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Social Marketing

What we are going to do here is join several social networking sites and link them all together.
We will then be able to post to each of them direct from our blog in order to build some great backlinks and get real traffic back to our site and any URLS we talk about in our blog posts.

Firefox has some great plugins for working with your social networking sites
igoogle also has some very cool ways to keep up with all of your sites if you are an igoogle member.

Social Media Contents     My Social Network


1. Set up a Twitter account - add a personal photo, write a short bio and add your own link into your profile. Make your profile stand out, dont just say "Internet Marketer" or somthing like that, put somthing about yourself. Make your link go to a blog or your own website. (if you dont have a blog then set one up with either blogger, IBS or wordpress.


Twitter Auto Cash -

After Joining Twitter the first thing you want to do is setup free accounts at the following sites: use this exact method to set Twitter on automatic content and following to generate a ton of sales with free traffic.

Watch This Video For More Details

2. - add your Twitter account, auto send welcome message to new followers. Check auto-follow new followers and auto-unfollow. Use this to manage your twitter account..

3. Sign in to - follow up to 500 people talking about [your niche keywords]. Do quick run to auto-follow these people.

4. Sign up for Google alerts for auto content generation. Use the keyword "allintitle:[your niche keywords]" for many alerts. Edit => change to feed => copy the link URL of the feed into to shorten the links if desired.

5. Set up Twitterfeed to auto feed your Google alert content into your twitter. Create new feed => update hourly (or whatever you prefer) => add the Google alerts feed URL. Save and let it run. You can also use this with your feedburner URL's and other RSS feeds to keep twitter up to date.

6. Setup Twitreply is an automatic application that replies to twitter conversations.
Why use twitReply? Because you can automatically respond to conversations where people talk about a [niche keyword] or product you sell. How? With twitReply you can automaticly reply to other conversations with a customized text/link....somebody twit on Venice, Italy? You can reply with the link to a recommended hotel!

7 Setup and place the provided widget on your blogs and website pages, and wherever else you can to get extra exposure on the tweet traffic rush tweet exchange.

8 Keep Track of your followers by getting a twitter counter, it provides stats and the ability to send tweets from your email as well as widgets which you can add to your sites and blogs like the one above:
they also provide a nice wordpress plugin


Use the following tools to quickly build a HUGE Twitter following!

tweetfind quick and easy, sign up to get more followers, like them and move on to the next awsome program below.

Twiends Get Twitter Followers
- A really good site for building a community of twitter followers, become a twitter power user with twiends. Tweetbig is a cool tool that will help you to better choose who you follow and manage who you unfollow.

TweetBomb -really powerful way to explode your twitter account! -
- "Virally Add Thousands Of New Followers To Your Twitter Account FREE!"
Explode twitter is a free to use site that allows you to build a massive following on twitter via viral marketing. It's easy to get started, just fill in the form with your name, email address, twitter username and your twitter password. (your twitter username and password are safe to enter here and will not be stored it's just so the 2 services can connect). Below this you will see a list of 10 other tweeters which you will automatically follow once you hit the tweet now button. When this button is clicked a tweet will be sent out on your twitter profile linking back to your page that will now have you at the top of the list of 10 people to follow.Each free sign up you get will have your twitter username in it and continue down the list 7 full levels. another good site for building followers, You can pay to be a VIP member and get even more follows. - build and manage your twitter followers - remove those that dont follow you back Get more followers with team auto follow, use the shoutout box to get a shout out from them and then make sure you follow them as this will start getting you new friends quickly! another service to build your followers Try out the The Free demo
Exactly as it sounds, this sites allows you to Tap into the power of Twitter to explode your income!
It's fully automated and requires no work from you. Just add your Twitter Username and Password and you are set. You will see your Twitter account grow by hundreds of new followers per day.
With Guaranteed Results and real people following you. It works for me on many websites. My websites were only earning a couple bucks per day before this program doubled and tripled the ad clicks and daily income. Imagine how much web traffic you will get with 10,000 new followers. I have many websites using Twitter to generate traffic and it is the best new source for internet revenue I have seen in years. With 10,000 followers, when I post a tweet with a link to my website I see at least 30 web hits.... I tweet links to my website about 10 times a day and my adsense revenue is up over 500%! Buy Twitter Friends Today ! im still checking this service out, basically it helps you to build your twitter and google buzz followers. I will report back soon :) is quite powerful at automating tweets, removing spam direct messages and more.
Tweetspinner has a Free Trial Offer which is a Limited time offer.
To take full advantage of their system for 5 days just upgrade your account choosing the 5-day free trial offer and get access to all features. gives you an option to try the service out with their Value tweets Trial Program

Webmasters Earn Money Join the ValueTweets affiliate program and earn money on multiple tiers with the affiliate program. Just start referring new users to their affiliate program and their refferrals will also earn you money. This resources is basically a twitter yellowpages and can be used to find people you want to follow or invite to follow you. another great resource for getting free followers.

