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First off where can you get Wordpress
You can download it for free from wordpress.com or wordpress.org

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a very easy to use and yet extremely powerful and popular blogging platform. With wordpress you can quickly build beautiful websites. With the community support that wordpress gets there are thousands of themes and plugins available to instantly enhance any wordpress website which is where the POWER of WORDPRESS really starts to unfold. find out more and download wordpress at wordpress.com but before you do keep reading because you don't have to download it to install it ....

Wordpress tips tools and techniques.

How to get the most out of your wordpress site. Because of the versatility of the wordpress platform it is also the ideal website platform for generating income streams using affiliate marketing and other money making tecniques which can be quickly "plugged in to wordpress.. The awesome thing is that using wordpress sites gives you control over everything in easy and obvious ways. Its not hard to get lost and bogged down in the wordpress control panel but once you become familiar with it you will instinclty know and understand it and thats when you can weave all kinds of magic.
The support available for wordpress is absolutely mind blowingly MASSIVE and there answers to litterly anything and everything to do with wordpress with super easy to understand video explanations and more, on almost anything, if you cant find info you only have to post a question in the wordpress forums or any of the WP related forums and somebody will give you the answer..

Once you know the wordpress basics there are so many awesome ways to set up a wordpress website and even create setup that will litterly run on autopilot and rake in money without you ever having to do anything but keep their hosting going..
Wordpress sites are so super quick and easy to make that you can earn money just building and selling them if you are a good graphic designer you can sell WP image packs with standard size images for themes. Wordpress sites are ideal for integrating with social network and bookmarking sites, they work hand in hand with rss feeds and are easy to use as a syndication platform where you litterly push your content out into the WWW - this is powerful stuff...

Most hosting companies, the good ones anyway now provide Cpanel which is a fast and user friendly admin area for managein all aspects of your hosting account. If your going to be using Wordpress you want to use a Hosting Company that not only has Cpanel but also has the awesome added extra called fantastico. Fantastico is a tool that allows you to do a complete install of many different types of websites from blogs and forums to CMS and shopping carts but what we are interested in is the fact tath you can install Wordpress in 5 seconds ! one such hosting service is hostgator.

Recommended WordPress Host



I have done a Deal with HostGator and organised it so that I can give people a great introductory discount on ANY PACKAGE
Just use the coupon code: demonstoned
And you will get $9.94 off the price of any hosting package
If you get yourself the monthly "Baby" account for $9.95 you will only Pay 1c for your first month.
Yes That's right a hosting account where you can set up WordPress in 5 seconds for only 1CENT !!
WordPress Hosting
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Recomended Plugins and Resources

Plugins and themes can be installed from within the wordpress admin area nice and quickly but you can also browse them online.
Browse plugins
at the wordpress repository
Browse themes available in the wordpress repository

At the bottom of most articles in this site you will find a related Wordpress Plugin Link so if you want to know if theres a plugin that can help you with that topic just click that link and see whats available in the free wordpress plugin repository. Since all the gameznet blogs and special interest portals are built on wordpress. I have collected up lots of WP resources and they are referenced right throughout our site.


Socrates Wordpress Theme This is my favorite theme ever, so powerful for internet and affilaite marketing, looks great , easy to install and setup, feature rich and does so much to improve your blog. I just love this theme :)

Wordpress Review Theme Tthere are 12 themes currently available here at $39.95 each or $147 for all themes. these are specific review type themes for niches , quite nice looking and do exactly what they are supposed to do. These are complete ready to go wordpress sites for generating money in various niches.



seopressor.com - a hot SEO plugin for Wordpress Blogs that will analyse your posts and make recomendations on the fly for optimal SEO. SEO Pressor will do more than just make sugestions it will pick out your main keywords and enchance them with bold, underline, italic etc, This is Awesome!
WP Tweet Bomb the most powerful autoblogging, autotweeting traffic generating plugin available! - $97 use on 3 blogs | $297 use on 300 blogs | $997 use on 3000 blogs - powerful autoblogging auto tweeting and CONTEXTUAL AFFILIATE INTEGRATION combined.
wptwin.net - Cost $97 : Create complete clones of wordpress sites for quick redeployment. wptwin lets you create duplicate sites quickly, we are talking complete clones of your entire wordpress sites - use for backing up or create wordpress template sites for quick redeployment.

totaltrafficannhilation $47 TTA is an autoblogging plugin for wordpress and a course it is designed to help you get more traffic to your blog posts. The course is quite full but well worth the time and the plugin is simple to install and use.

WPSyndicator A Wordpress social networking plugin which automatically sends your posts out to various social sites and blogging platforms.

WP Spin $27 - use on unlimited sites: Auto and Manually Spin and Schedule Post articles. Updates for Enhanced SEO. The only Wordpress Plugin to be fully integrated with Jon Leger's "The Best Spinner" API. Create totally Unique Wordpress Posts on Auto pilot by having autoblogging plugins fetch content for you and post them then let WP Spin make them unique, Wp Spin will grab an old post spin it for you and then republish it as a new post making all existing posts available to you as new content so you dont have to search article sites and so on. Dominate your SEO by having multiple versions of topics important to your niche and let Scheduling keep those Post Updates coming.

