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Video marketing using video sharing sites is a powerful way to spread your message and get personal with your websites audience and your customers. Videos can be used to deliver introductions, product reviews, testimonials, messages, demonstrations, advertisments, news and more. Video is sweeping the web as the best way to deliver a message online and with a bit of luck even the most basic clip can become viral very quickly. They dont need to be fancy, in fact you can shoot them with your camera phone, just get your message across as directly as possible and always include a link in your message description and on the video itself.

On this page you will find the tools to help you start using videos and video marketing to help you Play and Win the Internet Money Game.

I am going to share some of the secrets I have learnt about how people are able to consistently get massive hits on their videos while others struggle to get just a few and how uploading videos to sites like youtube can earn you money or drive traffic to your websites, blogs and affiliate links.

Why You Must Have Video Content on Your Website

Content is king and videos are sticky so adding video content to your website can only be a good thing. With the popularity of video sharing it is a relatively quick and easy process to locate niche videos that you can embed into your site to give it more Zing and keep people on your site longer. Video clips can be short attention grabbing introductions, tutorialsm a bit of entertainment or whatever so long as they are relevent to your site they will enhance it. You can embed videos from sites like youtube and vimeo or make your own. You don't have to be an expert or even own a video camera to make your own video clips since there many video sharing sites which make user contributed videos available to embed and share as well as tonnes of sources of free public domain videos that are free to use and if neither of those options suit you because you want unique video content there are sites where you can purchase licenced videos. You can also outsource the creation of video content from profesionals or post a project at one of the many outsourcing sites to have people bidding against each other to win your project. Theres litterly a tonne of ways to get and use videos on your sites that will make them so much more interesting than just a boring old text page.


You can embed any video you want into your own site by visiting the videos on and clicking the embed link under the video, you can create playlists in your channel and then make a player which you can then put on your own site just like the playlists I have embedded you can even use rss to include YouTube videos directly into your html and php pages as I have done throughout this site using Carp Evolution

Here is a cool free tool for downloading youtube videos: YouTube Downloader

Before you do a thing about making your video be sure to research your niche, YouTubes own keyword tool is useful for this


VIDEO SOURCES - search the massive data base of public domain movies.
do a search for vj loops and find some awesome loopable videos perfect for green screen backgrounds or search for "stock footage" to find royalty free videos you can use in your productions for free. - search over 100 video sites at once and your sure to turn up some gems! find short video clips you can use in any of your video projects.

Create Your Own Videos

7 Great Video Creation Tools

Make Your Own! - its easy with almost any smartphone, webcam or screen capture tool!

How to Create Your Own Videos Quickly without any experience, video equipment, skills , courses or training. Any newbie can do it!

It's really not hard to make your videos, in fact its easy and you can get great results with minimum technical skill. Just the fact that you are reading this website means that you have all the technical skills you need already. Depending on your site and niche you dont have make super high quality videos however with the right tools at your disposal YOU CAN create profesional looking videos in next to no time that will help you to be a better player of the internet money game.

If you want to make your own videos and you dont have a video camera, fear not, theres a multiple of ways to do it.

use a simple webcam on your laptop or PC to record an introduction or instructional video. Use your camera phone, ipod touch, iphone, ipad or even your kids Nintendo DSI. Most gadgets coming out today have buily in cameras that take pretty darn decent video so you can use any one of them to create a video perfect for uploading to video sharing sites or embedding on a website directly if you dont want it shared.

Mobile Phones
Most mobile phones can take video of suitable quality for website and video sharing use and there are many great apps for various mobile platforms. The Iphone 4 camera and apps available for both video and images is amazing so if you have an iphone 4 use it!

Computer Screen Capture
Capturing or recording exactly what you are doing on your computer as your doing it is a fantastic way of making demonstration videos and its just so easy with awsome programs available such as Camtasia available at
Camtasia will not only capture your screen but you can even record your screen captures while having your webcam displayed picture in picture so your audience gets to see both you and what you are doing at the same time so its doubly powerful. I love camtasia its so easy to use and has some great extra features you probably havent even thought about too. Using camtasia is a fun, easy and fantastic way to create review videos of any downloadable products or services so if your an affiliate marketer review everything you buy or download. With camtasia you can also add in the awesome power of Digital Juice to give your videos incredible special effects.

If its 3d rendering your into then Blender is the way to go especially due to its free open source nature and user supported nature. Blender is the hottest 3D rendering program available and its free.

Ultra Cool Tool: Turn Text Articles Into Videos

Article Video Robot

Article Video Robot is really is a super cool tool that you can use to create video out of any text articles and then submit your finished videos to 13 major video sharing sites in just a few clicks. Its fun to use and very quick and easy with AMAZING Results.
You can get a free 14 day trial to use but I also have something very special if you
want to purchase the full package.
Use the coupon code: Gameznet-Rocks!
To get a full 50% discount on the purchase of AVR.

