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An Introduction to Traffic Exchanges


For a complete training course with all the tools and thousands of FREE Website visitors to any site you want get the course and all the bonus material for building MASSIVE traffic with exchanges, safelists and MORE plus affiliate revenues from clickbank, using banner exchanges and so much more visit

Regular Traffic is a key factor to a websites success at generating any kind if income.
One of the most important things you can do for a NEW site or a site that hasn't been getting visitors is to kickstart it with an influx of traffic from a variety of locations. As long as your site is content ready and you have already done some good SEO when you introduce a slurry of traffic the WWW will notice!
As your site starts getting more and more visitors, even low quality vistors search engines, ranking and social networking sites will stand up and pay attention, that includes search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as multiple other smaller ones will visit and list your site bringing more and more real visitors who will come to see what the fuss is about.

So from this page I will bring you tips and tricks related to exposing your site online to as many places as possible rapidly and getting that traffic flowing quickly to any url you want hit up. The first article will be posted in the next update but for now I have roughly given below a list of source for traffic and a rough guideline of how to best use them.

I will go into deeper explanations of their true value and how to effectively use this traffic in the next update. For Now it is suffice to say that the sites to follow can help build your lists and deliver a LOT of traffic to your target URLS. The basic idea here is to build yourself a traffic pool that you can direct and contol so that whenever you have a new site or offer to promote you will have some instant traffic to send straight there. In between your promotions you have the traffic exchanges building downlines and credits in each other by following a simple traffic plan that keeps your pool of traffic full.

In the begining you will need to spend at least 1 hour per day on this to really make it worth your while but getting it setup is the first step. Keep in mind that realisticly it is going to take you about 1 month to build a solid traffic generation system that is strong enough and self sufficent that you can stop working it hard as it will soon become self sustaining and continue to grow all on its own but before you have that power and can crank it up for the purpose and results you desire you have to build it up. Very soon it will start to grow exponentialy until you won't have to lift a finger because all of your referrals will continue to do the work for you.

After that it's Instant traffic on tap whenever you need it!

FIRST STEP ) - Download and Install Crazy Browser
Use Crazy Browser Just for building traffic, Not for surfing the net
The basic idea is to create multiple "Groups"
Each Group loads a collection of up to 10 traffic exchanges at once.
When you open Crazy Browser it will open your first Group or HomePage Group.
You surf that group for about 5-10 minutes and then close it and open your next group and surf them for 5-10 minutes and so on. Theres one extremely handy feature of crazy browser that is perfect for tes and autosurf programs and thats the slideshow feature which basically cycles between each open tab, you can set the time interval between tab changes and start and stop the slideshow with hot keys and it can really improve your efficiency. Its really great when your autosurfing as it allows you to sit back and keep an eye on each tab without lifting a finger.

Quick Tab Change for IE and FireFox
And for those moments where you are using either internet explorer or firefox Grab QuickTabChange - this neat little app helps to speed up your manual surfing in firefox and ie, you basically assign a hotkey that quickly switches between the browser tabs giving you a manual version of Crazy Browsers slideshow feature which can increase your traffic generating in those browsers by as much as 40%. Crazy browser is however lighter and much more efficient to use than either firefox or IE especially if you have many plugins and addons in your usual browsers so I recommend you setup and use Crazy Browser just for Traffic and Autosurf Exchanges.

So with 6 groups you will surf your exchanges for aproximately 1 hour per day.
You will also have 1 Group consisting of AUTOSURF programs which you will open whenever your just leaving your computer on so that you are generating Free traffic when your not using your computer for anything else.


Grab This
Get TE Browser for Traffic Exchange Surfers
TEBrowser is designed to Surf Traffic Exchanges

TeBrowser is Awesome, It makes managing over 70 Tes that it works with sweeeeet.But it doesnt support all te programs available so you should do both the Crazy Browser method AND use tebrowser. The combination of TEBowser and Crazy Browser is POWERFUL STUFF! - tebrowser not only helps you surf your exchanges but it helps you promote them, manage them and track all of the credits you have in each of your exchanges. You can join, login and generally keep an eye on them all with tebrowser so grab it now.