Once you hit 2000 people that you are following twitter stops you from following any more.
The answer to this is to unfollow those that are not following you back so use to remove them. displays a list of people your following who are not following you back with recommendations of who to unfollow. Click a button to unfollow them! will tell you who has unfollowed you and gives you the oportunity to tweet them so you can possibly win them back. review your followers - follow them back and give them a quick mention, people love it when they are retweeted and mentioned and are more likley to start paying attention to you when you let them know your paying attention to them by engaging them.
Just be human. is a service that will create a banner that you can have spread about on sites and apps of publishers using the service, worth checking out.

Now Start Making Money With Twitter

Here is a fantastic way of utilising the power of a good twitter account that does have real followers. Monitise it with the following sponsor programs. These sites want to advertise by having you send tweets for them or by letting their systems send automated tweets to your twitter account, Many of them also have options to send to your other social media sites.
NOTE: Be careful not to overdo it by sending too many or your tweets may become too spammy and your followers will stop reading them. Space them out and be sure to put some personal non advertising tweets between them, tweet about current news events, a short funny or a nice quote, questions are also
Another way to keep getting your tweets read is to regularly retweet your followers messages - be picky and make sure your retweets are relevent to your Niche topics and keywords. Engage your audience with interaction - Every tweeter loves seeing their own retweets and you will get better noticed and remembered.

The 3 keys to Effective Monitising of Twitter Are:
1) Follow Others Find people you admire from your Niche and Add them, also add some of their friends but rather than just randomly adding them look at their tweets, interactions and look at their profile, be picky about who you follow. Build a quality list by adding a few each day and personaly grow your lists of who you follow "don't over do the following!)

2) Get more followers ,you want as many followers as possible who actually read your tweets and click your links. Quality followers are more important than quantity but building up a good quantity of high quality followers is what will make the difference between being able to make cents or dollars.

3) Easy on The Marketing, people don't want to be spammed and will soon start ignoring your tweets and DM's as soon as they see your avatar or twitter name once they think your just advertising stuff all the time. Spamming on twitter looks and IS DESPERATE. You don't want to appear desperate do you?
Many people will unfollow you if they don't like your tweets or Direct Messages and some may report you for spam so remember your building twitter relationships first and then working your marketing into those relationships.

The Twitter Sponsor Programs : make money tweeting or get tweeters to advertise for you: - sponsord twittering and myspace posting post ads to twitter and get paid sponsord posts for twitter, bloggers and mobile phone users. - get links including article links,backlinks - new service now offers Twitter Followers! - quick and easy to join, good payouts.
post links to twitter, facebook, youtube, blogger, and ad a widget to your own website sites or blogs.
Pick your likes (sponsored messages) - message payout per click varies
customise the message/image/video you want to "like"
select where (twitter, blogger, facebook etc) and when they will show and you will be paid the sponsored amount per click that you generate.


Other Twitter Tools and Resources

TweetGlide is being downloaded like hotcakes. See why:
A fantastic tool for monitoring, using and responding to twitter, earn money while managing all aspects of your twitter acount. Manage Twitter and other social networking sites with Hootsuite, see several streams on your screen so you can keep up with all the action. find your facebook friends who use twitter also. - whats your twitter account worth?
Get an account an keep an eye on the value of your twitter account. have any rss feed sent to twitter

/ - get retweets of your messages..lots of .retweets meands lots of backlinks from twitter to your urls...


The Twitter Serect Weapon!


Add my own twitter here- - bit of a mess, its a testing place I suppose for these and other tools but I am getting to the point where I have done all the testing and will soon start socialising properly on my social sites including twitter. All I want to do is help people to get the most out of the internet, I'm not interested in spamming them with crap but unfortunately thats part of the testing process . I would sugest to anyone new that you start a twitter account just for experimenting with and dont do what I did and begin with the usernames that you are actually going to want to use. On the other hand I do have over 4000 followers and that grows daily so it doesnt harm to experiment and test things out a bit I guess.