FYI, this coupon code can be entered on the payment page here: to get a full 50% discount on the listed price of AVR.

Here is a similar product to also take a gander at.

"Instant Video Articles" is another cool software tool which converts text articles into videos within just a few minutes!

and one more...

Here is one more cool tool : "Instant Video Sites" will enable you to generate unlimited auto-updating Youtube video sites with tonnes of search engine optimized videopages with just a few clicks of the mouse. Click Here for a $10.00 Discount on this item!


is a great program for creating videos with music out of your photos. There is a free iphone APP available for animoto just do a search in the App store!
With Animoto you can also apply for a developers key and place a video creation widget on your website.


Submit your Videos and Make Them Go Viral

11 Best Video Sharing Sites

OF Course TubeMogul ( See Below) is the way to go but just to make sure I got you covered in case you just want to target the more commonly known viral video sharing sites I present to you hottest Top video sharing locations to submit your videos too. All of these sites are supported by tubemogul but even if you play to use TubeMogul you will need to have accounts already setup and ready to upload too for syndication by tubmogul, so start joining! the largest of them all, but you already knew that ;)

Facebook - you can upload and share videos via facebook to your profile and to fan pages. - Sydicate your videos out to youtube and many other locations including flickr, facebook, twitter, vodpod and even to tivo!. With blip you can also get paid for your video views as they are discovered by the world! - Another great site to post too because you can get paid money for views at metacafe also! | | | | | - you can earn money by posting your videos here too.

........and there are many more which you can find online and in tubemoguls admin area.(see below)

Mass Submit AND Promote Your Videos

2 Great Video Distribution Services

How to spread and promote your videos across the internet, done correctly you can watch your videos go viral to drive massive traffic to any website and explode your sales.


Making your videos is only part of the job when it comes to video marketing, you still need to get your videos seen and the best way to do that is to post to more than just youtube, you need to post your videos to as many video sharing sites as you can bu the thought of submitting videos to 5 10 or 20 video sharing sites may seem a little overwhelmng. Never fear there are solutions to every problem and when it coems to video marketing the solution is a service called tubemogul With Tube Mogul its easy to mass syndicate your videos to all of the top video sharing websites with just a single upload and whats even more important than just the submitting of your movies is that you will get complete analytics on every view at any of the over 24 video sharing sites currently supported. Analytics are extensive and Tube Mogul is FREE to join and use so anyone that creates videos for the web would be MAD not to be using it. Tubemogul supports videos up to 100mb in the free version and much larger files if you want to upgrade your account which isnt really necesary unless your a heavy video blogger. TubeMogule will even resume uploads if you loose your connection and you can do batch uploads if you have a lot to post out there.

All major video sharing sites are supported and tubemogul will convert your videos into the correct format for each of the sites as it goes. You can also integrate advertising into your videos to make this a very powerful service.

For videos you already have uploaded tubemogul will syndicate them out for you to any other accounts you update and it will monitor every account you have for future uploads. You can even have multiple accounts at any of the sites.

Once you have sent your videos out you can then use TubeMogule to viralise and submit your videos to social bookmarking sites.

With the analytics data you can embed it and share with other users and schedule emails with your videos stats.

If you upload your video direct you would have to log into each site to check your stats and find out if people are viewing them but if you upload through TubeMogul all of your shared sites and videos are automatically tracked so you known whats happening with every channel in each of the sites (i.e. "") and complete anylitics of each individual video and your viewership. You can also track "Custom Groups" based on groups of channels or groups of videos. Lastly, rich, cross-site data is available for Premium users.

If you like the idea of Mass Submitting by all means use this service, its incredible
But for additional and even more mass submission options check out my page on Automated Software



Another fantastic service for promoting and syndicating your videos is Traffic Geyser.

traffic Geyser
Traffic Geyser

This absolutely free video shows you how to have your own
product done and ready for sale in less time than the line
at Starbucks.

See how here:

Literally using what's already on your desk, you'll have a
product that your market wants, that you'll enjoy making, and that
can bring you closer to financial freedom.

You can glue together these 10 minute products to create
your own info-product in minutes!

Let's go...

Get 1000 likes on your videos:

Get 1000 Youtube Subsribers:

Get Some help from a Youtube Warrior

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What their saying about Video Sharing at Hubpages!
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Video info from Mashable

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Re: Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources
Zedge is also a great place to find and download funny and awesome videos. check out this link to find best mobile resources sites.
In the next upcoming update of this page I will discuss many more things about video marketing which relate to
Playing The Internet Money Game.
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