Before you start joining Traffic Exchanges first get roboform installed so you dont have to remember or write down all your logins, usernames and passwords. Roboform will help you manage your logins and passwords so that you can quickly login to each of your traffic exchanges or any website with a "username and password" with a single click. Again its about improving your efficiency and it will also help you with filling out the sign up forms for the programs quickly so be sure and grab this valuable tool. It works with IE and Firefox and even works in Crazy Browser, Tebrowser and SLGenie (which you can learn about on the safelist section) Get this setup and enter all your personal details into it first so you don't ever forget any of your details or get stuck spending ages typing repetitive stuff into forms again. (plus it gives you extra security when filling in CC details or other sensitive info because keyloggers cannot catch any of your details since you wont actually have to type them with your keyboard anymore) oh and be sure and make use of the cool Safenotes feature instead of relying on text documents or pen and paper to take and manage notes.

RoboForm Password Manager

Another Tip is to try and always use the same username and password for all your traffic programs to help prevent you forgeting or loosing any details and use the same email address for all of them. which brings me to the next step.

STEP 3) Prepare an email Account
The next thing you will want to do is make sure you have set up a dedicated email account just for your traffic exchanges, If you have your own domain you could create an email account such as thats not really the best way to go as it uses up your resources and you have to have an email client configured on your computer plus you cant check your mail quickly from any computer anywhere unless you also setup webmail facilities. An even better more efficient thing to do is just get a free gmail account to use just for your traffic programs. You can have as many Gmail accounts as you want and gmail is great for this because it won't close your account down for heavy use like some other free services will. Gmail is also good in that you can check it with a Pop3 Mail program such as outlook express or whatever and it will help you organise your emails with the some email filters and loads of other features. Gmail will never get rid of emails unless you tell it too, you won't loose any mysteriously like you will with hotmail or Yahoo Mail, Gmail is also the best choice to use for safelists. Once you have an gmail email account ready your good to go.

Setp 4) Organise Banners

Most of the traffic exchanges also allow you to provide a banner and some allow multiple banners so in preperation you should organise any banners that you are going to want to enter so you can take advantage of getting banner immpressions.
If you need to make custom Bannners or want templates for unique splashpages grab them from here.
You can make them yourself with the tools provided or download any of the user contributions and its FREE.

Instant Banner Creator
Get Instant Banner Creator FREE Today!


Now Lets Get to the Traffic

OK Now that your preperation is done you should have crazy browser. tebrowser and roboform installed. Seriously If you havent, trust me you will need them so hold up a few minutes and go back and do those things then come back here and continue to build your free traffic machine!

Join these Programs First
Special Instructions
Viral URL

First Join Viral URL and get your own URL cloaker that enables you to build a mailing list just by using it.
Viral URL

Dont waist your TE credits sending the visitors direct to your own website, blog or landing pages!
Convert all of your TARGET Landing pages, affiliate links and anything else you want to send traffic too into a Viral URL before you start sending traffic to them.
When adding target URLs into any Traffic Programs try to always use aViral URL so you get the double whammy - extra add credits on the viral url network - a potential lead if somebody signs up AND of course the visitor to your site. This also enables you stop fraud and link stealing as well as giving you stats on the hits they receive and as a huge bonus it will build a highly targeted mailing list for you on autopilot.

Affiliate Funnel

Affiliate Funnel

Join Affiliate Funnel so you can build your TE downlines. Login and enter your IDs for each of the Traffic Exchanges listed in the downline builder that you are already a member of, complete the next steps below before you join any new traffic exchanges listed in Affiliate Funnel.

Affiliate Funnel is a Powerful way to build your downlines in your traffic exchange programs as well as safelists and other marketing systems.

After joining Affiliate Funnel ALSO convert your affiliatefunnel link into a ViraLUrl like this one below:

That URL then becomes one of your main TARGET URLS to put into the TE programs and your traffic rotators.

TE Command Post

Like with affiliate Funnel above,
Traffic Exchange Command Post will help you build your downlines in multiple traffic exchanges. But more importantly TE Command Post will give you a report on your exchanges showing how many credits you have and other information so you can easilly keep an eye on them all.

Take note of your TE Command Post affiliate link and return to Viral URL to turn your tecommand post affiliate link into a Viral URL like this one:

which you will next enter into TEToolbox
( read below )

Start Generating T raffic Now!

Te Toolbox Rotator
Join tetoolbox from the link
Again enter your ID's for any traffic Exchanges that you are already a member of in the provided downline builder.

