordable options that puts your submissions on autopilot, you can set your sites up with submission schedules then forget about it. As long as your membership is paid up all of your sites will get regularly submitted as often as you have set the schedules for. - Submit to over 700,000 sites...
Promote your website to over 700,000 Search Engines, Directories, Link Pages, Online Malls, Classified Sites. My Easy Submitter is a traffic generation machine on steroids. Fully automated submissions... Manually submitting your site and wasting hours of your valuable time is for cavemen. My Easy Submitter automates your marketing for you, and drives customers right to your doorstep! There's no software to download, and the easy-to-use wizard will have you submitting your first site in minutes. Includes a FREE TRIAL.

Build Traffic Build Traffic
Build Traffic Offers a nice mix of automated promotion services and traffic building tools. is another fine service

Software Search Engine Submission Applications.

Recommended Search Engine, BackLink Building and Website Promotion Resources.


Market it for search engine promotion and online marketing tools

Great Promotion Tools!

Net Applications
Web tools and webmaster resources, including: traffic stats, site monitoring, search engine submission, more...
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If you want to amp up your marketing efforts you can also use PPC Search Marketing and submit to Directories
Keep an eye on how your site is doing across the internet by regularly checking out your Rankings

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