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The Cash Generator Is Coming!

The CashGenerator ReferralBuilder - 6 Steps to Online Success

Get Ready for a revolutionary tool to help you Play and Win The Internet Money Game!
A Marketing Machine that sends traffic to all of your own websites,blogs and social media sites AND builds followers, friends and referrals into all of your networks at once.
So you can build your entire network using a single URL!
The only URL you will ever need to promote!

Imagine getting a constant stream of new referrals into all of your Affiliate programs,traffic exchanges,social sites,referrals payments from payment processors,Amazon,ebay,Clickbank,Commission Junction and more!!
Every one of them offers an incentive for you to referr new affiliates and associates and many offer recurring payments of several levels deep.

By regularly building just a few quality referrals into any one of the top affiliate programs on the WWW you are going to be doing ok with a good extra little income stream!
Now Imagine what would happen if you could get a few quality referrals under you in theCashGenerator system and those few quality referrals take the bull by the horns and join all of the programs they arent already a member of under you and then use the system to build themselves a nice income.
Do you see how valuable every referral can potentialy be!
Get Just one Super Affiliate who jumps completely onboard and you can earn yourself a VERY NICE INCOME
That will be ON TOP of what the CashGenerator System will give YOU for using it as intended

So Go Forth Now and Discover How to: Play The Internet Money Game

6 Steps to online $uccess

A FREE Full Featured
- Step by Step NO BS SYSTEM
New to the Internet Money Game?
Learn as you go.. Easy to Play!
Build Your Own CashGenerator as you Progress

It's Just Like Playing a Complex Game, - It's Challenging and FUN!!


Step1) Configure Websites, Blogs and Social Sites
Enter your usernames and id's for each of your social sites, online blogs and domain names. By entering them into the CashGenerator they will each become networked in a very powerful way.

The CashGenerator System will automatically begin spinning a web and promoting each of your urls. The system works on every url you enter by sending search engines and real visitors to build your audience, advertising revenue, referrals, followers, leads, subscribers, sales, partnerships and affiliate commissions.
wordpress blogger Facebook twitter YouTube squidoo Sokule socialoomph metacafe myspace IBS feedburner
and More!

Step2) Setup Your Financial Systems
configure payment systems so that you can be paid commissions from the various income streams that you are creating.
Set up ecurrencies and get ready to grow your income streams with automated systems for forex, gold and more which you will learn about while setting up your own automated systems. Each system we use has a bonus if you send them new referrals, the cashgenerator will help you get those referrals for you.
and more!

Step3) Monitise Everything
Set up your core income generating facilities by entering your username and ids for advertising and affiliate programs which you are a member of, join any that you want to use in your systems. These affiliate networks and advertising revenues can be plugged into your system and start converting your website and blog visitors into Real Cash - That's Real Money in Your Bank Account.


These programs and more are each integrated into your revenue streams!


Step 4) Send in the Traffic
In step 4 of the Cash Generator System you will enter your usernames and ids to
Configure your Free traffic generating systems which will begin imediatly sending visitors to each of your Step1 urls as well as start building your presence up in your social networking sites. At the end of it you will have a powerful system in place that will basically work on auto pilot powering up your Cash Generator....



Step 5) Marketing Magic
In step 5 your going to amp up the internet marketing systems by adding your usernames and ids for several marketing tools that will push your step 1 urls into search engine directorys while aslo directly promoting your target urls to build backlinks, generate search engine traffic from the major and minor search engines around the world and drive the continual growth of your internet traffic, referrals followers and ultimately your multiple streams of income.


Step 6) Generate Cash
This step is entered only after each of the above systems are completed.
By now you will be making small but regular incomes and its time to expand on them and put your money making system on full power. Getting lots of traffic and generating multiple small incomes is great and might suite some people but if you want to have a Real CashGenerator that can completley sustain your desired lifestyle this is when that happens.

Think about it this way "If it is possible to generate a sale of any item that gives you a small commission then it is also equally possible to generate a sale where the stakes are a lot higher ". Once your CashGenerator system is making you some money you can then enter into the final step of the Cash Generator System where we chase the bigger commissions .

Join these HIGH PROFIT PROGRAMS - enter your usernames and IDs
Get paid Massive Commissions - you only need 1 sale each per week with these to be richly awarded. The CashGenerator system grows exponentially so if you can generate even one commission payment then over time you will continue to generate more and more.

Update your Platnum Membership for explosive results.
Platinum members get more personalised assistance, higher payouts for referring new members and exclusive promotion of every one of their programs URLS..


for each cashgenerator program listed in our system
we have a dedicated wordpress blog promoting it.
This blog focuses SOLEY on Just that one program from the cashgenerator system.
Each Blog is constantly being promoted and all traffic is being funneled through a special
cloaked URL which rotates the traffic sharing in between ALL Upgraded Members
(via your cashgenerator referral link for that program)

To do this we use a secret technology that not only sends traffic to your affiliate URL but also
pulls in search engine spiders and thus creates a massive and consistant flow of traffic direct to all upgraded members affiliate urls in the download builder. Yes each and every program that you add your id in will get free consistant traffic if you are an upgraded member.

You get PAID by the affiliate program for your referrals

It really is that Simple!

Join up, enter your program id, you can leave it at that for free or
upgrade your membership so that your added into the main traffic flow
and start earning commission payments and referrals for every program listed!

The downline builder continues to funnel new members into each of the affiliate programs directly under you. This creates a heavenly referral funnel which ultimately means more referral commissions for you!

AND if thats not enough there is the FREE fully hosted wordpress blogs available exclusively to CashGenerator members..

The Cash Generator is Coming
The Cash Generator

Information on the Cash Generator will be released
Ill announce it On the Page You Are Now Viewing

Updates will also be announced on my blogs and Social Networking Sites


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