NEXT go to the TE Toolbox Rotator and add the 2 Viral URLS you created above into the rotator. You can add any more that you want also but I advise you to concentrate on just building downlines for now rather than promoting anything else with te exchanges.

(ADD URLS that you want to receive traffic) as described in the right hand box ---->

TIP: dont make your rotator url a viral url
But do make the TE Toolbox Splashpage (see inside the program) a viral URL

you want all of the urls in your rotator to be Viral URLS so you keep building credits at ViralURL for every hit your rotator receives :)

Join TE Toolbox and then Join each of the Traffic Exchanges and Safelists listed,

Point ALL of your traffic exchanges at your TE Toolbox Rotator . For those that will not let you have a rotator point them at your TE Toolbox affiliate URL.

I also recommend that for the first month or so you ONLY enter your TE TOOLBOX URL, Your AFFILIATE FUNNEL URL and your TECOMMANDPOST URL into the rotator so 3 URLS in total
(using Splash Pages with a viral URL and not direct URLS) (3 total pages in your rotator only). This will help keep things focused and targeted and prevent diluting your traffic down too much in the begining. You want to build your downlines in those programs so that eventually your referrals are doing all the work for you and then join as many of the traffic programs in the downline builders that they provide as possible. Most are listed below. Build your traffic system right from the ground up and this will be very very useful to you in the near future.

After a month or so of doing this your traffic will have grown enough for you to add some of your main offers, blogs or whatever else you want to promote into your TE Toolbox Rotator but first get established and build up that traffic!

Join and surf over 40 Traffic Exchanges with the OptInButton.

Join Opt In Button and then complete the downline builder by updating your IDs for each of the listed programs.
This will enable your visitors to quickly join any of those exchanges as they come across them in your rotators later by filling in their Name and Email address automatically for them.


Manual Traffic Exchanges

These ones have been around the longest and are proven winners
Most of these I joined between 2002 -2007 and they are still here while many have disapeared and fallen by the wayside. You can't loose if your starting out and you go for these first

For TEBowser a Y means yes its listed and a No means its not listed so you will need to use the crazy browser method instead on that one..

Program Links
Click to
Join Them

Surf - must login
Start - Start Page link TEBowser Notes

Hit Pulse

1,276.2 - MPAM


Yes 27262.05



Program Links
Click to
Join Them

Surf - must login TEBowser Notes
Traffic Pods
Login trafficpods Start Yes

Login Start Yes Login easy hits 4 u Start Yes Login start xchange Start Yes

i love hits Start Yes Login fast easy traffic Start Yes Login Surf dragon surf Yes
Traffic- Splash Login Surf traffic-splash Yes
Login   Yes
Viral Hosts

Login Viral Hosts Start No
Use CrazyBrowser
ViralHosts give FREE HOSTING
Make use of the Free Hosting Site!
Use SLGenie to view emails and get free mailing credits.
Viral URL
Login   No
Use with

Viral URL Also works with SLGenie Its a TE Exchange
Its a Safelist
Its a link Cloaker
Its a Downline Builder
Its Powerful! Login    
Login   No
Use with


123 Start No
Use with
Login   No
Use with
Login   No
Use with
TrafficSwarm Login Traffic Swarm Start  
Traffic Flare Start  
Login Surf Clicks gone wild No
Use with
Get 10,000 Credits:
Click the image to sign up as a free member. login and click on Advertising to enter the promo code: instantblog Login real hitz 4 u Start Login top surfer Start Login max traffic pro start Login top tier traffic Start  
Also works with SLGenie for extra credit mails. Login hitsafari Start Login traffic dealer Start Login Traffic G Superstart
trafficG Start Login traffic Roundup Start Login Login Soaring 4 traffic Start Login surf grade A traffic Login Surf blue-surf Login web biz insider Start  
Also works with SLGenie for extra credits mails. Login Surf Majorleague hits


Surf high-hits  
Traffic Dealer


Traffic Dealer Start


Surf hitsboosterpro  
RoyalSurf Login Login Login Login Login trademypage Start  
BlueSurf Login    
Advertising Know How
Advertising Know How
Eternal Hits Login surf_test  

Traffic Roundup

Login surf Test  
Hits 4 Hits Login surf_test      
Join AdTroopers
And use the code: ibs1
blood sucking traffic

Login Surf login first No
Use CB

use these promo codes vampire


It couldnt get any simpler than this
Short quick ads rotated.