Final Thought
Twitters potential is really massive and I beleive we haven't even scratched the surface here, theres some massive stuff to come that I am still learning about especially as far as the potential for realising the power of "real time" searches but I will come back to that later. I would say that the key to making Money with Twitter is to run a High Quality Twitter Account so more people are actually waiting for and reading your tweets once you have that you will have advertisers BEGGING YOU TO TWEET FOR THEM!
It might take some time to get yourself established and build a name but once you do have a good interactive and well respected twitter account and people are joining it to actually read what you send out and not just to "co-follow" you can then start naming your price to tweet messages to your list for payment but try not to get sucked in and tweet unrelated or spammy stuff or you will loose your audience.
As well as the main account your using be sure to also make and build up at least a couple of seperate twitter accounts for each of your niches and make one just for your personal use that you never send anything about money making or affiliate progs etc too.
. Do make your accounts follow each other and retweet your accounts to each other occasionally too.

Future updates about "Making Money with Twitter" and other social networking sites will be coming here soon,
Articles I am working on Include:
How to Fix a Messed Up Twitter Account ( I think I need to do this on my gameznet account lol)
Build up a Quality Twitter Account from Scratch.
Integrating Twitter with Everything You Do.
Using Twitter with your Wordpress blog to explode your blog traffic


Join Facebook Join Facebook

With facebook we want to create a fan page for our main portal site
You can also create fan pages for each different product,service, or website you are promoting.

There are many sites and blogs such as wordpress now using "Facebook Connect"
Facebook Connect is a powerful tool when used with your own website and there are many sites listed in our pages that do use facebook connect, Wherever you see the facebook Connect button you can log into the site you are at using your facebook account. Stubleupon is one such site that uses facebook connect!
Facebook is also a great location to get PayPerClick Advertising for your products,websites or affiliate links.

many sites connect easily to facebook using the same user details such as our own wordpress blogs

Networked Blogs is a Facebook Application that allows you to post your Blogger Blogs to your FaceBook Profile and Fan Page, Its also a great place to find other bloggers interested in networking their blogs (go figure)
So you can pick up blog followers by being a member of Network Blogs and linking it to your profile and FanPage.

Other applications that you may want posting to your facebook page are YouTube, Twitter and MySpace

My Facebook Site: is a bit messed up I never really got time to work on it but I will get there..




YouTube is more than just a place to browse and upload videos. YouTube is a powerful Social Media Site where you can do all sorts of cool things with youtube video's to add cool contenet to a website or blog, cross promote sites, blogs, affiliate links and generate both traffic and cash when you know some of the YouTube Secrets.
. More about that in a Later Update....

Join YouTube

Get all the Video Tools, Tips and Tricks here

My YouTube Channel - again it's a bit messed up, I can never find the time to work on my social networking but dont let that stop you from getting it right.


Join MySpaceMySpace

Join Myspace

Information on MySpace is coming in the next update

My MySpace Site: is also not being utilised the way it should be but join me there anyway, once I get this site where I want it, ( I will sort out my social sites and make them cool and interesting.


Squidoo is Not technically a social bookmarking site because your not just bookmarking but writing whole articles called lenses which are basically entire blog posts.

You can write about websites and other stuff in what they call squidoo lenses:
Join me on Squidoo, I havent done much there yet but will do soon.
Squidoo pages get easily picked up by google and other search engines so its well worth creating lenses about your blogs and websites.

My Squido Site: I set this up in late 2010 but havent really gone back to it, same story as the other social sites, I see and know the potential but am yet to get into it. by all means though if you have the interest in using squidoo its an awesome platform to work with.

Blogger A must have for anyone using social marketing , blogger is quick to set up, easily managed and yet so so powerful when it comes to SEO, useability, cross promotion, broadcasting, integration, widgets, layout, design, themes and since its owned by Google, Google loves blogger blogs! Every Internet Marketer should have at least one blogger site.

My Blogger URL - again I dont have it where it should be but I will work on it one day.

