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SEO Tips and Tools by Gameznet

A guide to the world of On Page Search Engine Optimisation so that you can get your websites and blogs ranked on the first page of search engines like Google Yahoo, Bing and the hundreds of smaller search engines out there..


Why Does On-Page Search Engine Optimization Work so Well?

On-page search engine optimization has been around since an inordinately long time. In fact it is probably the first kind of SEO that internet marketers began to use but it is only lately that people have began to really understand it's great efficacy in bolstering the prospects of any website or blog.
The term On-page SEO or "search engine optimisation" is used to describe all methods you use on the page of the website in order to enhance its visibility and prospects with the search engines.

Ideally when approaching SEO we should be considering how search engines work and their main purpose which is to help people find the information they are looking for. As a contributor to the internet it is our duty to try and live up to the same ideals as the search engines in order for them to have better search results when we are using them and to try and make sure that we are createing pages that give the searchers the actual information they are looking for and the best way for us to do that is to be honest in our approach to getting traffic from search engines. Our sites should be easy for search engines to find and navigate and to then correctly list our contents correctly so that they then provide information on the most relevent and acurate results for those visitors who are searching for our keywords.

In the past and even still now many people have tried all sorts of methods to trick and manipulate search engines but my advice to anyone building a website is don't try and jump the que, " If you build it they will come" (providing the SEO is good) but rather than trying to make your page more relevant than the next guys by doing dirty tricks on your site which could get you blacklisted or banned from search engines go for the long term benefits of using good SEO to feed the search engines your sites content and work on giving them high quality rather than pages and pages stuffed with nonsense and fluff.

The methods commonly used for good SEO are correct and valid meta tags, keyword optimization, using proper titles, using tags for your images and links, using the right formatting for headings and sub headings, including your logo and graphics in the right format, keyword naming your graphics, good internal linking, linking out to highly relevent sites.
providing valid robots.txt, ownership, privacy and contact details, including copyright, placing relevent advertisements in the right positions and density and so on.

These are things that people do on their websites to try and improve the sites visibility and for want of a better word attractiveness to search engines. On-page search engine optimization has nothing to do with anything that is done outside of the webpage, such as submitting links to directories, sharing links with social media sites and other websites, writing articles, external blogging, paid advertising, using email lists and so on, those are all offsite SEO and more related to promotion and advertising designed to attract visitors and generate sales or leads.



There are quite a few Off Page SEO tactics to be considered but they are methods that should be done after your On Page SEO is done and your site is ready since its pointless getting spiders and visitors to a half complete site so your aim should initially be involved at pleasing search engines rather than being directed specifically at your audience. the main off page SEO to do in the begining is to get as many backlinks to your site from other relevent websites as you can. The more links to your site the better the exposure to search engine spiders hunting around but also the more links that search engines find pointing to your site the more authoritive and popular your site seems to them and therefore they will give your site a better listing than another similar site which has less links to it.

There is a big chasm between on-page and off-page search engine optimization, Internet marketers generally favor Off Page SEO and concentrate on that side of things for various reasons while website designers will usually favor Onsite SEO. A healthy mix of both is most ideal.

There are a number of reasons that ON Page SEO should be your first priority before you begin any Off Page SEO or other forms of Internet Marketing and some are:

1. Its a one time thing on any page, all on-page SEO methods that you adopt become a permanent addition to your webpage. Once you know that something works, you can keep it on the website and it won't require you to do anything more to it. So, if you have found the best keywords to use on your website and got your title and description meta tags perfect, you can keep using them for a very long time, pretty much forever without ever needing to go through any research all over again.
2. On-page search engine optimization has a tendency of being cheap. You can do it yourself and don’t need to hire expensive services; Once you get the knack of it, it becomes an easy and natural process that you will do it automatically and if you really don't have the time or desire to learn the on page SEO tricks yourself then there are many good software applications that will take care of most of the work for you or you can always outsource it.
3. With on-page SEO, you get an opportunity to try things out. Many web designers actually design their websites in two or more different ways and then do some split testing with them to see what works better for their particular niche. This method really works for business because different people are looking for different things. So some preliminary testing will pave the way for more serious things to come.

4. Go Auto! It really has gotten so nowadays there is a software application available for just about everything and SEO hasn't missed out. There are some really awesome automated software tools for SEO out there but which ones are the best?
Well I haven't used them all, just a few but in my opinion the best thing to do is collect and try out a range of SEO tools to help you find the ones that you like and will use the most with your on and off page SEO. These tools will do all the things that you need to do in order to enhance and promote your webpage and improve its prospects. There are also many software applications that will regularly monitor your website and tell you if there are any tweaks you can make in order to improve the prospects of your website and its rankings.

Nowadays there are even plugins for your internet browser that will take care of almost all monitoring and SEO analysis you could ever need such as the firefox plugins. that will show you all the info about your site in your browsers toolbars just by visiting it. There are also browser based ftp, image editing and macro software apps with everything you could possibly need available for free if you know what your looking for and go and get them.

Wordpress is one application that really benefits from onsite SEO and there are some excellent plugins made just for WordPress that are mind bogglingly powerful!
There are quite a few available that literally handle everything so you don't even have to give it a thought...
I have purchased and reviewed several good wordpress plugins for SEO but one of my favorites is SEOPressor.

You will also find some mighty fine SEO plugins at

So in this article we have learnt that there are definitly various reasons why we should all use on and off page search engine optimization but that we should start with On Page SEO. If there is anything that can permanently and irreversibly improve the prospects of your website, this is it.

and here are some really great places for further study of the topic of SEO and related information. - lots of good information here - a really cool set of tools to analyse your on page SEO.
- a great meta tags analyser - A page full of powerful seo tools... this site also has some good information on getting listed in search engines.


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In the next update of this page I will provide a list of some great SEO plugins for various platforms, links to more information on Hot SEO software and services, and some cool free SEO analysis tools. Be sure to also check out the following related pages.

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