Free Promo Codes

I have a special gift for you here, The following promo codes will give you Free Credits in each of these Traffic Exchanges.

Inforno Hitz
Get 3 free Solo Ads at Inferno Hitz Promo Code
New Members Get 3 Sonic Solo ads
Remember to use this promo code: signmeup
Get 4 Free Solo Ads at Traffic Time
New Members Get 4 Solo ads
Quality Text Ads
Get 2 Free Solo Ads at Quality Text Ads
Receive 2 Solo Ads and many banners impressions after you join
Maximum Profits Text Ad
Maximum Profits
Receive one Solo ad to 3000 after you join.
Remember to use this promo code: maximum
Mammoth Text Ads
Get 2 Free Solo Ads at Mammoth Text Ads Coupon Code
Receive 2 Solo ads
claim this coupon code: mammoth
Platinum Text Ads
Get 3 Solo on signup with Platinum Ads Coupon Codes
Get 3 Solo on signup (to 2200+ members).
Do not forget to claim these coupon codes: newmember - freepro
Sizzling Text Ads
Sizzling Text Ads
Get 2 Solo ads send to 2000 members each.
remember to claim this coupon code: smokin
Get 2 Free Solo ads with generalen Downline Builder coupon code
Get 2 Solo ads send to 2400 members upon joining!
Remember to claim this coupon code: Miracle
My Traffic Ace
My Traffic Ace Coupon Code
Enter this coupon code to win many ad: aceshigh
1 Month Free Upgrade at Samurai Hits
SamuraiHits is one of the best Traffic-Exchange.
get one month upgrade and 1000 bonus credits with this coupon code: FreeShogun4U
Traffic Dynamite
Traffic Dynamite Coupon Code
Traffic Dynamite delivers hits at a decent speed.
Get a free one month upgrade and 800 credits to join with this coupon code: FreeUpgrade

Free Traffic Hotline

Get 5000 credits with this promo code: adpower

FREE TRAFFIC - From Over 600 ACTIVE High Traffic Resources
FREE ADS - Over $40,000 worth of Advertising Promo Codes
INSTANT MAILING LIST - To Over 997,652 Very Eager Prospects

The Bond Exchange
Get a Free Solo Ad From The Bond Exchange
The Bond Exchange is giving a Platinum Solo ads for free upon signup! Join now!


Autosurf programs can help you build your traffic without you having to click for credits like you have to do in manual TE exchanges.
Add each of your autosurf programs "surf URLs" to a Crazy Browser Group as explained above and open that group whenever you want your computer to Rack up traffic for you automatically. Then when your done with manual surfing you can just leave your Crazy Browser open with your AutoSurf Group running.
Also open this Crazy Browser Group whenever your not using your PC for anything else or just have it running seperately while you do other tasks in a different browser.

The method I feel is best for autosurfing is to make a page with banner exchange codes and maybe a splash for your favorite manual TE and/or safelist and then send your autotraffic hits to that page so that you can convert the otherwise quite useless auto traffic into very useful free banner and text ad credits across multiple banner and text ad exchanges since they will give you banner and text ad credits every time the banner code gets displayed and maybe you will even get a few signuups from autotraffic users as a bonus. Another thing you can do with auto traffic is send some regular hits to various backlink ranking urls with your domain set in the url to basiclly ping those ranking sites for you and have them keep your site listed. You can also send them to your articles in article directories and free blogs and feeder sites to help boost your author stats but I wouldn't waist the hits on your own site as you will just use up your bandwidth and artifically raise your website statistics so you wont be able to tell how much real traffic your getting.

AutoSurf Programs
Join Here
Surfing Links
Autohits - Start
Get 126 hits per hour. has both manual and autosurfing urls
smileyTraffic Smiley traffic has both a manual and Autosurf

Heres something Different

How about a Tweet Exchange? if you want twitter followers here is some More Twitter Stuff

Grab some software that will make surfing these sites easier and Faster!