Get more info on blogs and discover how to monitise your blogger blog here



FREE WordPress Join Wordpress
(your blog hosted at their site)

A blogging network at WorPress is very worthwhile as many "wordpress users" regulary view blogs in the wordpress network. Wordpress has a HUGE following and if you do your homework on it you can get loads of people to your site by creating a free blog that basically directs the traffic to your main sites and blogs.

Join -

My Wordpress Site - really under utilsed but it does get updated from my hosted wordlress sites

Learn more about Wordpress Here

HOSTED WordPress (the ultimate blog which requires that you host it)

By hosting a wordpress site in your own domain you are really playing with power.
The Sheer number of plugins and customisations is mind boggling and the SEO and automation that is possible is simply staggering. Add to this the social media plugins and you are really playing with unlimited raw power, with free plugins available to integrate your WP blog into facebook, twitter and many other services your wordpress site can actually be used to manage hundreds of social media sites at once. Wordpress is true power.

get the latest version of wordpress here Download a blog or set one up in minutes from now by following our Hosting Guide

My Hosted Wordpress blogs: -| | | - with blogs for each of the Gameznet Special interests |
| | || |

Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools are tools that help you integrate and analzye your Social Media Sites.
Below is information on various social media tools that will help you do a wide range of things to keep the traffic flowing between your social media sites, your blogs, websites and affiliate links which you post to your social media sites!

One site I recommend to help you monitor all your social media AND rss feeds is bloglines

Note to self: - I will post some awesome social media tools here the next time I update of this page.

Get FireFox

Here is a way to supercharge your postings to social media sites


Now this section is extremely powerful for sending posts and links that you view in your browser directly to blogs and social media sites with a single click.
For this you will first need to download and install the firefox browser,
If you don't already have it download it now and install it - Its totally Free.

I also highly recommend that you use the power of roboform to keep track of your login details and to allow you to fill out forms quickly when joining these sites, it works in both firefox and IE and does a tonne of cool things!

So once you have installed firefox and then roboform you will need the following plugins installed into firefox for this method:

This is going to enable firefox and roboform to do most of the work for you just by browsing the internet and clicking the relevent link in the toolbar when you want to post to any of the social media sites or even blogs including any wordpress blog.

Every time you visit a site be it your own, an affiliate site or just somthing you wish to comment on you can click a link displayed in the firefox toolbar and you will be taken to the social site to complete your post. When visiting any website with firefox you can also get bucket loads of information about the sites, backlinks, traffic, rankings SEO, whois and more displayed in the top of your browser and even directly highlighted on pages your viewing.

The other great thing about these firefox plugins is that you can use the links to join all of the most popular social media and link sharing sites that you want without having to find them and with roboform included you will always have the login credentials filled out for you so you dont have to keep typing usernames and passwords into a form, its not only a time saver but is much more secure as their is nothing typed for keyloggers etc to steal from you.

For this section we are only interested in the "social Media plugins"
So here are the ones that I use and recommend.

AddThis - Bookmark and share web pages using your favorite services.
Includes a toolbar with all of the best known sharing and favoriteing services.
Facebook Like - quick and easy sharing of sites you visit in firefox with your facebook friends.
Easy Youtube Video Downloader - adds an easy to use video download link to all youtube videos you look at.
Get the links and more plugin information from my firefox article




Social Open Graph Settings

I will be adding some cool information and tools related to social metatags here soon.

You can learn more about the Open Graph Protocol at: and

And you can test your site with the following tools: and



There are a tonne of RSS tools out there but for the purpose of Social Media sites the ones you need are as follows:

feedburner ( now owned by Google)
Burn all your feeds and access them from one location.
Ping them out automatically when they get updated and add nice features and formating. Allow people to subscribe to your feeds easily and even have your feeds automatically sent to twitter.

Use Carp Evolution to display your feeds directly on your website without the need for javascript or widgets.
combine feeds, re-format even replace text and more.
Carp is a super powerful RSS agregating tool for websites and definately one that any webmaster who uses social media should be using. Thre is a free wordpress blog making Carp Evolution a very powerful tool in the right hands. - ping fm is powerful - sends any rss feed to all of your social sites!
Learn More about RSS Here

Learn More About Ping Services Here

Tips: You can buy Only Wire and that are already connected to all their social networks for $5 at

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WP Facebook Plugins Facebook plugins , WP Social Plugins Social Plugins , WP Bookmark Plugins Bookmark Plugins ,


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