Get a complete package that includes a truckload of the hottest Premium WordPress Plugins This is an incredible packof the best Premium WordPress Plugins For internet marketing.

PLR poster Automatically uploads PLR content to your blog, adds tags, optimizes for Seo, includes affiliate hyperlinks, and schedules the post date for you with no scripts to install and supports unlimited blogs from one installation.

wishlistmembers - Turn your wordpress blog into a full blown membership site and sell memberships with various free and paid levels. $97 single site licence or $297 multisite licence membership plugin for wordpress .

Turbo WP Memberships (DELmem) is a powerful WordPress Plugin that allows you to use a WordPress blog as a membership site.
$67.00 single site licence, Multi - $197.00 install onunlimited number of blogs.
$297.00 developer. - you are allowed to install it to unlimited number of blogs, PLUS sell the blogs with the Plugin installed.

WP PLugin Package $27 - 10 premium wordpress plugins for internet marketers.

Notorious Blog Poster - An Automatic Blog Posting software that will do all the work for you. This automatic blog posting software will also let you add your own sites, it understands spin tags and you can add links and adsense to the posts .

nuclear-link-blaster for getting backlinks to your blog and improving search engine traffic

MyArcadeBlog Pro $29 Turn your website blog into a complete free online games arcade and community..

find some more great SEO plugins at seoautomatic.com


Must Have Free WordPress Plugins

Plugin Central gives you the power to automatically install a list of WordPress plugins by entering 1 name per linke into the available text box or you can enter in the URL to a plugin. It also monitors and provides semi automatic updating of your plugins. Other cool features include the ability to list all of your plugins so you can share them if you want.
wp-quick-deploy is a bit similar to plugin central and in fact comes to us by the same author but wher it differs and comes into its own is when your setting up a new blog and want to quickly install and activate your favorite plugins. it is however locked as far as the plugins it can be used with since there is not facilty to enter in any custom plugins . On the upside the plugins that are available are all awesome!

I got a huge list of Free plugins to add here , I currently use up to 108+ plugins in some my wordpress instalations and will make up a list of my top 20 must haves to post here soon. I know its not a good thing to have too many plugins in worpress but it also depends on what they are and what they do since some just add minor changes and dont use up resources while others can be resource hogging monsters. It is always best to only have plugins installed that you really feel you need and remove any that are not giving your site that something extra special which you really feel you need. Also if you have plugins installed but disabled and you don't plan to enable them then get rid of them because even disabled plugins can be using up server resources and slowing your site down. Clean is Mean!


Awesome Free WordPress Tools and Services!

wordpresswordpress.com - register all your blogs!
Install wordpress.com stats and the wordpress.com stats dashboard.
Now you can view detailed stats from any of your wordpress instalations or login to wordpress.com and quickly view stats on any of your wordpress sites whether they are self hosted or the free online wordpress blogs from wordpress.org

If you would like to run a local version Wordpress on Windows
Heres a blog post I found really handy about setting up and running a local version of WP on your home windows PC, this is a great way to build and test blogs without them being live online : installing-wordpress-locally-under XP

I saved the best 2 services for last ...

managewp.com - From the makers of WP Quick deploy and Plugin Central this super cool Free Online Service is for anyone that runs multiple wordpress sites. A little like wordpress.com itself but does way more for you. This is really playing with Power as basically by using manage WP you can view everything you need to know about all of your blogs on one page from traffic stats to plugin and theme updates so now you can manage all of your hosted wordpress instalations with ease. It allows you to do one click theme and plugin updates for every one of your sites at the same time. It can do scheduled backups of every one of your sites and it can even clone your blogs to replicate them. A must have for the serious WP user and a very handy and powerful time saving service that is 100% FREE . can you believe it!

The final item I would like to discuss takes everything above and does it all for you while amping it all up to the max, With just a few clicks and some simple step by step forms to fill in you can do the lot, Startiing with nothing you can go from selecting a hosting account to installing a brand new wordpress blog, filling it with any kind of niche content, pick a unique theme, monisie the site and switch on automatic promotion and back link systems. In less time than it takes to boil a kettle and make yourself a cup of tea you can get a fresh blog up completely up and online and getting traffic from go to whoa!
You can build as many blogs as you like and if you cant be bothered using the system you can even have the staff of this service do everything, and I do mean everything for you from creating to promoting the whole shebang!.
This is just the ultimate full management system for some serious hands free niche money making blogging. You do have to pay for this service however if your a serious wordpress user this really is the ultimate in management,
You can even take it for a test spin with a trial for just $1 for 14 days!

Check out the Ultimate WP Blog Management Service FIRE POW
FirePow Blogging


Wordpress YouTube Videos
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Check out these Hubs on Wordpress

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Wordpress Related Clickbank Products
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Having WordPress Problems?

I have written about a few common Wordpress problems and fixing wordpress errors such as the issues of "cannot upgrade plugins" and Fixing the "Exhausted Memory Issue" and "Blank Page issues". check them out here Fix WordPress

If you are wondering about ideal permalinks then the following post is for you: wordpress-permalinks-best-practices


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