The benefit of traffic programs which give you a credit for each intitial page load is that you can build a shipload of traffic just by setting a bunch of rotators on your PC and set each one of them as your Crazy browsers initial start page Group loading tabs of 5 or 6 pages at once.
That means every time you start the browser 5 or 6 start page exchanges open and so your target sites will get seen in those exchanges.
Sure this does interfere if your just loading your browser to check somthing out quickly but thats why we use Crazy Browser ONLY for building traffic and keep IE,Google Chrome or Firefox for your other internet activities. If your really keen you can of course set up some start pages in those browsers too.
You won't have to put up with surfing traffic exchanges forever either because the idea is to work hard on them at first concentrating on building your downlines in the traffic exchanges and they will eventually grow large enough to sustain the whole traffic generation process on autopilot so that you can basically forget about them in the end since it will just continue to run as long as the individual traffic exchanges exist and you have active downline members using them. You always have control over removing those that arent working and adding new ones to your system at any time.

So you jump on your PC and instead of feeding google or some other giant Hompage Hog you take back control and make every thing you do earn for youin some way including every time you open your browser - from now on you will get from 5 or 6 traffic exchanges advertising your sites and landing pages at once!

Promo Codes for 54+ TE Exchanges
Promo Codes
Get More Traffic Promo Codes

Coming up soon, Once I have corelated all my data and refined this page I will
let you in on a secret method I have used for years to get thousands of hits from
all these traffic exchanges with no effort on my part and how to best use that traffic.


More To Check Out
- a fast, free and effective backlinks builder for your target niches,
very effective with blogs infact only works with wordpress blogs.

The CashGenerator ReferralBuilder



One note that I will leave you with today is that traffic exchanges are great for spinning your hit counter but the reality is that it is not going to improve your website any to have 10,000 hits to your site but after all efforts only 10 real eyeballs were actually looking over your page with interest. You should not use any of these traffic exchanges with the beleif that they will solve all your website promotion issues. In fact I would caution against sending traffic exchange hits to any URL including affiliate links or your own websites directly, there are a few reasons why but the most important are.

1) It is against the terms and conditions of most affiliate programs to use traffic exchanges.

2) The traffic is low quality for sending to websites and affiliate offers, most of the visitors involved are doing it for their own reasons which is to build credits so they can get people to visit their own sitse, for the most part they are surfing blind and not paying much attention to the sites or reading the webpages. They are just interested in promoting their own pages and therefore simply building up their credits just like you. Basically while your website stats may look awsome the reality is your statistics are being falsely raised which clouds the real statistical data that you should be focusing on so don't send them direct to your main websites and offers.

The fact is that the TE exchange viewers more than likely see less than a quater of the pages they surf because they load them in tabs or other browser windows or use tools like TEbrowser and some even cheat and use automated software to surf sites for them. Surfers just go to the page and click "next site" not even caring what page is loaded. Having said that, you will still get a percentage of real eyeballs on your pages if you make use of them correctly, it is a numbers game so when you look at the results you basically can have thousands of hits to your target urls but only a handful of those hits will be "reliable visitors of value to you". still that handful is free and so the effort may be worth it. I tend to think of it as a filter system, So basically your TE traffic should go to target landing pages that will appeal to those types of people using Traffic Exchanges and those landing pages should be aimed at building your referrals and leads or getting people into a mailing list rather than showing them your website, blog or clickbank products, you want to filter and funnel them towards your products, affiliate offers,blogs and sites just like with safelist marketing. Oh and a word of warning NEVER send TE Traffic to pages with Adsense on them - Google will close your Adsense account and BAN YOU FOREVER!

So next update I will discuss how traffic exchanges can be of great value when used correctly. For now just remember that rather than wasting their power to promote your main websites and offers you should be sending the hits from all of the exchanges through a set of filters as explained above designed to clean and direct the flow of traffic for you and capture those referrals and leads so you can then use your autoresponders to get your sales and eyeballs on your websites. You can set your TE's up to do this all on autopilot so that they trickle feed qualified leads to your mailing lists.


[an error occurred while processing this directive]

More Training: Listen to the free audio on the following website to learn how to build downlines with nothing but free traffic, it has some great info covering traffic exchanges, safelists and more and yes it is FREE:

For the ULTIMATE in TE and Safelist tools and training as well as complete affiliate marketing training Join This next site. Seriously if you want to get everything right in the shortest amount of time possible with a team of experienced people helping you then go now, join up, attend the next webinar and learn how to do it all properly:

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Download traffic wordpress plugins traffic related WordPress Plugins

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